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Brands of electronic cigarettes primarily ranked as per their reputation of their starter kits. These kits are particularly planned for the new customers entered into the field of electronic cigarettes. ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com offer reviews on Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Brands.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Electronic Cigarettes Comparison is here to give reviews on best electronic cigarette starter kits brands. The best kit credit is goes to the most admired and sale electronic cigarette starter kit brands that are offered internationally every year. It has been finding that smoking enthusiasts around the world are now showing special attention against the smokeless cigarettes. All of them consider it a better choice against regular cigs. E-cigarettes are from carcinogens, a cancer causing ingredients. Moreover, it is free from second hand smoke, smell of tobacco, fire, ask and tar at the same time. It is cheaper option as well.

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As per the spokesperson of Electronic Cigarettes Comparison, “The list of brands electronic cigarette starter kit includes Ever Smoke, Green Smoke, Blue Cigs, V2, South Beach Smoke and Smoke Tip. All these are linked by the customer in one or another way. When I talk about one and single then first electronic cigarette starter kit brand, the name of South Beach Smoke come on the top list. For the first time users, Electronic Cigarettes Comparison suggests to buy South Beach Smoke kits. Deluxe starter kit, Deluxe plus starter kit, deluxe ultimate starter kit and deluxe couples’s kit compo are offered by the company. All the kits are affordable for the buyers and quality is here for best smoking satisfaction.”

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Team of Electronic Cigarettes Comparison interviewed Tom Henry a new smoker of electronic cigarette he says that, “I have a wonderful experience with Deluxe starter kit. It is not only a quality product but affordable as well and stay to my monthly budget.”

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