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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Countries around the globe have promulgated some strict laws against the smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes in public. This is because of the smoke given out by such cigarettes. The sooty smoke is a harmful addition to the environment and can be the cause of discomfort to the others present in the vicinity. However, the modern vaping device, or electronic cigarettes, are the best alternative of harmful smoke-producing cigarettes. ElectronicCigarettescomparison houses an array of smoke free cigarettes.

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According to the best smoke free cigarettes reviews 2014, as unbiasedly provided on ElectronicCigarettescomparison.com by users, the electronic cigarettes are the best option to carry around, and smoke even in public, without the guilt of spreading harmful smoke in the environment. This is because smoke is produced in the two items by completely different mechanisms. In case of traditional cigarettes, smoke is produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes by the combustion of the tobacco. This burning down of a harmful substance causes a sooty smoke whose particles can be very uncomfortable to the others around. The health of passive smokers is at great risk, especially of children and elderly people. The unhealthy smoke can also be uncomfortable for those with smoke allergy, respiratory problems like asthma, or even those suffering from cough and cold. Other reasons why the smoke can be a cause of disgust are the odour they bear, and the way an enclosed area can become stuffy because of the smoke.

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On the other hand, the electronic cigarettes create smoke in a completely different manner. The smoke is caused from the e-liquids, which contains no trace of tobacco, and has a water base, with edible flavours and different levels of nicotine in refillable or disposable cartridges. The e cigs have atomizers or cartomizers that absorb the e-liquid and ignite it, to produce vapour, instead of the process of combustion. This kind of smoke does not contain the harmful combusted particles of traditional cigarettes’ smoke, and the vapour mixes with the air within a matter of a few seconds. Thus, it is not harmful as the smoke of tobacco cigarettes is. There is no reason for the possible causes of discomfort. Moreover, since the e-liquids also contain different flavours, the vapour caused by the cigarettes does not have the stench of burning tobacco. So, the smokers get the taste of cigarettes, without any legal or social hindrances.

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