Recent Study Busts Out Claims On E-Cig's Negative Effects On Heart Functions

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes receive criticism about its negative effects to the heart. However, recent study showed that electronic cigarettes don’t pose detrimental effects to the heart.

A remarkable number of smokers have diverted from their usual smoking habit and chose to vape using electric cigarettes. Considered as the revolutionary product in the market, electronic cigarettes caught numerous consumers because of its safer feature with the absence of tobacco components found in conventional cigarettes. Basically, they want to smoke minus the adverse effects on their health in the long run.

But as it generates popularity today, it’s also subjected to multiple criticisms coming from regular consumers as well as health experts. For instance, several studies indicated that electronic cigarettes are detrimental to people’s health particularly cardiac health. Drawing conclusion that this product type is not recommended for people who want to quit smoking or smoke healthier.

However, a study conducted by Dr. Farsalinos in Greece will bust out this claim. According to the study, electronic cigarettes don’t have negative effects to a person’s cardiac function. E-cig components include metal tube containing e-juices heated by its power source or battery. Many people think that these components will cause people some health problems because of its design. Nevertheless, Dr. Farsalinos’ study concluded that electronic cigarettes are safer compared to the traditional cigarettes people purchase for years.

Knowing this study, smokers can be confident that their cardiac functions won’t be affected even with the daily use of this product. In fact, e-cigs can bring more benefits to smokers who plan to quit this habit. Smoking cessation has been a challenge for many individuals so they want to have an effective solution that will replace regular cigarettes and find it easier to quit. this is where e-cigarettes can be helpful for consumers.

Today, numerous websites like Ecigscorner informs people about the benefits of using electronic cigarettes and recommend top brands like Premium Electronic cigarettes. With the help of these studies, people will find themselves quitting this habit in no time and even not cause health problems to other people and their environment.

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