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Rentokil Malaysia Battling Rising Dengue and Zika Cases with Integrated Mosquito Management Programme

In recent decades, global dengue and Zika outbreaks have grown exponentially. World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that about 50% of the world's population are at risk for dengue and as many as four million people could be infected by Zika towards year end. As of August 2016, up to 67,437 dengue cases were reported in Malaysia with 153 deaths. The concerns on mosquito-borne diseases in the nation are now further exacerbated with the presence of Zika virus resulting in a total of 6 confirmed Zika cases so far.

Four Years Later, Q Center Continues to Thrive Thanks to Organic Sediment Removal Systems

In 2012, at a very prestigious convention center in St. Charles, Illinois, a team of pond cleaning professionals made a huge impact. The Q Center is a popular spot, and features an entrance walkway wrapped in waterfalls that flow under the walkway and cascade down into a series of streams and ponds. These waterways wind around the center, then separate the outside courtyard before spilling into a three acre pristine pond. It is this pond and series of waterways that deteriorated over time – to the point where the Q Center was unable to restore their beauty without damaging the surrounding landscape. Organic Sediment Removal Systems was called in, and their system managed to restore the sensitive areas without damaging the existing landscape or environment. Four years later, the Q Center continues to benefit from the comprehensive overhaul that was performed, effectively resurrecting the former beauty of the area.

GetSolarPrices.co.uk Expresses Its Concerns Regarding the Contrasting Views and Controversies on the UK Government's Take Towards Green Energy and Climate Change Solutions

LogoRecently, numerous leaders from various nations have gathered in the Paris Climate Summit to discuss the plans to solve climate change. The need to discuss an effective resolution to climate change becomes an important agenda to many world leaders as this has resulted to many devastating catastrophes and casualties around the globe. However, what have become truly intriguing in this most anticipated event of the year are the seemingly contrasting ideas of the UK government towards the green energy and the climate change.

Killing Bed Bugs with a Heat Treatment

LogoThe Jordan-Newby library in Norfolk, Virginia faced a bed bug outbreak that forced a temporary library closure in order to eliminate the infestation. This infestation is yet another sign that bed bugs are not confined to America's bedrooms. From homes to businesses, bed bug infestations are becoming an increasingly common problem in America. Increasing insecticide resistance on the part of bed bugs, coupled with fears about the long-term effects of insecticide exposure on humans and pets, has resulted in many groups seeking an alternate bed bug treatment method. Fortunately, bed bug heat treatments can be used to effectively remove a bed bug infestation without necessitating the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. This is how Environmental Heat Solutions can help.

Pest Control Services Sydney Offers the Best Pest Control Treatment of Sydney

Getting rid of the pests completely is a very hefty job, people pay thousands of dollars to different pest control service companies and keep on investing their precious time in order to control pests, but they just end up facing a stronger comeback of the pests. Pest Control Sydney Service offers the best pest control and pests removal services through which one can get rid of the pests, completely.

How Heat Treatment Is Revolutionizing the Art of Bed Bug Treatment

LogoUndeniably, bed bugs are extremely difficult pests to control. This is because they have perfected the art of hiding in tiny crevices and cracks. A home can provide these tiny intruders numerous hiding locations such as toys, knick-knacks, clothing, electronics, and books. Most if not all bed bug populations are highly resistant to those insecticides that are registered for their control. Consequently, pest management professionals and homeowners have been on the lookout for novel, non-chemical methods of getting rid of bed bugs in and out of household items.

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston Launches New Website to Promote Bed Bug Services Online

Bed bugs have become endemic to many of the urban centers of the United States, and seem particularly comfortable making their homes in the hottest parts of the country. As such, Houston has been particularly badly affected by these infestations, and more people than ever are seeking extermination services for their homes and offices. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has been operating in Houston for years, and they have now launched a new website to help people secure the best local extermination services when searching online.

Stop Untested Microwave Radiation of Children's Brains and Eyes - EHT Scientists Urge Google

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) scientists are calling on Google to stop the spread into schools of wireless virtual reality system Global Expeditions Pioneer Program where middle-school children hold a cell phone encased in a cardboard box in front of their eyes to take virtual expeditions to Mars, the moon, and other special places.

The Solar Light Company Sheds Light on How Their Products Affect the Solar Energy Movement

LogoThe Solar Light Company is a Glenside, PA-based organization that specializes in designing and manufacturing visible light sensors, UV intensity meters, solar simulators, and much more for the purpose of research and industry. In an effort to keep their clientele base informed about their products and services, Solar Light would like to shed light on how their products affect the solar energy movement, and also stand out from others.

Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape Reports on the Importance of Tree Care

The importance of Professional Tree Care should never be discounted, as one father found out the day after Christmas. He took his five year old daughter to a local park in San Diego and they began playing. With no notice or noise, the tree came crashing down. Thankfully, this father saw it doing so and pushed his daughter out of the way, saving their lives. Both suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital before being sent home. Homeowners need to recognize the danger and ensure all trees on their property are cared for, so this doesn't happen to them. Not everyone is so lucky.

Indoordoctor.com Launches Environmental Testing Services for Better Health

It is important to ascertain the quality of the air whether it is in homes or offices. The health of the people depends on the indoor environment and in order to aid people in the same, www.indoordoctor.com/ provides testing services. They are believed to use the latest techniques in helping many residential and business establishments to improve the conditions of their air quality, check for mold and any specialty testing.

Environmental Health Trust Shares Information the New York Times Left out of Its Expose on the CDC's Retraction of Cell Phone Radiation Warnings

The New York Times January 1, 2016 exposé details how CDC officials retracted warnings about cell phone radiation based on information retrieved as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. As a public service, Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is posting 500+ internal CDC emails, obtained as part of the FOIA request, detailing how the cell phone industry directed changes in the CDC website content. These documents detail how information on the risk to children's health was deleted, information on cell towers never saw the light of day and a scientist well known for affiliations with the wireless industry came on as a consultant to the CDC.

At Indoordoctor.com, Users Can Expect Unbiased Environment Testing

In order to upkeep the overall environmental health of a building, new or old, it is important to conduct periodic tests that determine the air quality and other indoor aspects. All those who are looking for a reliable entity to conduct the same can consider www.indoordoctor.com/. It is an entity that is experienced and has helped many people in avoiding the outbreak of diseases caused due to poor air quality, mold, etc.

Eco-Supercar Prototype Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThe creator of an eco-supercar prototype have launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise money for the development, design and production of this vehicle.  For many years, this has been a dream; now, with intelligent design, the eco-supercar is a possibility.  An eco-supercar prototype will embody the best of technology and design so that more supercars can eventually be produced and sold.

'Tis the Season for Roll off Dumpster Rentals

Logo'Tis the season for boxes, bags, gifts and new toys to pile up and up until Mom and Dad are left to wonder, "how did we get all of this stuff?". While the holiday season brings so much joy, it also brings a ton of clutter. Just think of all the last minute home improvement projects, clearing out the spare spaces to host overnight guests and cleaning up after the celebrations are all over. Roll-Off dumpster rental company, Galaxy Transfer, is ready to aid the communities of Northern Virginia in disposing their After-Christmas clutter. A division of EnviroSolutions, Inc., the company provides a service to help residents clear out junk from their home or clean up from a home remodeling project without making trip after trip to the local landfill.

Dumpster Rentals Aid in Increasing Curb Appeal

LogoKeeping property free of trash and debris can have many positive benefits. Not only will it keep the property looking good, but it will also help to keep property values up and make it more appealing to the neighborhood. Using Speedy Dumpster Rental provides a quick and convenient way to maintain the property while also being environmentally conscious.

Americans Generate 25 Percent More Waste During the Holiday Season

LogoAccording to Stanford University, Americans generate about 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, which amounts to about an additional 25 million tons of waste. As a result, Virginia residents should be prepared to handle their waste rather than run the risk of being caught flat-footed once the celebrations are over.

Comfortable Portable Restrooms for Outdoor Events from S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms

LogoTo meet the hygiene and sanitation needs of individuals while planning any outdoor event, people usually opt for portable toilets. These can be placed in any suitable area within an event venue ensuring that the guests have everything they need for their sanitation needs. To cater to the needs of people, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms is now providing Portable Toilets for Events at the most competitive prices. The company has capability to handle events that require hundreds of toilets or just one.

Time to Improve Your Beauty and Health with Shower Head Filters

It is easier to obtain clear drinking water by using filters and purchasing bottled water, but another area of focus should be on the water we use to bathe in. For that Biocera provides a perfect solution to our problem. Normal shower water, just like normal drinking water, contains various chemicals like chlorine which can severely affect our skin and hair. Installing the best shower filter can both protect our health besides improving our beauty. Biocera, known to be the leading manufacturer of water-activating ceramic balls also produces shower head filters which are way cheaper than similar other products available in the market.

National Water Solutions Offers Free Water Test and Consultation

National Water Solutions, located at 175 Pearl St, Fredericton, NB, E3G 7S5, Canada has been in the service of providing safe drinking water for years. It has been part of their mission to provide solutions to their customers' water treatment and filtration concerns.

Monster Tree Service of Peachtree Now Offering New Specials and Coupons on Their Website

LogoWhen individuals are searching for an effective tree service in Newnan, GA, one company that they can count on is Monster Tree Service Of Peachtree. Those who are interested in the company's services will be pleased to know that this remarkable organization has a few new specials and coupons available on their user-friendly website.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Offers Labpacking Services

LogoMXI Maumee Express, Inc. is a comprehensive environmental services company that specializes in offering universal and industrial waste disposal management services. Since 1960, they have been a leading innovator in waste recycling, securing an A901 permit for handling universal, solid waste and hazardous materials for disposal in 1987, which launched the company's growth into the diverse environmental services provider it is today.

Dynamic Recycling, LLC Offers Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry

LogoOne of the nation's most prominent providers of chemical waste disposal, unsaleable product destruction and ethanol recycling, Dynamic Recycling, LLC works both with the private sector as well as with the government. Their process, known as the greenest in the industry, is specifically designed to reuse everything. That means items like aluminum, glass, metal, paper and cardboard are all reclaimed and recycled. Additionally, the company also recovers the waste water and recycles energy-containing products, turning them into renewable fuels. All Dynamic Recycling, LLC's, disposal, destruction and recycling services are also designed to be both cost-efficient as well as beneficial for the environment.

Jux2 Dumpsters Provides Pick-Up & Delivery Services Nationwide

LogoA new disposal service, Jux2 Dumpsters, provides fast and affordable dumpster delivery services to residential and commercial businesses across the country. The new company, founded in 2015, offers affordable solutions to waste disposal for homeowners, businesses, and contractors, with services including friendly customer service and support and clear, transparent pricing schedules to suit virtually any budget. The company also recently announced their new website ( www.jux2.com ). The company plans to include a blog for current and future customers to provide valuable information on simple eco-friendly solutions to everyday tasks.

Jeremy Paxman Confirms His Appearance at the FPA Environment Seminar: UWrap Comments

It appears that growing numbers of high-profile individuals are getting involved in promoting positive sustainable packaging, especially in the food industry. This could be seen as driven by concerns both for the environment and upholding cost-effectiveness for businesses. One of the most recent announcements is that Jeremy Paxman is set to speak at the Food PackagingAssociationEnvironment seminar, where he will be upholding his position as patron for Clean Up Britain.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Announces $6,000 Grant for Silent Heroes Foundation

LogoThe Ian Somerhalder Foundation announces a grant in the amount of $6,000 to be awarded to Silent Heroes Foundation. The titled project, "A Beehive Fence Outside of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania, as a Form of Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation and an Entrepreneurial Venture for Marketing Honey," will be completed in 2016. The project's multifaceted goals are to deter crop raiding elephants with the use of beehives along an active corridor. Farmers will benefit from secure crops, and the beehives can provide an additional form of sustainable agriculture. Elephants and humans can avoid dangerous conflicts with each other, thus allowing park rangers to concentrate efforts on anti-poaching patrol. The following is a summary of the issue and project's goals.

Animal Petitions Calls for Action to Save Washington's Starving Killer Whales

Animal Petitions, a top online destination for those concerned about wildlife welfare and conservation, issued a call to action to save a population of orca whales off the coast of Washington. With dams on the Lower Snake River cutting off the orcas' natural food supply of chinook salmon, the killer whales are forced to subsist on their own stocks of blubber throughout much of the year. Burning blubber leaves the orcas weak and more susceptible to illnesses, endangering the lives of pod members young and old. The new Animal Petitions drive centers around a letter at AnimalPetitions.org encouraging President Barack Obama to take executive action to remove four dams on the Lower Snake River, a move that would restore the orcas' access to chinook salmon, improving their reliable food supply by 70% at a single stroke.