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Enjoy Disposable E Cigs of Green Smoke at Genuine Price Says informs the smokers about the disposable six pack e cigs of Green Smoke providing rich hassle free smoking experience at a genuine price.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- provides the smokers with the information regarding the disposable electronic cigarettes of Green Smoke. The brand has provided the smokers with a great alternative to traditional smoking in a tobacco free manner. With the disposable e cigarettes of the brand, one can easily give a try to the smokeless cigarettes without any hassle at a genuine price.

E cig reviews explain that the brand offers six pack disposable electronic cigarettes so that people can satisfy the cravings for nicotine without any tobacco. Experts say that the disposable e cigarettes do not require charging of battery or replacing of cartridge. A person has to simply unpack the kit and smoke the e cigarette right away without requiring any assemblage. According to the reviews, the disposable e cigarettes come fully charged. Once the flavor starts diminishing, a person can throw the disposable e cigarette in the trash and use the new one.

One of the smokers using disposable e cigs of the brand said “After scouring the web for the alternatives of smoking eventually I found e cigarette. I wanted to try this but I wasn’t sure whether this is helpful or not as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on e cigarettes. On searching more I find green smoke e cigarette brand which offers disposable kits. I was very happy because this was something I can try to quit smoking. It was a packing of 6 e cigarettes batteries at affordable price.”

Reviews explain that a smoker can purchase the six pack disposable electric cigarettes of the brand at an affordable price of $57.99 that was earlier $72. According to the reviews, on purchasing two packs of disposable e cigarettes, a person can avail a discount of twenty seven percent on the second pack. Experts say that each pack offers six disposable e cigarettes that offer rich, smooth and full bodied flavor. A person can choose the disposables from tobacco or menthol flavor in 12 mg nicotine strength. According to the reports, each disposable e cigarette offers vapor volume that is almost equal to one and a half pack of regular cigarettes. Experts say that a person can experience robust smoking sensation with the disposable electric cigarette of the Green Smoke at a genuine price.

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