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Now, it is possible to smoke, without having to embrace the disadvantages of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Smoking cigarettes is considered a style statement for many, and those who start this way end up having a habit that is harmful to the health, costly and messy. There is an entire list of cons of tobacco. This includes health injuries like cancer or respiratory tract infections, stench left behind on the hands, clothes and mouth, a lingering unpleasant taste on the tongue, smoke that causes disturbance to others, ashes that are messy and the regularly increasing cost due to taxes and policies. Smokers, therefore, are looking to a switch to the smartest and the best substitute for smoking tobacco cigarettes: electronic cigarettes.

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ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com brings a whole range of electronic cigarettes from the best producers of the product around the world. The electronic cigarettes which produce smoke from the e liquids containing water, nicotine and edible flavours. It cannot be claimed that nicotine is harmless, but in comparison to tobacco, it is less harmful, especially when it is taken in very small quantities. Since the strength of nicotine is varied, from 24 mg to 0 mg, one can choose to adjust it. Since the e-liquids come in all sorts of different attractive flavours, there is no question of being left behind by the filthy stench of tobacco on clothes or hands, or the room one is in. In case of tobacco cigarettes, the tobacco goes through combustion to create smoke, but the atomizer in e cigarettes converts the e-liquid to vapour by igniting it. There are no ashes, or sooty smell that should disturb the others. Since majority of the countries have frim laws against smoking in public, these cigarettes are a good replacement as they can be smoked anywhere, without the guilt of law breaking or harming someone else. These are also much more cost-effective in the long run, when compared to the cost of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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The electronic cigarettes produced by different countries also add a special touch to the style and attitude of a person, with their smart and trendy look. Moreover, they need no maintenance at all, and can easily be carried to and used anywhere and everywhere.

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