Environment Press Releases

Mr. Mehul Mohanka Appointed as the Managing Director & Group CEO of Tega Industries Limited

Mr. Mehul Mohanka has been appointed as the Managing Director and Group CEO of Tega Industries Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of mill lining equipment, conveyor components, wear resistant liners and hydrocylones. Mr Mohanka was chosen for the role post unanimous decision taken by the Tega Board of Directors. Meanwhile, Mr. Madan Mohanka will continue to function as the Executive Chairman and continue to mentor and guide the apex leadership of the company.

Speedy Dumpster Assists with Spring Cleaning

LogoSpring will be starting up in about a month's time, meaning that homeowners should start planning their spring cleaning. Depending on the extent of their plans, this means renting a dumpster, which is where waste disposal companies such as Speedy Dumpster come in handy. After all, the easiest way to clear out the clutter of the colder seasons is to remove useless items.

Rick's Expert Tree Service Announces Tree Care Services Are Available This Winter

LogoRick's Expert Tree Service is eager to announce that they are offering tree care services this winter. What's more, the professionals at Rick's Expert Tree Service would like to let potential customers know that just because it is the winter season, that does not mean that they cannot schedule any tree care services or maintenance. In fact, for those who don't know, pruning a tree is ideal in the winter because it can help to ensure its growth, structural integrity, and beauty in the spring.

Reports Draw Attention to Rising 'Indoor Pollution' Risk: Top Cleaners Comments

A number of newspaper features have drawn attention to what is known as the increasing issue of 'indoor pollution': a situation where modern, highly-insulated houses could be contributing to negative health. Consideration of this issue comes particularly just after Christmas and New Year – as this is a time of year when many have been artificially scenting their houses with candles, cleaners and air fresheners. A number of studies have highlighted that heavy usage of cleaning products and agents in our homes during the winter months could thus be a kind of 'pollution' – as exposing people to chemicals and additives, incubated by warm housing. A constructive way forward is seen to be the use of professional, safe cleaning products and well-spaced intense cleans, rather than small sessions of heavy product use.

Reducing the Weight of Packaging Opens Up New Consumer Opportunities: Uwrap Comments

A new report released by the environmental newsletter Use Less Stuff (ULS) has revealed that packaging choices are increasingly driven by customer perceptions and requirements. Especially notable in 2016 is that customers are concentrating on sustainable and ethical solutions; associating this with quality. Hence there is pressure, in order to retain popularity, for packaging to be streamlined and minimizing wastage; hence why more customers than ever are equating a low packaging weight with a higher quality product. Therefore, making their packaging as sleek and efficient as possible could be considered the way forward for businesses wanting to attract further custom.

Virginia Tech 'One Health' Expert to Discuss Complex Issues of Disease on VoiceAmerica

LogoKathleen Alexander, associate professor of wildlife in Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources and Environment, discussed One Health and her work at Virginia Tech and in Botswana on the VoiceAmerica program Our Wild World at 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22.

February Is National Bird Feeding Month and a Critical Time for Birds

LogoNational Bird Feeding Month started on February 23, 1994 when Illinois representative John Porter read a new entry into the Congressional Record identifying February as the month wild birds need the most help.

Houston Area Laboratory Announces the Launch of Its New Website

LogoNova Biologicals is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website, with the goal of providing users a simpler, more informative resource for enlisting their services. Visitors of our new site can expect a more user-friendly experience, filled with educational resources on the role and importance of biological testing. By providing our clients with such important information, we aim to benefit the health and well-being of millions around the nation.

Kiwi Energy Offers Complimentary Carbon Offset Program in New York

LogoFor more than a decade, companies and individuals in the United States and beyond have been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. The effects of El Niño are felt from California to New York, and global climate change continues to be a real problem that threatens to disturb the future of all the inhabitants of this planet. Fortunately, there is at least one company striving to make a difference, and influence the lives of many with their products. That company is Kiwi Energy, and that product is their carbon offset program, Zero Gas. At its essence, Zero Gas, is their effort to reduce the carbon footprint of people around the globe.

Commonwealth Computer Recycling Secures Growth Capital from Private Investors

LogoCommonwealth Computer Recycling LLC, a respected electronics disposal, computer recycling and data destruction provider, has completed an initial fundraising round led by a group of Philadelphia-based angel investors.

Air Test: Porter Ranch Leak Contaminates Thousands of Properties

LogoAfter thousands were affected in the colossal natural gas leak at Porter Ranch, Evaluair is opening its services to families affected by the public nuisance created by Southern California Gas Company. Sen. Barbara Boxer visited Porter Ranch and called for an independent air study to be done. Media reports that the leak is "the most significant public nuisance" Southern California has experienced. SoCalGas pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges involving reporting of the leak to authorities and discharging contaminants into the air. Specifically, Southern California Gas Co. is fighting a state rule requiring it to report how much methane and other chemicals were released. SoCalGas's depository, 115 defunct oil wells were used as an underground warehouse to hold 80 billion cubic feet of natural gas, the undisputed source of the leak.

Getsolarprices.co.uk Advocates Going Solar to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

LogoCurrently, there are huge concerns about global climate change due to environmental destruction. This can be attributed to the use of fossil fuels and other energy producing methods, so people have started to search for cheap yet clean power sources. The government is encouraging people to generate their own power, and this has led to the use of solar energy.

Getsolarprices.co.uk Takes on the Three Most Essential Considerations Before Buying a Solar Power System

LogoWith the increasing demand for electricity due to homes being highly innovative and advanced, people are continuously searching for the best options to save money on their electricity bills. Although prices of fossil fuels have dropped lately, environmental concerns brought about by the global warming and climate changes have been the focus of many countries.

Downriver Cleanup & Restoration Launches Service for Pet Stain Removal in Downriver, MI

LogoWhat pet owner hasn't had the thrill of coming home to an unsightly little "present" on the rug from their favorite four-legged pal? It's a fact of life for those who, regardless of the stench and stains, wouldn't do without the furriest member of the family. So what's a pet owner to do? One carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Downriver, Michigan has the answer, 24/7. Downriver Cleanup & Restoration has launched an on-demand pet stain removal service. So whether it's the carpet or upholstery that's gotten the good old one two, they'll clean up the mess and restore the goods to their normal gleam, pronto.

How to Win the Battle Against Bed Bugs Using Heat Treatment

LogoBed bug extermination from one's home is possible. Nonetheless, now more than ever, people need super-specific knowledge to treat their crawly, creepy situation. The good news is that individuals don't need to panic, there is hope.

Experts Call for Public School District to Correct Inaccurate Website on Wireless Radiation Safety

Fox News reported that Environmental Health Trust (EHT) experts identified numerous false and misleading claims about radiofrequency radiation and children's health on the Montgomery County Public School Maryland (MCPS) School District website. In a letter to MCPS, Lloyd Morgan, senior EHT advisor, detailed extensive errors, adding, "I am appalled that a public agency would rely on and relay outright falsehoods."

Protecting, Nourishing, & Supporting the Environment: Rainguard International

LogoOver the course of the last 20 years, there has been a surge in popularity for companies who emphasize environmentally friendly products. Businesses of every industry are lauded for their ability to reduce their carbon footprint and that of their customers, and do everything in their power to sustain this world we live in. One waterproof & graffiti protection coatings manufacturer, based in Newport Beach, California is doing just that. Rainguard International recently introduced the super concentrated Eco-PODS, which help customers reduce energy consumption, improve the environment, and significantly reduce overall costs.

Composting Toilets Catching on in the US Market

LogoAccording to Off Grid and Green, an alternative toilet solutions retailer, composting toilets are finally catching on in the US market. "We are still a distant third to countries like New Zealand and Canada" says Off Grid and Green spokesman Cory Eckert, "but interest in the US has been on a steady rise since 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down".

Dynamic Recycling, LLC Helps Reduce Corporate Liability

LogoThrough a comprehensive process of recycling everything from the ethanol itself to the packaging. The ethanol recycling facility at Dynamic Recycling, LLC is capable of a one hundred per cent recycling of ethanol products. At this time, the company is proud to announce that with the efficiency of this and their other processes comes a wide variety of benefits, including, perhaps most importantly, their ability to reduce the corporate liability of their clients. In addition, the high-quality recycling processes Dynamic Recyling, LLC uses allow them to help protect their clientele's brand image, in eliminating administrative and reporting expenses and in creating renewable energy that reduces the client's carbon footprint. And all of that is in addition to myriad other benefits such as elimination of disposal to landfills, lowering of disposal costs, and much more.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services Provides Exceptional Commercial Cleaning

LogoAfter a long work day, the last thing employers and employees want to think about is cleaning their commercial space. It can be long, laborious work, but with Minch Professional Cleaning Services, they provide deep, thorough cleaning so that workers can focus on the work day. Whether clients need their restaurant, retail company, hotel, or church cleaned, this professional cleaning service provides Philadelphia, PA with the absolute best and will tackle any request.

TEMP-AIR Thermal Remediation: Innovative Electric Heat Treatment

LogoPesticides have been found to be moderately effective at killing bed bugs, however, pesticide treatments are typically ineffective at killing hidden bed bugs. "Because of pesticide-resistant bed bugs, many pest control companies have begun using heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs," according to Bobby Anderson, President of Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc.

Pollution Is Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance

LogoPollution puts a wide range of pollutants in the shared environment, which results in a wide range of consequences. One example is how countless species of harmful microorganisms are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, which is an enormous problem because we are reliant on them to protect ourselves as well as keeping a number of important economic sectors running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Although pollution is not the sole cause of the problem of rising antibiotic resistance, it is nonetheless a serious one.

Pests Are Becoming More Resistant to Pesticides

LogoThe rate at which we use pesticides is making pests such as bed bugs as well as other insects more and more resistant to them, which is something with serious consequences for a wide range of sectors. As a result, both businesses and consumers should use something other than pesticides as the solution to their bed bug infestations, both to ensure thorough results and to protect the usefulness of pesticides.

Start Planning for the Spring Thaw

LogoSpring is coming on March 20. As a result, businesses should be preparing for the spring thaw, which can result in a number of problems with their premises that need to be fixed if they are to maintain maximum curb appeal. By making their preparations ahead of time rather than waiting until the last moment, businesses can count on getting efficient and effective results in a timely manner, thus mitigating the severity of the potential consequences.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services Provides Excellent Residential Cleaning

LogoWhen looking for a professional cleaning service in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas, customers need a company that will provide a deep, thorough clean to the entire home. Especially now, as boots and shoes are peppered by snow, dirt, slush and mud, more and more stains will appear throughout the home. There is only one solution to the mess: Minch Professional Cleaning Services. As their web page declares, "Here at Minch We Clean Every Inch", which is necessary if homeowners want their homes to be squeaky clean. Minch Professional Cleaning Services promises a comprehensive, deep clean by their professional staff that will leave the entire home looking spotless.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Services for March 2016

LogoBucks County, PA-based Professional Tank & Environmental, is now offering oil tank removal and replacement services this March. The company takes pride in answering customer calls and emails 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, to help guarantee that all of them are 100% satisfied with their services. Homeowners who would like to schedule service can call 215-720-1964, or fill out a contact form on their website, www.professionaltank.com.