Enjoy the Rich Flavors of E cigarettes by South Beach Smoke Says

To raise the experience of electronic cigarette smoking, South Beach Smoke offers Flavored Deluxe Cartridges which lets one savor the rich experience of e cigs in ten different flavors says

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- The Deluxe Variety Pack of by South Beach Smoke is designed to maximize the flavors of an electric cigarette and provides one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry. Various delightful flavors of South Beach Smoke are available in the market. Smoke from the e cigs of the brand gives a very amazing and pleasant effect. According to The Deluxe Variety Pack ensures that smokers get the freshest flavor with every puff.

The e cigarette flavors by South Beach Smoke include Tobacco Classic, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peach, Pina Colada and Peppermint. Elaborating the flavors, Tobacco flavor offers the taste of a natural tobacco which is light and smooth. Menthol Ice flavor refreshes one’s mind with the smooth and pleasant freshness. Its full flavor offers an exhilarating smoking experience for a smoker. Vanilla Dreams is made with a unique and superior flavor of creamy vanilla. Chocolate flavor offers a kind of “chocolate smoke” as the flavor offers the taste of rich and dark chocolate. The e cigarettes flavors are a great way to satisfy one’s nicotine craving while having a flavorful puff. South Beach Smoke offers three types of Deluxe packs 10 Pack, 20 Pack and 30 Pack with 10, 20 and 30 cartridge flavors. These are available at the price of $26.66, $46.66 and $56.66.

The Deluxe Pack offers the smoker an option of having cartridges conveniently delivered to home or office every month at a substantial savings. If one avails the opportunity of becoming a member of Home Delivery Program, the person gets 20% Off on the Cartridges, Lifetime Warranty on all the parts. A smoker can also choose the level of nicotine depending on the requirement. South Beach Smoke cartridges are available with 16mg full flavors, 12mg light, 6mg ultra light and no nicotine. One of the e cigarette smoker said, “My first puff of South Beach Smoke was truly amazing. The volume of smoke matched with that of a traditional cigarette. The flavor (Menthol) was crisp and cool but without the smoky taste of course. Thanks, South Beach Smoke, for making an excellent product that completely exceeded my expectations. I am certainly glad that I read e cigarette reviews to upgrade my knowledge and for letting me choose this product.”

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