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Electroniccigarettecomparison.com is sharing reviews about Vapor Couture Disposable Electronic Cigarette 2013 Judged # 1 Smoking Device for Women!

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Florida, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Electronic Cigarette Comparison is one of the fastest growing review website sharing views on vapor couture disposable electronic cigarette 2013 judged # 1 smoking device for women. Now, women groups are also attentive towards the benefits associated with electronic cigarettes. Vapor Couture is a well reputed brand working with association with V2 cigs. It is one of the favorite products demanded by the women all over the world. As women is equally awaken for quality products and checking out reviews on regular basis.

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According to the spokesperson of Electronic Cigarette Comparison, “Vapor Couture, women based brands offer clean tasting draw and have no power at all. As far as flavors are concerned, it includes mild flavor tobacco, the fresh mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and a Rich Tobacco. The packing of Vapor Couture is quite attractive when opens it. The vapor couture starter kit comes in a perfume size box along with cool white outer shell and the box within is purple and compelling. The packaging is very attractive. The battery too is different from other starter kit batteries. It is comparatively slim and sleek. Batteries are similar to Virgina Slims width but not length. The batteries just similar to a real cigarette in heaviness and provides a realistic and enjoyable smoking experience. The kit come with white signature patterned vapor couture battery along with a rose gold battery.”

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The kit also has 2 packs of 5 cartridges, 2 designer batteries, a USB charger and a wall adapter and a manual to read out. Electronic Cigarette Comparison offer best reviews for the Couture Disposable Electronic Cigarette 2013 and women are taking benefits from it. While tobacco cigarettes are harmful for the human body, electronic cigarette remains a good option for all.

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