Environment Press Releases

Elmwood Park Zoo to Host Earth Day Celebration with Eco-Friendly Products

In celebration of Earth Day this spring, the Elmwood Park Zoo will host their annual Party for the Planet event, which is hosted by PECO, on Saturday, April 23 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The family-friendly party features live entertainment and an Earth Expo in addition to the zoo's animal exhibits. Participating vendors can showcase their eco-friendly products and services that align with Elmwood Park Zoo's conservation mission. Some of the vendors that will be in attendance include Kind, Red Earth Farm, Seafood Watch, We Bee Brothers, Abiyah Naturals, Whole Foods, and more.

Elmwood Park Zoo to Host Earth Day Celebration with Eco-Friendly Products

In celebration of Earth Day this spring, the Elmwood Park Zoo will host their annual Party for the Planet event, which is hosted by PECO, on Saturday, April 23 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The family-friendly party features live entertainment and an Earth Expo in addition to the zoo's animal exhibits. Participating vendors can showcase their eco-friendly products and services that align with Elmwood Park Zoo's conservation mission. Some of the vendors that will be in attendance include Kind, Red Earth Farm, Seafood Watch, We Bee Brothers, Abiyah Naturals, Whole Foods, and more.

Explore Mountain Ranges with World Landforms

Mountain ranges have always intrigued mankind and make many wish to scale their tops someday. Ample information about mountain ranges is now available with World Landforms. This leading portal covers the entire story of the formation of a mountain range in a structured manner which is easy to read and grasp. Those who are keen to learn more about different landforms, can browse through their portal and familiarize themselves with mountain ranges like the Alps, Ural Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Andes Mountains and the Himalayas.

Wrong Fuel Recovery UK Reports 150,000 Drivers Use the Wrong Fuel Every Year

Reports estimate that 150,000 individuals in the United Kingdom add the wrong fuel to their vehicle every year. Once they do so, they start the engine or turn the ignition, circulating contaminated fuel through the system. This could lead to very costly damage to the car or truck, unless the fuel is removed from the tank and replaced with clean fuel prior to either of these two events occurring. Any driver who makes this common mistake, one that takes place approximately every three and a half minutes, needs to contact Wrong Fuel Recovery UK for assistance.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Still Has Room on the Books for Winter 2016 Snow Removal Services

As commercial properties are increasingly preparing for the upcoming winter season, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. has been rapidly filling their books and client lists. When planning ahead this summer to ensure the property is cleared and safe when blizzards hit the Philadelphia area, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. still has room in the books for their snow removal services.

Neodymium Magnets Witness Global Rise in Demand with China as Leading Country

It has been recently reported that the rare earth industry has started to be driven by the awareness of clean technology. This latest report has been able to give an insight into the entire set up of the manufacturing plant of rare earth magnets.

Learn All About Mountains from World Landforms

Rapid changes in nature such as drastic climatic variations, movement of tectonic plates, soil erosion and weathering have led to formation of spectacular landforms that can be witnessed all over the world. Development of geographical features such as beaches, mountains, canyons, continents, glaciers, islands, meanders and waterfalls consist of some very interesting information. Of all the features, mountain landforms are the most intimidating geographical feature for humans. Individuals with an interest in environment studies can get comprehensive information about mountain landforms from this highly informative portal. It provides a huge stock of information that interested readers and students can use for various purposes.

Get Detailed Information About Badlands from World Landforms

Despite the uninviting name, badlands are masterpieces created by the vagaries of water and wind. They are dry terrains that arise because of the deep erosion of sensitive consolidated rocks that results in steep slopes, lack of vegetation and complicated stream networks. Individuals can now get comprehensive details about badlands from World Landforms. This website has provided detailed information about badlands on their portal which can be used for academic purposes as well as by people who wish to gain more knowledge on them.

Learn All About Deep Blue Oceans from World Landforms

Since the formation of the earth there have been massive changes to it, which has led to the formation of a number of geographical features that can be witnessed by mankind today. To educate people more about these geographical features, World Landforms an online portal, is providing information about the various oceans spread across the planet. Covering 71% of the earth's surface, Oceans are the biggest geographical feature on Earth. With the aid of technology, scientists have discovered 5 oceans – Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. To help readers get a better hold on it, they have put up high quality pictures along with the write-ups.

Manchester Leaf Tree Surgeons Providing Complete Care and Treatment for Trees

Leaf Tree Surgeons, Manchester based clinic for trees, recently started offering full-spectrum treatment solutions for trees that are often dubbed as the 'best companions of mankind'. The fully insured tree ailment cure specialists have claimed that they are arguably the best tree doctors in and around Manchester. According to them, their complete line of services, including tree felling, stump grinding, tree pruning, hedge work and tree shaping are all for the good health and wellbeing for the eternal friends of humankind – the trees and they take unparallel care while treating the trees.

Monster Tree Service Announces "Monster Careers" & Franchise Opportunities Still Available

LogoMonster Tree Service, a tree service and care company that is headquartered in Pennsylvania, is eager to announce that that they have Monster Careers and franchise opportunities still available this summer. As of July 2015, Monster Tree Service has fourteen franchises all over the United States—the most of which are in the state of Pennsylvania. However, the company is eager to expand and provide their services to as many areas of the United States as possible. On the other hand, all franchises are always looking for experienced and highly-motivated tree care professionals that they can add to their teams.

Professional Tank & Environmental Announces Oil Tank Removal Services Available in Montgomery County, PA This August

LogoEven though Professional Tank & Environmental is based in Bucks County, PA, they still provide their services to other counties in Eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, they are eager to announce that they are offering oil tank removal services in Montgomery County, PA this August. Homeowners who want to get in touch with the company can do so by calling them at 215-720-1964. The company can also be reached through email at bkuebler@professionaltank.com, or through a contact form on their website, www.professionaltank.com.

Dirty Equipment Found in Hospital Prompts Complaints About Its Cleaning

Following an inspection by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate, it has emerged that Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have been told to improve their cleaning after inspectors found it was not up to standard. Birthing balls and half of cot bed mattresses were found to be contaminated and other dirty equipment was found leading to complaints and concerns about the hygiene standards in the hospital.

Get Extensive Information About Beach Landforms from World Landforms

Since time immemorial, humans have shown great affinity to the beaches and are always keen to know more about it. In order to quench their thirst for knowledge, individuals can get extensive information about beach landforms from the World Landforms portal. Providing comprehensive information they have elaborated on beaches that can be found on the shoreline of an ocean, sea, lake, river or stream. Keeping in mind the popularity of beaches among the masses, they have kept the information crisp and lucid for their application in various academic and non-academic pursuits.

Government Plastic Recycling Targets Announced: Kempner Comments

Recent news has highlighted the significance of the government's proposed target of plastic packaging recycling – at 57% by 2017. This could appear ambitious and has been supported by the Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP) which sees recycling as a way to optimise infrastructure and fuel other markets. The recycling aim is also supported by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) and the Packaging and Films Association (PAFA).

Earth Day Texas Champions Hydroponics

Earth Day is a global event which seeks to celebrate ethical and green lifestyles including actions such as recycling, planting and so on. Texas recently held their own Earth Day where hydroponics were championed as the future of farming and food production – a trend which is also expanding in the UK. As urban food production becomes increasingly popular thanks to the rapid rise in population growth, many innovative thinkers are getting together to devise new and brilliant ways of serving the needs of humans in the most effective ways.

Options for Different Filter Media from All Service Contracting Corp

All Service Contracting Corp prides itself for being on top when it comes to companies that offer filter media services. Its specialty focuses on removing and replacing underdrains. It is also considered as a one stop shop when it comes to filter media because of the many choices available. These filter media can be used in both gravity and pressure type of filters that are used in treatment facilities for water and waste water. There are seven different types of filter media available on the company website – anthracite filter media, sand filter media, support gravel media, garnet filter media, zeolite resin filter media, granular activated carbon and manganese greensand.

Monster Tree Service Announces Emergency Tree Services Available for Those Affected by the Recent Summer Storms

LogoDue to the recent summer storms that took place this past June in the Tri-state area, Monster Tree Service has just announced that they are now available for any emergency tree services. In fact, right now the company has crews performing emergency clean-ups all throughout the area. Therefore, those who are in need of any of their services immediately are encouraged to reach out to the company by calling 1-866-474-0124 or by emailing them at info@whymonster.com.

Ensure Proper Sanitation During Outdoor Events with Porta Potty Rental in Denver from S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms

LogoWhile planning an outdoor event or celebration it is essential to make proper arrangements for sanitation for the convenience of guests. Individuals can now meet up this requirement with porta potty rental in Denver from S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms. The company offers a wide range of restroom trailers which come with different interiors and finishing such as luxury interiors, executive interiors, standard interiors, ADA trailers and many others. Each of these trailers are featured with solid surface countertops, wooden doors, trim, cabinets, heat and air conditioning, self-contained water supply and many other things.

Mold Aid Expert Discusses Effective Mold Removal Techniques

Mold can become a serious problem if it is allowed to develop in the walls, floors, ceilings or heating and air conditioning ducts of a building. "Mold makes people sick," says John Taylor, a mold remediation specialist with Mold Aid, a company that removes mold from homes and businesses in the Washington, D.C., area. "In fact, mold has been linked to serious illnesses in sensitive individuals. That means that if your home or business becomes wet because of a flood or a burst pipe, you could have a real problem on your hands if you do not take the right steps to treat it."

All About Landforms from a One-of-Its Kind Portal World Landforms

Curiosity surrounding the various landforms of the world is hard to wane, making it one of the most searched topics on the internet. With a view to gathering substantial knowledge on related topics, individuals can get extensive information about landforms from World Landforms. They provide detailed information about a wide array of landforms that includes Archipelago, Bayou, Cenote, Lava Lake, Ria, Oceanic Basin, Waterfall and many more. Those who are looking for comprehensive details with respect to the same can count on this portal for a huge stock of information that can be used for multiple purposes.

Get to Know All About Volcanoes from World Landforms

Over the years, spectacular landforms were formed on the surface of the earth due to occurrence of lots of natural activities such as extreme climatic changes, tectonic activities and erosion. The splendid structures that can be witnessed are Mountain ranges, Plateaus, Rift Valleys, Islands, Gulfs, Forests, Volcanoes, Canyons and many others. Of all the landforms, volcanoes are the most read and studied.. Readers interested in studying about volcanoes can get interesting information from World Landforms. The portal provides information about 5 different types of volcanoes i.e. shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, complex volcanoes, spatter cones and cinder cones that have been classified by scientists as per their shapes and eruption.

Cutie Is Being Introduced to the World via an Indiegogo Campaign

LogoSmart Tech Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their inspired new creation to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, which is being raised to bring the company's "Cutie" to market. Cutie is a small and portable personal humidifier that is being described as "the ultimate solution for a healthy environment." Lubo Michalcak, the founder of Smart Tech Studios, came up with this idea when he was changing the water tank of the air humidifier in his room. He started thinking about how big and cumbersome air humidifiers generally are, and decided that there must be a better and more attractive way to keep the air fresh and moist. This started him on the path to creating the Cutie personal humidifier, a very unique and attractive addition to any room.

Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals Publishes New Side by Side Comparison of Their Product with Average Portable Potty

Portable toilets have never been considered a luxury item, but a necessity. Because of this, they have been stripped down to maximize profits, using cheap and astringent chemicals, with a poor build quality and a messy interior that can be deeply unpleasant to experience. Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals believe in better, and has made available luxury portable toilets for use by all major events. They have posted a comparison between their basic and luxury models to help people appreciate the advantages.

Using KICKSTARTER, Retired Professor Michael Stavy Seeks Financial Support to Present His Paper at the 14th World Wind Energy Conference, Jerusalem, Israel

LogoMichael Stavy, a retired (1970-1999) American economics teacher and renewable energy economist (since 1990), is scheduled to present his 31st paper, "The Levelized Cost (US$/MWh; €/MWh; ILS/MWh) of Storing Wind Electricity on a Grid-Connected, Utility-Scaled (MW) Energy Storage System (ESS)", at the 14th World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC), 26-28 October 2015, Jerusalem, Israel. Michael presented his first energy storage paper 12 years ago; "A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Levelized Cost of Wind Electricity (US$/MWh, SEK/MWh, €/MWh) Stored in a Hydrogen Storage System", at the International Solar Energy Society's SOLAR WORLD CONFERENCE 2003, 14-19 June, Göteborg, Sweden.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Offering Eco>Absorb Large Emergency Spill Kit

LogoEco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., an Ontario, CA-based company that provides the environmentally-friendly super absorbent Eco>Absorb™, is now offering a Large Emergency Spill Kit. Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. allows customers to purchase their Eco>Absorb™ product in bulk or by the bag. However, those who would prefer to purchase larger quantities that come with an add-on, such as a pair of gloves and trash bags, can choose the Eco>Absorb™ Large Emergency Spill Kit.

Associated Paving Contactors, Inc. Provides Oil Tank Removals and Other Paving Services

Since 1970, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (APCON) has provided a huge selection of services to their clientele in lieu of their original predecessor, "Desert Dry Waterproofing," which owner Ed Reiff originally wanted to keep busy during drought season. Renamed Associated Paving, the company now uses their decades of experience to provide oil tank removals in Philadelphia, as well as a broad variety of paving services to their clientele throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.