Environment Press Releases

Coleman Elementary of San Rafael Launches 5th Season of Cool the Earth Program

Coleman Elementary in San Rafael, CA will launch its fifth year running Cool the Earth’s Climate Action Program this month as part of its Earth Day program. For four years Tanya Burdick has lead the program at Coleman— students have taken over 4800 actions, saving approximately 3,500,000 lbs. of carbon. That is the equivalent of taking almost 300 cars off the road!

Chaffee County Waste Expands Commercial and Residential Services to Leadville and Fairplay, CO

Chaffee County Waste (CCW) will expand services in two new Colorado communities, Leadville and Fairplay, according to company officials.

Quick Portable Toilets Helps Clients Save Money with Independent Hand Washstands

When outdoor events are hosted in locations where there is no plumbing or lavatories to provide for the sanitary needs of guests, the portable toilets are a must. There are many porta potty models that serve different purposes. In some of the portable toilets, there are no hand wash stations installed inside. There are still other toilet units that provide all features of a home bathroom including the hand washing station inside the toilet. Both these models serve different purposes because there are occasions where people want the wash stands to be separated from the toilet while in other occasions like weddings and camps where guests want the washing stands to be installed inside the toilet.

Quick Portable Toilets Announces Mega Offer for Corporate and Business Clients

The increasing need for portable toilets in any social event has taken its toll on the budget of event hosts. Today, every guest is aware of just how much of comfort a good quality portable toilet can offer. Any social event is hosted with one purpose in mind – to impress the guests. This is especially true when it comes to business and corporate events. The way the event is hosted will show case the success of the Company. The more impressive the event, the more contracts, investors and clients they will get.

MXI Environmental Services, LLC Now Offering Their Services for Recycling Pharmaceutical Products This October

LogoFor those businesses with an abundance of outdated or unsellable pharmaceutical drugs, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for the safe and environmentally friendly removal of pharmaceutical waste. Whether there is an excess over-the-counter drug, cough medicine, antiseptics, or a variety of other pharmaceuticals, an easy dial of the phone will get the wheels in motion. A professional will come in an MXI Environmental Services, LLC transportation fleet to ensure the products are secure and properly delivered to the distillery.

Quick Portable Toilets May Have More Toilet Models Than All Other Companies Together

Recent survey has shown that most of the porta potty Companies based in Coral Gables supplies only one size to all, making it difficult for most of the users. Quick Portable Toilets is one of the few porta potty companies operating in the area that offers customized toilet sizes that can offer a perfect fit for different sizes. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable toilet experience where the seat does not fit at all. For the perfect fit, choose from the wide range of models.

Event Planners Reveal They Hire Quick Portable Toilets to Protect Their Own Business

Many of the porta potty Companies working in Park Ridge offer only the standard size toilets to all customers. They do not keep customized sizes like the Quick Portable Toilets. This Company may perhaps be the only one that offers such specialized sizes that provides a perfect fit for every size imaginable. It is no wonder most residents trust this Company more than they trust any other Company in the area.

Parks with Clean Porta Potties Visited More Often Than Those Without

Survey shows that parks and open spaces with proper supply of portable toilets are visited the most as opposed to those that do not have any. Going outdoors is not just about the place. When outdoors, people want to enjoy and it will not come easy where there are not basic sanitary amenities. Outing are mostly a whole day activity and imagine spending the entire day out in the open without having to attend to nature’s call or wash your hands when soiled.

Event Planners Reveal Quality Porta Potties Key to Hosting Impressive Outdoor Event

Recently, a survey conducted by a team of event managing companies in Cary NC has shown that the main attraction of outdoor events is not the scenery. Choosing the most beautiful scenery thinking that it will be the key to impressing the guests will not do the trick. Top-notch event planners have revealed that providing high quality sanitary amenities and good food is the only way to host an impressive outdoor event that will keep everyone talking for weeks.

Quick Portable Toilets Takes Specific Care Not to Deliver Shower Trailers Too Early

It is unfortunate when major outdoor events like weddings, corporate parties, etc runs short of water and sanitary facility supply. In order to rescue such dreaded situations, the Quick Portable Toilets has recently launched mobile shower trailers that comes in different sizes to provide for both small and big events. These shower trailers come in two models – one is with toilets and sinks while the other is without any of these. All their shower trailers are well equipped with air conditioner, interior as well as exterior lightening as well as a separate dressing area.

Quick Portable Toilets Find Their Way Into Elderly Homes

All public places and highways today install portable toilets. Gone are the days when concrete toilets were built along the roadside for public use. The modern day portable toilets are more convenient and can be relocated as many times as possible. With these porta potties, one will no longer have to endure unhygienic toilets on roadsides. These sanitary units are easy to clean and can be reused as many time as possible. The cleanup takes the simple step of detaching the waste tank and disposing it in the waste disposal area. Sufficient supply of water and biodegradable cleansing chemical will help keep it infection free.

Camp Organizers to Use Quick Portable Toilets Steam Showers to Lure Campers

Rumor has it that the reputed Quick Portable Toilets is working on its latest project to add steam showers to its sanitary trailer units. The Quick Portable Toilets steam showers may come in different model including the 6.0 Steam Generator, MS Super5 EC1, and many more. This is part of the camp model collection that is aimed at offering the most luxurious sanitary experience when out in the woods.

Quick Portable Toilets Attracts Astounding Number of Customers with Free Cleaning Services

There is one thing in common that both large and small outdoor events have – portable toilets. Wherever there is no sufficient plumbing, porta potties are a must have especially if you are hosting a social event. Quick Portable Toilets is a company in Brentwood that has been catering to the various sanitary amenities of that area for many years now.

Quick Portable Toilets Tightlipped About New Collection of Steam Shower Toilet Units

The Quick Portable Toilets has been working on a new pet project ever since the beginning of 2013. Unlike other projects, the Company has remained tightlipped about the new collection that they have been working on. The media went frenzy over the past couple of months trying to uncover what exactly this reputed porta potty Company has been working on.

Portable Toilet Facilities to Be Stationed in Every Public Places in Lancaster from the Next Spring

There are no streets today without a mobile toilet on sight in Connecticut. It is true that Middleton portable toilets are forming a regular fixture near highways, gas stations, cafes and other public places. As the name itself suggests it is a mobile toilet that comes to people when they cannot attend a regular toilet. They are growing popular in every towns and cities as they are portable and easy to transfer from one place to another without much effort.

Quickportabletoilets to Offer Cheap and Toilet Seats to San Bruno Orphanage and Old-Age Homes

There are number of gadgets available today with the different innovations and advancing technologies. By far all of these items and facilities were set up or created to bring about comforts and ease to the lives of people living in this planet. With all these innovations living has become easier and better. Everything has become portable starting from the cell phones to portable toilets. Here everything about the mobile or Portable Toilets and how they have entered the lives of millions will be discussed in brief.

Compact Portable Toilets Launched in Idaho for Easy Access While on the Road

No doubt the usage of toilets forms an important aspect in daily life of a person. It is not only a necessary but it is something which one cannot escape from. And it is also important that they should be clean and hygienic to the core in order to maintain a clean environment. But as the work ethics of present day demands long working hours outside homes so does the need to build a compact and mobile toilet to facilitate while on the run cropped up. And by this necessity, Caldwell portable toilets were launched in Idaho in a short period.

The Truth Behind the Porta Potty Company That Hanover Residents Are Raving About

When outdoors, one feels the need for sanitary facilities more than once. Besides attending to the call of nature more than once, you need to wash your hands more than once and there are also other sanitary demands you need to attend to. The need for sanitary facilities is more frequent when outdoors because it is dustier and less hygienic than being indoors.

Quick Portable Toilets Conduct Mass Education Campaign on Porta Potties Hygiene

Today, life has become more mobile with the advancement in science and technology. Everything can be moved around like comfort for example the ability to take the comfort of sanitary facilities anywhere you go. Telephones have turned into cell phones, internet can be accessed through the cell, and computer has turned into compact laptops. Hosting outdoor events or camping out in the woods is no longer a problem thanks to the portable toilets.

Quick Portable Toilets Help Pittsfield Residents to Install Porta Potties in Public Places

Today, public places that are visited the most are the ones with clean porta potties. Nobody wants to spend an entire day in a park that has no portable toilets. The scenery is no longer the reason why people visit open spaces like the park or the woods. Sanitary needs are unavoidable and it is a personal business for every person and hence it is important for them to ease themselves in private places away from the others. This is the reason why people enquire about the porta potties first when planning an outing.

Des Moines Residents Get Awareness to Avail the Portable Toilets in the Right Manner

The question of having a good toilet is a necessity when it comes to any human habitat. And one cannot ignore the fact that they should be accessible anytime anywhere. They form an important facility in order to sustain a healthy and a hygienic sanitary life. What is important in present times is that people are always on the move and they are forced to work out of homes often times. At this kind of situation the need for mobile toilet or Portable Toilets comes into play. The task of finding a regular toilet when one is on the road is hazardous and discomforting. Not only is it time consuming but it might give rise to constipation if not found on time.

Cheap and Portable Toilets to Be Set Up in Bonita Springs Highways and Streets

Gone are the days when one used to go behind bushes for emergency toiletries wants. The launching of mobile toilets also known as Portable Toilets has made the need for attending natures call quicker and more accessible with the most hygienic factor. Now there is no need for searching the nearest regular toilet when on the road. It is not only detrimental to a person’s health for holding on too long but it is also bad to for the environment to feces in the open. For this very purpose of attending and catering the emergency toilet wants on the road or when outdoors, a number of mobile toilets are stationed on different public places for the people.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival This Friday!

LogoJoin us this Friday for Friends of the Kaw's fifth annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival! We will be showing the 10 best films from this touring festival, providing a chance to win some great raffle items, and special offers for new members to join.

Quick Portable Toilets Only Company Complaint with Public Health Department Criteria

Quick Portable Toilets in Delano stands out of the rest for one reason – they offer eco friendly features and keep them under hygienic conditions. It is not just a business for them but also a way to contribute to society the best way they can. These toilets do not just provide people with sanitary amenities but they very convenient and can be carried around anywhere without any hassle.

Quick Portable Toilets Supplies Special Toilets for Physically Challenged in Norwalk

The problem with most of the portable toilets Norwalk CA Companies is that they follow the one-size-fits-all policy. Unlike the other Companies in the area, Quick Portable Toilets come is different models, each custom designed for specific categories of customers and for specific occasions. Majority of the customers hire porta potties when hosting social outdoor events. All these events are planned with one thing in common – to impress the guests. Porta potties that do not provide comfort will definitely not impress the guests in any way.

Quick Portable Toilets Encourages Porta Potty Companies to Take Note from President's Inaugural

Recently, there was a lot of complain against the miscalculations of porta potties during the President’s inauguration. When the inauguration took place for the first time back in 2009, the number of porta potties used was over 7000 units. This year, however, the number of the sanitary trailer units was slashed to only about 1500 units. This raised a lot of eyebrows against the Obama administration.

Quick Portable Toilets Consultancy Help Customers Hire the Right Number of Porta Potties

The task of planning outdoor events continues to daunt individuals all like. Socialites who are no stranger to hosting social events of different kinds reveal that planning an outdoor event is more difficult than an indoor event. While indoor events involve rearranging and polishing up things that are already in the house, outdoor events require starting everything from scratch.