Environment Press Releases

Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Elementary Schools

The Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture issued a Decree on January 31, 2017, marked "urgent" to all Directors of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, with specific measures to eliminate and minimize wireless radiation exposure to children in schools. "We have taken the decision to have the wireless network Wi-Fi disabled in all Public kindergartens in Cyprus," reads the Decree. Wireless is to be removed from all Cyprus kindergartens, and wireless installations have been halted in elementary schools and limited to administrative offices.

China Company Announces Its Production Capacity Enhancement to Meet the Global Demand of Activated Carbon Filter

The demand of air purification systems is rising worldwide because of the need of maintaining health and hygiene with the best indoor air quality inside homes, workplaces, factories and other places. China based Anping County Jiujiu Filter Equipment Company has now expanded their production capacity to supply carbon air filter in adequate quantity to meet the demand of the global clients. They can supply the product all across the world in the desired quantity at any time.

VDME Industries Unveil Pioneering, New Technology Which They Believe Will Cut Manufacturing Emissions by 27%

VDME Industries is committed to tackling pollution with innovative technology; technology which, they hope, will 'propel humanity forward'. With UK air pollution linked to more than 40,000 early deaths every year, and deadly smog closing factories in Beijing, the global demand for clean solutions is greater than ever before. The team at VDME believe this new technology could be the answer that world leaders are looking for.

Southern Irrigation Will Illuminate Properties with LED Landscape Lighting

LogoLocated at 1146 Antioch Pike in Nashville, Tennessee, Southern Irrigation has the knowledge and expertise to install any homeowner's LED landscape lighting system.

Parents, Radiation Safety Experts Petition Against 2020 Olympics in Radioactive Fukushima

The fifth anniversary of the Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns, the Japanese Olympic Minister Toshiaki Endo stated that preliminary softball, baseball and possibly other games would likely be moved from the host city of Tokyo to Fukushima Prefecture. In fact, organizers are already far into the process of developing J Village, located 19 km (12 mi) from the devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors, into a training facility for Japan's soccer team and possibly more uses. J Village was used as a disaster staging and support facility during the early days of the ongoing catastrophic Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Houston Texas Cleaning Company Clean Panda Launches Affordable Cleaning Services

A new Houston cleaning company has removed the myth that professional services are only available for the rich and famous by launching services that are affordable for all. Clean Panda, who promise to give their customers the best quality with the best prices in the area, provide a complete range of services that include home cleaning, car wash services, and organization & decluttering services.

Prevent Spring Allergies with Help from Pazeto Cleaning Service

LogoWarm spring weather is a welcome respite from the harsh winds and temperatures of spring. However, spring comes with a caveat: Allergies. Many residents of the Philadelphia area suffer from symptoms like cough, congestion and itchy throats in the spring due to large amounts of pollen in the air. Thankfully, cleaning services in the greater Philly area can help to alleviate these symptoms. Pazeto Cleaning Service, which offers professional home cleaning services in Montgomery County, PA and other parts of the Philadelphia area, is currently taking clients for house cleaning.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Is Sweeping Parking Lots Everywhere

LogoWarm weather is upon most of the nation. With warmer weather comes the need to clean out different areas around businesses everywhere. One of the main areas of concern is often the parking lot. All of the snow and slush can leave behind quite a mess when all is said and done. At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, any remains from the winter will be eliminated with their parking lot cleaning.

Colombia Ecoturismo Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Re-Launch Adventure and Expedition Cruise in Colombian Coastal Areas

LogoColombia Ecoturismo SAS and their US affiliate Blue Water Journeys have extensive experience in operating Expedition & Adventure cruise ships. They have already managed a highly successful operation in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia with the M/V Sea Voyager. After the complete remodelling of the Sea Voyager spending $2M dollars, the sailing started in April 2012 with a cruise to the archipelago of San Blas followed by other additional cruises to the archipelagos near Cartagena. However, the ship was sold just a few months later. Captain Jorge Murillo, the founder President and CEO of CE/BWJ, started efforts to re-establish operations in the same area in 2013.

Broadway Exterminating Partners Up with American Cleaning Systems

LogoBroadway Exterminating has partnered up with American Cleaning Systems to carry a whole new line of eco-friendly maintenance and odor control products – available online or at their special brick and mortar store on Amsterdam and 98th St. Focus Odor & Eco Cleaning Supplies are some of the most environmentally friendly products on the market and are less expensive than similar green products. These American and NYC manufactured cleaning supplies include dishwashing liquid, odor removers, glass window cleaners, laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaners, stain removers, and more. Focus cleaning products are biodegradable and reduce health risks considerably.

Trash Daddy Offers Advice on Getting the Most out of Dumpster Rental

Trash Daddy, a dumpster rental service in Bucks County, offers same-day dumpster rental to area residents. Their bright yellow roll-off containers come in three sizes (small, medium and large) and can be used to store waste from projects like home renovations. The company is convenient because of their flat-rate fee system, same-day delivery and hassle-free pickup of full containers. Recently, the company advised renters of a few tips on how to get the most out of dumpster rental.

Warm Friend Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Save Alpacas from Dying of Cold

LogoOne of the largest natural reserves for the preservation, husbandry, and care of South American Camelid species such as alpacas, vicunas, llamas and guanaco is located at Arequipa, Southern Peru. Amongst these species of Camelids, Alpacas and Vicunas are particularly vulnerable because of their anatomy. It has been observed that a high number of Alpacas and Vicunas fall prey to this region's extremely inclement weather. The sub-zero temperature completely eliminates the native plants that are the primary food source for these species. Extreme cold also leads to deaths due to respiratory diseases.

Trash Daddy Offers Competitive Pricing on Dumpster Rental

No one wants to pay too much to store their trash. Typically, the need for dumpster rental comes on the heels of projects that already incur significant costs, such as home remodeling or commercial build-outs. Why add unnecessary expense to these projects?

Trash Daddy Offers Convenient Online Roll-off Dumpster Ordering

The list of what can be ordered off the web grows by the day. To most consumers, it might not occur that they can also order convenient storage options off the web. However, Trash Daddy makes ordering roll-off containers and dumpsters simple with an easy online ordering process. Whether customers need large or small dumpsters for industrial, commercial or residential purposes, Trash Daddy's online ordering process ensures same-day delivery of hassle-free on-site storage.

Trash Daddy Offers Full Service Waste Removal in Bucks County, PA

Bucks County business and home owners who have been searching for a full service waste removal company near Langhorne, PA can now rest easy. Their prayers have been answered in the form of Trash Daddy, a new dumpster rental company in Bucks County. Trash Daddy simplifies waste removal from projects such as renovation or construction by not only providing roll-on containers but also dropping them off to the customer's location and picking them up once the project is finished.

Q&A Bed Bug Prevention

LogoBed bugs have become an epidemic in America, causing many people to want to take measures to protect themselves from infestation. Expert's from a New York based extermination company, BedBug911, have answered the most popular questions concerning bed bug prevention.

Environmentalist Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Free Energy Documentary

Daniel Green is looking to build support and raise funds for a free energy documentary and prototype, that focuses on important environmental topics such as the high amount of water consumed to process oil into fossil fuels and how this water can be used to create clean energy. Daniel took the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which is one of the most popular crowdfunding campaign platforms for these types of projects. The campaign has a funding goal of at least $10,000 USD to be raised within the next two months.

DMC Commercial Snow Management: Contracts for an Accessible Winter

In life and business, preparation is key. Adequately preparing for a situation is what makes a goal achievable. For businesses all across the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, staying open year-round is even more than a goal, it's a priority. Thankfully, DMC Commercial Snow Management is able to make that priority a reality by providing Philly snow removal to its clients during the cold and unpredictable months.

Sentient Science Honored by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for Life Extension of Wind Turbines

LogoBloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) today awarded Sentient Science Corporation with the "New Energy Pioneers Award" at the Future of Energy Summit 2016 in New York, N.Y.

Commonwealth Computer Recycling Offers Free Mail-Back Data Destruction, Hard Drive Shredding Throughout April

LogoIndividuals and organizations searching for an affordable way to securely dispose of their e-waste have an opportunity to do so for free throughout April thanks to Commonwealth Computer Recycling's Earth Day promotion.

US and China Issue Joint Statement on Paris Climate Deal

LogoSince the US and China are the two biggest economies on the planet, it should come as no surprise to learn that they are the two biggest polluters on the planet in absolute terms as well. As a result, the two countries faced significant pressure at the Paris climate conference that was held in December of 2015, which resulted in a successful climate deal between them as well as 193 other countries. Now, the US and China have issued a joint statement that they will sign the Paris climate deal on April 22, which will have enormous consequences for them as well as all of the signatories.

Mac's Janitorial Services Announces Springtime Commercial Cleaning Availability in Camden and Its Neighboring Communities

LogoMac's Janitorial Services is pleased to announce their availability for commercial cleaning jobs in Camden, NJ and its surrounding areas this spring. The company, headquartered in Maple Shade, NJ, specializes in cleaning and maintaining buildings like schools, banks, apartment complexes, office buildings and other commercial properties. As a bonus incentive for potential new business, Mac's Janitorial Services is offering 10% of the first month's bill for all new clients who contract the company immediately.

Commonwealth Computer Recycling Celebrates Earth Day with Free Nationwide Data Destruction Throughout April

LogoAt a time when up to 50 million tons of electronic waste is generated worldwide each year, recycling & data destruction company Commonwealth Computer Recycling is leading responsible disposal efforts through its nationwide data destruction portal, CyberCrunchRecycling.com.

Some of the Vital Basics of Dumpster Renting Often Ignored

LogoDesigning a plan for which a company's waste materials will be disposed can be tricky. The same applies for residential households. Dumpster rentals or dumpster leasing services have therefore come in handy to remedy many people's waste operations problems. Dumpster rental companies offer a variety of dumpsters including 15, 20, and 30 cubic yard dumpsters for handling a variety of tasks. For example, with the 15 cubic yard dumpster, one can effectively handle garage clean-outs, renovations in the kitchen, bathroom and basement, small construction projects, office clean outs, and yard debris removal such as shrubs and trimmed grass.

RevBuilders Awarded Contract to Run Maintenance on Ultra Safe Pest Website

LogoRepresentatives from RevBuilders Marketing announced today that it has been awarded a contract to run maintenance on the Ultra Safe Pest website.

Minch Professional Cleaning Offers Coupon Deals

LogoThe premier cleaning service in Bucks County, PA, Minch Professional Cleaning, is now offering potential customers incentives for utilizing the service, through coupon deals available to print via their website. Good through the end of the year, first-time residential customers of the cleaning service will receive fifty dollars off their initial deep cleanings, provided the company works on their homes for at least four hours. Minch Professional cleaning will honor the coupon when it is presented by any new residential customer at the time of service.