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Atherton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 --, as a professional women dresses site, is offering a bountiful array of attractive prom dresses so as to enhance girls’ beauties on the big prom night. From cutting-edge to time-honored, has received a lot of positive reviews from every party of the world.

Undeniably, hot prom dresses are always be the major topic, since almost every young girl is eager to shine on prom night. Prom generally refers to a formal gathering of secondary school students during the end of the school year. Traditionally, at that time, the girls dress wore traditional dresses with a corsage, which is probably given by their escorts. Without saying, these dresses were colorful and basically of darker shades in order to stand out.

At, this range of dazzling prom dresses is styled with sequins, rhinestones, beads, or pearls, which are all the rage of the recent years. For one thing, a splash of glittery accessories is actually the simplest way to add some great style to a simple dress. For another, nothing attracts the crowd than shinning things. Under the influence of shining sequins, it will be easier for girls to be the belle of the proms.

When it comes to the colors of these thrilling prom dresses, has introduced a great variety of fresh colors. Set classical black as example. No matter what girls’ complexion is, now and then, black will suit them to the best. Due to its versatility, black color has been a neutral color. All in all, it is nice to apply lighter shades so as to easily highlight the best features. On the other hand, turning the focus to girls’ figures, contrasting colors are top options, while single colors are beneficial to build up a more prominent form.

Aiming to provide the dream dress for women of all ages, is offering a rich selection of women dresses for any kind of special event, besides these thrilling prom dresses. Whether it is a memorable wedding, a meaningful prom, or an elegant evening and more, every women need to stop by checking out. What’s more, has already teamed up with major international shipping companies, like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and EMS, in order to make every product arrive at the doors of clients on time. If there were any problems finding a favorite dress, amiable customer service at is ready to solve them out.

With secure and easy purchasing process, Andy Tailor offers more than two thousand dresses to customers in lots of countries, and serves both individual customers and wholesalers. The company has an experienced team to run multi-language retailing and the other group including professional attire designers and tailors, thus satisfying the customers to the best both in trend and fitting.

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