Esmokehub: E-cigars as an Alternative for Smoking Mothers

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Esmokehub sees electronic cigarettes as an alternative for Smoking mothers.

In present times, there is no exclusion in gender when it comes to smoking. Both men and women are free to smoke upon their will. However, with the current trend wherein relatively more women are into smoking, it is not a far cry that there is also an increase in the number of pregnant moms that are smoking. A woman smoking may not be alarming, but a pregnant mother that is smoking is. For this reason, Esmokehub suggests electric cigarettes for moms that have a hard time staying away from their sticks.

Alongside the awareness of risks associated with smoking, is countless evidence on how it also endangers the fetuses or infants of pregnant mamas. Despite this fact, a lot of pregnant women still risk their baby’s health by continued smoking. Janine, who has been a smoker since her tertiary education, shared to Esmokehub her struggle with it while being pregnant. “When I was in college, smoking was okay. However, I tried to stop the habit when I got pregnant with my first-born. I was already aware of the damage it may cause. But I couldn’t. I always end up picking up the stick,” confided Janine. Her battle to quit smoking went as far as her third pregnancy. Luckily, all of her three children came out normal. However, not all moms can get as fortunate like Janine, as several studies showed substantial evidence of the damaging effects of smoking and that it may not come outright.

Esmokehub understands the struggle of these moms when it comes to smoking. Outgrowing the habit doesn’t instantly happen the moment the smoker decided to stop. There is a constant battle to fight the cravings. This is the reason why Esmokehub sees Electronic cigarette as a tailor-suit alternative to their smoking needs. Moms need not worry on dangerous elements and second hand smoke that are inherent with conventional smoking. With that said, they can smoke within the presence of their kids without fretting about its harmful effects.

Smoking mothers are encouraged to refer to Esmokehub for their top quality e cigarette selection like V2 cigars. The reviews will help them pick out the suitable e-cig brand for them. These smokeless sticks definitely resolve the problem of smoking moms.

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