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Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Animestatic offers a huge selection of anime series and movies that anime fans crave. Since anime originated from Japan, the audio were also in Japanese. However, due to the globalization of Japanese animation, English dubbed anime and subtitled versions are made available.

Anime originated in Japan and features stories about love, friendship and camaraderie. Storylines range from fantastical to realistic and even historical. This is why it became such a huge sensation all around the world. Anime series are now being distributed in all parts of the world because there is no shortage of anime fans, old and new. Lots of anime fans are quite thirsty for new series. Others are on the constant prowl for the animated versions of their favorite manga (Japanese Comic). Some of the anime series are now franchised by television networks around the world. However, a major disadvantage is the fixed time slot on TV channels. Anime series are more accessible to viewers when uploaded on the internet. Anime lists are available for the convenience of the users. To make the website user-friendly, Animestatic made separate sections for the subbed and dubbed versions. Those which were dubbed in English can be found on the dubbed anime list.

People cannot completely enjoy a show if it is in an unfamiliar language. Therefore, having an English dubbed or subtitled version is a sure way to enrich a fan’s viewing experience. Many people may want to watch something they can understand immediately, however, some may still prefer to hear the characters speak in their original “voices”. For this kind of crowd, the subtitled versions are recommended. Some fans appreciate the ‘color’ and ‘emotion’ in Japanese dubbing so much that they don’t mind following the conversation on the subtitles.

There’s a variety of titles on the subbed anime list in the site that fans can choose from; whether it is a new one or an all time favorite. Watching anime online has never been this easy, and enjoyable.

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