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Energy by Tesla: Nikola Tesla Free Energy Power Generator

Tesla Radiant Energy: How Does Nikola Tesla Free Energy System Work or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Energy By Tesla is the way to generate natural and clean energy, which is all the more impressive than it was at its discovery. Nikola Tesla has worked on this energy project at the turn of the century, to make it possible for the sun’s energy to be used for electricity production. Contrary to the solar panels that employ sun rays, the Tesla energy uses the sun energy. Since the sun is the constant radiating source of energy, human cannot fall short of this ultimate source. The Tesla system uses the rebounded energy of the sun, to generate electricity.

Nicola Tesla was a great inventor and engineer of the late 19th and early 20th century. He is the inventor of many processes necessary for alternating current, the type of electricity that has come to dominate all commercial electrical systems, replacing the direct current technology favored by Thomas Alva Edison. (Tesla was on the team of George Westinghouse, and Westinghouse and Edison were fierce rivals.)

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Power Generator System Official Site

He was the chief inventor of radio. He contributed to the development of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, wireless power transmission, the ocean thermal energy conversion method of producing electricity, and many more wonders. His is a name to conjure with.

Little wonder, then, that as the price of electric power continues to climb, while the danger posed by human profligacy to the natural world rises with it, and interest in energy conservation and the production of renewable energy soars, the name of Nicola Tesla is arising once more in a context of electrical power. This is most especially appropriate considering the story of the Wardenclyffe Tower, a project that Tesla began in 1901.

The tower was built for the purposes of commercial trans-Atlantic wireless communication and also for the demonstration by Tesla of wireless transmission of energy. In addition, Tesla believed in and pursued the free generation of electric power.

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Power Generator System Official Site

Finally, the Wardenclyffe Tower project was abandoned when J. Pierpont Morgan, its main financier, withdrew his support, and all of Tesla's notes were destroyed in a fire whose origins remain a mystery. All of these elements create an impression of a source of power developed by the Serbian genius, but denied to the world by the greed of a notorious robber baron whose name has become a synonym for unscrupulous rapacity.

Energy By Tesla is composed of a set of step-by-step guides that will allow people to start producing their own natural, clean, and free energy. With these guides, people will discover how easy it is to build a Tesla machine and use the sun's energy to produce electricity. Building their own Tesla machine is very affordable. It only takes a few hours to assemble. People will be provided with complete instructions, diagrams, and pictures so they will know exactly what to do.

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The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Power Generator System Official Site

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