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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Smokers are now conscious of the trouble that their smoking can cause to the others around them. Most of the countries in the world have promulgated very strict laws against the smoking of tobacco cigarettes as a safety measure to prevent the health hazards caused by the smoke of the tobacco cigarettes. As an alternative to the harmful smoke-producing tobacco cigarettes, cutting-edge electronic cigarettes have been launched.

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Traditional cigarettes produce smoke by the combustion of tobacco, which converts it to the harmful, sooty smoke that can cause deep discomfort to people present in the vicinity, particularly if the people are affected by health problems like respiratory problems or are allergic to smoke or tobacco, or suffering from a temporary cough and cold. When the traditional cigarettes are smoked in an enclosed area, it can make the area extremely stuffy and cause breathing troubles. The smoke also has a stench which is detested by many. Naturally, smoking in public is faced with a lot of hindrances. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes cause smoke by vaporizing the e-liquids containing water base, present in the refillable and disposable cartridges of the electronic cigarettes. The atomizer or cartomizer of the e cigs absorbs the e-liquid and converts it to vapour by heating it. What looks like smoke of cigarette is actually nothing but vapour, which takes very little time to get mixed in the environment. Moreover, since the e-liquids also contain edible flavours, the vapour does not spread the smell of burnt smoke. Thus, it causes no discomfort to the passive smokers, and can also be smoked in public.

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The e-liquids of the electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, but no trace of the cancer-causing tobacco. Though nicotine also causes cancer, but when taken in small amount, nicotine can actually act as a stabilizer. Such amount of nicotine is also present in caffeine. Moreover, the strength of nicotine which is present in the e cigs varies from 24 mg to 0mg. So, a smoker may choose to start satiating his/her carving by starting with the highest level of 24 mg, and can gradually come down to 0% nicotine intake. Electroniccigarettescomparison makes available new and trendy smokeless cigarettes nicotine free for the smokers to switch to a better option.

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