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Anderson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Ecigscorner pacify the public of their worries through clarifying that electronic cigarette does not pose substantial health risks, according to studies.

Consumers’ testimonial that their usage of electric cigarette gives them as much as 80% of annual savings is basically the primary reason why other smokers resort to vapor cigar. Nevertheless, the said fact doesn’t steer clear the consumers’ doubt when it comes to health issues associated with it.

As a dedicated review site for clients of electronic cigarette, Esmokehub reminded the consumers once again that the e-cig units are not hazardous to the health of its users. The website, which consists of honest and fair reviews of both smokeless cigar users and experts, reiterated that several studies had shown that vapor stick users are inclined to have a better health disposition in the longer run compared to traditional cigarette smokers. This is because smokeless cigar does not contain harmful components that are natural to typical cigarettes such as tobacco and carcinogen.

Electronic cigarette does not pose hazards to cardiac and other corporal activities. This can be credited to the absence of tobacco in vapor cigar. Such claim is supported by Konstantinos Farsalinos who recently did a research regarding vapor cigar’s association with health issues. His study showed that smokeless cigar is a more favorable alternative to tobacco smoking, and is consequently less hazardous.

In addition, e-cigarette is made up of nicotine, water, and other non-hazardous elements, and therefore produces vapor and Second Hand Smoke that are not dangerous to both the smoker and Second Hand Smoke recipients.

Mandy, an electronic cigarette user for a couple of months already, shared her satisfaction with the use of e-cigar particularly with South Beach Smoke. She says that “I am able to save a lot with vapor cigar. I am a satisfied client of South Beach Smoke for several months now. All I have to do is buy the e-cigar unit and have the flavor of my choice. After some time, I could just buy the refill juice and use the unit again. It’s that easy.”

Ecigscorner is on a mission to proliferate accurate knowledge regarding the benefits of electronic cigarette, most especially to eradicate the fraudulent information about its supposed harmful health effects, while simultaneously helping consumers in finding e-cigar brands of top quality.

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