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Rentokil Initial Malaysia Reveals Vital Importance of Proactive Bed Bug Management in Hotels to Prevent Future Infestations

Bed bug infestation is nothing new in the hospitality sector, in fact, with the rapid hike in the Malaysian tourism industry, it is extremely important for hoteliers to ensure that their hotels have established an integrated pest control program in case of infestations. A recent survey performed at the University of Kentucky proved that nothing drives guests away faster than bed bug problems. 91% of the guests even mentioned that they would not return to the same hotel if they have had a bad experience during their first visit.

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation Is Transformed by Organic Sediment Removal Systems

One of the quickest ways to recognize the health and vitality of a park or nature center is to look to the water. The ponds, lakes, and streams of a particular region demonstrate the fish population and other water creatures. Obviously, the absence of a fish or other animal life is an indicator of a problem, and that was precisely the issue at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Elgin, Illinois just a few short months ago. Fortunately, they knew just who to call, and when Organic Sediment Removal Systems arrived on the scene, they were ready to help right away. A spring fed the connection of 10 small ponds, which had been plagued by sediment. Ultimately, the ponds were uninhabitable by the trout, requiring OSR to remove 2 feet of sediment, and effectively increase the ponds' water capacity by a whopping 200%.

Speedy Dumpster to Provide Dumpster Rentals for the Pre-Winter Renovations

LogoWinter is on the way - meaning that this is the best time to renovate homes before wintertime conditions make everything time-consuming and complicated. For the resultant construction waste, there is an incredible solution in the form of a top-notch dumpster rental that comes from Speedy Dumpster.

ESI Energy Capturing Project Underway at Big Run

LogoThe Big Run Landfill in Ashland, Kentucky, operated by EnviroSolutions, Inc. for over eight years is a waste removal company operating on nearly 1600 acres. Big Run's gas collection system was improved due to an investment of nearly $10,000,000 in May, when the number of vertical wells and collection points nearly doubled, thus tripling gas capture yields and reducing odor levels. However, landfill gas is still currently being destroyed by high-energy flares, pending the construction of a clean energy facility. This state-of-the-art facility at the Big Run Landfill waste removal company is due to convert gas produced by the landfill into clean energy, specifically renewable natural gas. EnviroSolutions' CEO, Dean Kattler, views the change as a welcome endeavor to 'support the landfill's operations well into the future'.

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Company, Galaxy Transfer Continues to Offer Guaranteed Satisfaction to Customers

LogoIn Northern Virginia and nearby areas, construction and demolition waste-debris that is produced from building, renovating, and demolition buildings-is major source of waste compared to ordinary trash from businesses and households.

Initiative Recycles Oyster Shells to Restore Oyster Population

LogoThe need to recycle food waste is becoming more and more prominent in the public consciousness as more and more recycling initiatives are launched. One example is the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which is a collaboration between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, and other interested parties meant to encourage the recycling of oyster shells. For eco-friendly businesses, this is a reminder that reinforces the need to recycle their food waste, particularly by consulting a waste disposal company such as EnviroSolutions, Inc. with the relevant expertise and experience.

Proper Waste Disposal for the Perfect Environment

LogoWaste management within the United States is becoming a big issue to tackle as time goes by. Waste is constantly generated, but the rate at which it is disposed of is at such an alarmingly low rate, that it is raising eyebrows. Municipal and state authorities responsible for the disposal of this waste are having a hard time in handling the ever piling wastes within the states under their jurisdiction.

Million Dollar Fishing Contest Using Beer Caps Raising $$$ 4 Recycling

LogoHooked on Recycling the World's largest bottle cap recycling organization and The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company are making a splash in the fishing and recycling world. Raising awareness about recycling through bars, pubs, restaurants and events and media. To help raise funds for the recycling project inspired by one man and his loyal team. We have 200 bars signed up in one week.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Is Committed to Producing Safe, Eco-Friendly Playground Rubber Mulch

LogoRecycled Rubber Products, LLC is a family owned and operated business that provides its customers the highest quality playground-safe, eco-friendly recycled tire mulch. The company, based in Joliet, IL, is committed to providing a cleaner, safer world through their partnerships with Treadstone Tire Recycling, LLC and Tire Grinders, Inc. Through these associations, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC creates their patented KinderMulch out of used and unwanted rubber tires.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Supplies Playsets for Back to School Activities

LogoWhen the winter months end, children will need some form of entertaining downtime once the warmer months roll back around. With every new spring season comes fun playtime spent with friends and siblings, which is why playsets are a beneficial backyard feature to have. This winter season, homeowners can opt to purchase a quality Gorilla brand playset from Recycled Rubber Products, LLC to get ready for the spring. Originally a source from which customers can buy rubber mulch in bulk, the company has expanded its retail to professional-grade playsets for kids. Their rubber mulch ground surface is a safe and nontoxic option that goes hand in hand with playsets and playgrounds.

The Best Bet for Dumpster Rental Service

LogoWaste segregation has often been a big problem, especially for firms associated with the collection and disposal of wastes. As a solution, the dumpsters have partitions that enable people to segregate their waste keeping recyclable materials and organic waste apart. This enables homeowners to dispose waste with ease in a cleaner and safer way. The dumpsters fitted within the confines of a home give people the chance to segregate waste materials properly which makes it easier for waste collectors to go easily about with their duties making the disposal of segregated waste seamless. The major upside homeowners can benefit with waste segregation is that it gives them the option to effectively burn the waste after the dumpsters are filled up.

Understanding Where Bed Bugs Come from Is Important

LogoPreviously bed bugs were associated with uncleanliness. However, Environmental Heat Solutions warns that today they have become a menace all over the world. So, where do they come from? Here is an insight.

Medicalwastedisposal.org Provides Professional Solutions to Myriad Clientele

Any medical companies that are looking for professional and reliable medical waste pickup and disposal services can consider MedicalWasteDisposal.org. It is a certified entity that can dispose off any types of medical waste effectively and without causing any harm to others and the environment. Their solutions are based on the guidelines laid down by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and hence, are said to be safe.

Medicalwastedisposalinhouston.com Provides Reliable Waste Disposal Solutions

Medical Waste Disposal in Houston is a Company that takes care of such waste in a dependable and timely manner. There is a steady increase in the amount of medical waste that is produced by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc, in the USA and the entity aims to provide some of the best solutions to all such organizations. Many surrounding locations other than Houston are included in their purview.

Trash Daddy Offers Same-Day Dumpster Rental

We live in the age of on-demand service. From food delivery to real-time ride-hailing, there's little that consumers can't get with a phone call or the touch of a button. For such commonplace things, this ready availability is par for the course. But what about more specialized services—for instance, dumpster rental? Now there's an on-demand service for that, too, thanks to Langhorne, PA-based Trash Daddy. Trash Daddy offers same-day dumpster delivery and is a cost-effective waste disposal option for customers in Bucks County and the surrounding areas.

Darcy McMenamin Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Market Launch of Eco Thermal Filter System

LogoWhile running a cook line, all the heat generated is wasted and gets pulled into the hood and released into the environment. The Eco Thermal Filter captures this wasted heat by acting as a replacement for standard grease filters. Structurally speaking, this system is a combination of a patented stainless steel grease filter with a 100% copper heat exchanger inside. Simply by diverting a portion of the ground water entering the restaurant through the Eco Thermal Filters, it is possible to preheat ground water up to a temperature of 125 degrees.

Speedy Dumpster Company Still Leading in Offering Solution to Dumpster Rental Needs

LogoSpeedy Dumpster has positioned itself as a partner and resource for clients to become free of waste. Speedy offers a complete service to help improve overall customer experience in waste management. There are also several benefits for choosing Speedy for dumpster rental. This company has continued to faithfully service neighborhoods across Washington D. C. and Northern Virginia with customer-friendly, eco-friendly roll-off dumpsters for people clearing waste from their homes, and removing rubbish after a home renovation project or after an unfortunate disaster. Moreover, their timing and response are unbelievable.

Purcellville Schools Utilize Heat Treatment Against Stubborn Bed Bugs

LogoThe Purcellville School District Superintendent is requesting parents to be on the lookout for bed bugs. This is after employees discovered one inside a locker at Loudoun Valley High School. School leaders did not close the school.

City Hall Bed Bugs Are a Reminder to Not Let Down Your Guard

LogoIn October, bed bugs were found in a cubicle belonging to the Department of Information Technology in the City Hall of Richmond, VA. As a result, the city was forced to call in bed bug exterminators, meaning that much of the location was rendered unusable until the bed bug extermination process was complete. This is not the first time that this has happened, seeing as how there was a similar incident at around the same time in 2014.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bed Bugs? Environmental Heat Solutions

LogoNo one knows bed bugs like the professionals at Envirnomental Heat Solutions, but consumers do know that finding bed bugs is a problem for anyone, especially those in the hotel industry. Even with a thorough inspection, and taking great care to toss all clothing and other items, such as pillows and blankets directly into a hot dryer for thirty minutes upon returning home, it is still possible to end up with a residence filled with the rotten little critters.

The Most Efficient and Reliable Cleaning Solution That Is Environmentally Friendly

LogoDirt and debris released by vehicles coming from construction sites have been cited to be a major cause of pollution. Track-out services transport sediments and polluted material to disposal locations that can easily contaminate water bodies hence polluting the environment.

Why Atlantic Sweeping Is the Cleaning Firm of Choice in Washington D.C.

LogoStormy winds carry with them a lot of dust and dirt and deposit them on our roads and driveways. It stands as an uncontrollable phenomenon that individuals cannot get a grip of, and it unfortunately leaves people to contend with dirty streets that if not well managed, can eventually result in environmental degradation.

Maintaining a Cleaner and Friendlier Environment: Affordable Dumpsters

LogoEach passing day, the global populace continues to realize and appreciate the need for a cleaner environment. Among the top practices facilitating for a cleaner environment is waste management. Waste management can pose a significant challenge to an individual or a business premise. This is where Galaxy Transfer, providing affordable dumpsters come in. The dumpsters come in handy, given the complexity of waste collection and transportation.

Getsolarprices.co.uk Takes on the Organic Solar Panel Findings and Its Interconnection with the Global Network

LogoThe unstoppable advancement of technology could herald a great leap forward in the way that people live their lives. The idea that objects can be interrelated via a global network, on how to run the home, to keep the body healthy and making sure that there is still enough food in the fridge. The idea of having trillion new smart sensors that is to be installed around the world by the year 2020. The ultimate question is what is going to these devices?

GetSolarPrices.co.uk Emphasizes the Concerns About the UK Government's Plan to Cut Clean Energy Subsidies

LogoSolar panels in UK investors, specifically the homeowners who had solar panels installed in their roof, have definitely got shocked with the plans of the UK government to cut the clean energy subsidies – which according to U.N's top environmental scientist Jacqueline McGlade is a vicious renewable policy. "It's a very serious signal – a very perverse signal that we do not want to create".

Saya Seeks to Solve the Water Shortage Crisis with Innovative Waste Intelligent Wifi Sensor

LogoAquacero, the revolutionary new wireless intelligent water leak detection and shutoff sensor from Saya, is live on Kickstarter and seeking to raise funds to bring the project to life.

BioMedical Waste Solutions Unveils Effective and Reasonable Solutions

BioMedical Waste Solutions, a well known Houston Medical Waste Disposal company, has ensured that users can make smart decisions by getting free consultation within as little as 10 seconds, online.