5 New E-Cigar Brands Featured in Ecigscorner

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Ecigscorner continues to effectively serve its readers through a joint venture with five new top vapor cigar brands. As if that wasn’t enough, Ecigscorner enhanced their website appearance along with the reviews provided by the industry cigarette experts.

Ecigscorner has several surprises for the public: (1) For a wider selection of the public’s e-cigarette experience, the site partnered with five new top brands in the electronic cigarette industry. (2) For substantial assessments, the site included reviews, for each of the newest brand additions, from the experts themselves. (3) For a guaranteed fun and easier access of the site, the web page interface has been improved.

The people have more counting to do as the site is once again giving out savings, discounts and special offers. First time and regular customers will be to avail the following: (1) Micro electronic cigarette packs (applies to first time customers) and (2) 30-day money-back guarantee for every transaction. With these promos, the company hopes to increase its revenue sales.

The public has been given easier access to the financial discounts of every brand the website features. The direct links of the brands are featured on the site’s page.

Ecigscorner eradicates the notion of health risks inseparability with smoking. According to Michael Smith, the company’s media spokesman, it is now possible to experience smoking without its associated health risks through the e cigarette that can be found on their website. He assures the public of their continued quality service: unfussiness in navigating their site through the user-friendly website design, and the honest and fair reviews for all of the brands. This gives the public the rationale behind every product they endorse. Within the next three years, Mr. Smith hopes for the company to be regarded as the leader in the electronic cigarette industry by only providing the best brands with the most economical prices.

The USA Electronic Cigarette Association was able to deduct from a survey they conducted, that vapor cigarettes are more cost-effective compared to typical cigars. 85% of the participants claimed that their smoking experience between traditional and smokeless cigars has no significant difference. This only proves that smoking experience with e-cig is no way inferior with real cigarettes.

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