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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- People are getting more and more conscious about remaining healthy, about how they are perceived by the others around them, and about style, and smokers of cigarettes are not devoid of such consciousness. Though they are completely aware of the health hazards that excessive smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes can lead to, they are also too addicted to the item to give it up.

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Moreover, smoking has always been considered a style statement as well, even though it leaves a stench on the smoker and in the room, causes discomfort to the others, and also makes a mess. So, they are often left wondering: what are some alternatives to smoking cigarettes? Well, the answer has been given by ElectronicCigarettesComparison, with its range of electronic cigarettes.

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Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke by the explosion of tobacco content. It produces smoke by the conversion of e-liquids containing water, edible flavours and nicotine, with the atomizer present in it, by igniting this liquid. The level of nicotine varies, and the smoker can start from the highest level of 2.4 mg. and gradually have it adjusted down to 0%. Nicotine can also cause cancer, it is considered by scholars to be less harmful than tobacco, which is not present in e cigs. But, nicotine works as a stimulant when taken in small quantity, which is also present in caffeine. This smoke also does not harm the passive smokers like the traditional cigarettes.

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Electronic cigarettes are very easy to use, as they do not need any maintenance. They can easily be carried in just a pocket or in a hand bag. The e-liquids are contained in refillable or disposable cartridges, which are absolutely hassle-free. They are available in trendy models which are extremely stylish. Tobacco cigarettes can also be a pinch in the pocket for the smokers, but the electronic cigarettes are much more cost effective. Each cartridge lasts approximately as long as an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes, and the starter kits are available at a starting price of $100. There are several companies around the world which manufacture e cigs and their components.

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