Environment Press Releases

Join the Energy Co-Op in Celebrating Earth Day

This Earth Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018, The Energy Co-op, will conduct energy awareness and education activities at two Philadelphia-area events: "The Party for the Planet," and "The Earth Day Festival." The Co-op is a nonprofit member-owned cooperative that provides renewable energy to thousands of homes and businesses in Pennsylvania.

Fully Compliant Low Cost San Diego Medical Waste Disposal

BioMedical Waste Solutions LLC offers San Diego Medical Waste Disposal at affordable rates and at the most convenient schedules. The company offers fully compliance waste management solutions as per OSHA, EPA and HIPAA. It is very important to hire a professional waste management company such as BioMedical because the team is not only well trained but they would ensure that the waste is properly segregated and disposed accordingly. Every medical facility contributes or produces a certain amount of medical waste every day.

High-Quality Medical Waste Disposal Services Now Available to Illinois Residents

The news that the company, Biomedical Waste Solutions, undertakes medical waste disposal related tasks may please those who live in Illinois. According to this Illinois Medical Waste Disposal company, the services they render are reliable and not only that, the services are made available at highly affordable costs.

Sacramento Residents Can Now Stop Worrying About Biomedical Waste

Medical waste disposal is a real problem faced by Sacramento residents. But here is some good news for them. The company, "Biomedical Waste Solutions," says they are offering high-quality medical waste solutions that can relieve Sacramento residents of their worries about this issue. The Sacramento Medical Waste Disposal company is emphatic in asserting that their services are highly reliable and that they make it a point not to charge their customers exorbitantly. In other words, customers who seek their services can be sure of saving considerably with every pickup.

Florida Residents Can Now Get Reliable Medical Waste Disposal Services

The company, "Biomedical Waste Solutions" says that they never compromise on the quality of the services they render though they offer them at highly affordable costs.

Carpet Cleaning Company of Aurora IL PlatinumCare Cleaning and Restoration Hires Marketing Company to Help Expand Market in the Chicago Land Area

PlatinumCare Cleaning is working to expand its reach in the Chicago area and has hired an expert Internet marketing firm to help.

Ambient Water Atmospheric Water Generator Installed at University of California, San Diego Healthcare Complex

LogoAmbient Water (OTCMKTS:AWGI), a leading provider of atmospheric water generation systems for extracting water from humidity in the air, today provided an update on an "educational interest" collaboration with engineering and urban planning students and professors of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) to demonstrate the company's atmospheric water generation technology.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms Offers Portable Restrooms for Weddings Across the Colorado Front Range

LogoWedding planning is stressful at the best of times and if there's an opportunity to strike an action item from the 'To Do' List early, it's worth its weight in gold. Portable restrooms for weddings are an easy item to strike from your list. Planning ahead with S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms takes the worry out of the logistics for portable restrooms. From Fort Collins, to Denver, to Colorado Springs, the team of experts can help pin down the requirements depending on the number of guests, the length of time the restrooms will be required and the location. Various models are available and for a larger venue or a large number of guests, restroom trailers are also an option. Luxury interiors are a popular choice for weddings.

Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Elementary Schools

The Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture issued a Decree on January 31, 2017, marked "urgent" to all Directors of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, with specific measures to eliminate and minimize wireless radiation exposure to children in schools. "We have taken the decision to have the wireless network Wi-Fi disabled in all Public kindergartens in Cyprus," reads the Decree. Wireless is to be removed from all Cyprus kindergartens, and wireless installations have been halted in elementary schools and limited to administrative offices.

Pazeto Cleaning Service Provides Gift Options for Friends and Families

LogoPazeto Cleaning Service provides clients with the opportunity to give a gift card or schedule a home cleaning to a friend or family member in the Philadelphia region. This professional maid service offers comprehensive cleaning packages to allow people the chance to spend more of their free time with loved ones.

C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. Supplies Quality Waste Removal Services

C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., a leading septic tank pumping company in Boyertown, PA, is dedicated to providing clients with quality waste removal services and offers a wide variety of non-hazardous options. Their trucks range from 1,800 to 6,500 gallons, which allows them to optimize the number of loads and be cost effective whether they are removing commercial, industrial or municipal waste.

Choose Rain, Inc Has Completed Negotiations and Has Signed an Exclusive License Agreement and a Change of Control Agreement

LogoChoose Rain, Inc. (OTCPink:CHOS), announced today that it has finalized and signed its Exclusive License Agreement and Change of Control Agreement with Cloudburst Distribution Pty Ltd (Cloudburst).  CHOS, through Cloudburst, now has a manufacturing base in Western Australia to serve as a global launching platform for their products.  The possibilities are endless for the high quality herbal products and the bespoke spirits now available by license through CHOS.

Island Watch Co. Partners Too Preserve Our World's Oceans and Marine Life

LogoIsland Watch Co. was started due to the founder's love of the islands, surfing, saltwater fishing and anything to do with the ocean.  Island Watch Co. created a collection of wooden watches for like-minded island enthusiasts that would allow people to live the island lifestyle and to provide them with a brand that has deep island roots, style and craftsmanship.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each wooden watch go to support ocean preservation, a cause that the company deeply believes in.

WRS Dumpster Rental Provides Instant Quotes for Leading Service

WRS Dumpster Rental provides clients with instant quotes for their leading dumpster rental services. Whether one is looking to use a 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster rental in Philadelphia, PA, this company is ready to lend its expertise and help their customer find the size that works best for them.

NoCo Hemp Expo and Strategic Partners Head to #HempOnTheHill

LogoThe NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest hemp-centric event in the U.S., will represent and advocate for the nation's industrial hemp industry at Hemp on the Hill Tuesday, February 28, 2017. This expo and conversation is hosted by Congressman Jared Polis, with Co-hosts Congressmen Massie, Comer, Blumenauer, and Honorary Co-Host Senator Wyden. The event will be held at the Rayburn Foyer, 45 Independence Avenue SW in Washington, DC, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Tropical Bed Bugs Returning to the United States

LogoBill Trott, from Bills Pest & Termite Control, is warning customers in his service area about tropical bed bugs. These bugs tend to harbor in warm, humid areas. After a 60 year hiatus, there has been a confirmed tropical bed bug sighting in Florida.

Research Findings Presented at International Conference Link Cell Phone Microwave Radiation to Cancer, Low Birth Weight and Sperm Damage

Scientists from 10 nations evaluated the latest peer reviewed body of evidence linking adverse health effects to wireless radiation at an expert forum that was held in late January at Hebrew University. The scientists call for policy actions to reduce exposure were recommended, such as legislation that significantly and more protectively reduces human exposure to RF, minimization of wireless in schools and public places, and national campaigns about screen time and children's health.

Bra, Pocket or Purse? Australian Research Asks Where Women Keep Their Smartphones

A new Australian study that will inform cancer research has found that 25 per cent of women have carried their smartphone tucked into their bra, with 15 per cent having done so in the last week. This is despite phone manufacturers warning customers not to store smartphones against the body or in clothing.

Randal Spence a Local Entrepreneur Offers the World a New Symbol of Environmental Responsibility

LogoAs a practice, Spence insists that anyone he does business with, offer a posted eco-policy on their website for anyone to read. A link on his website EarthMom.Org called "What's Your Policy", outlines a strict practice he has had in place for a few years. He claims, "When everyone decides to join me in adopting this simple policy, our world can quickly begin to change for the better."

NoCo Hemp Expo Announces Initial Programming Schedule

LogoThe NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest hemp-centric event in the U.S., has announced programming details for its event on March 31 and April 1.

Biomedical Waste Solution Offers Disposal Services for Small and Large Health Care Systems

Biomedical Waste Solution offers a huge line of waste disposal and compliant services to any type of health care system. The service of this company is tailored to meet the requirements of any area or location. It offers a complete 24/7 medical waste disposal pick up services and online sale of containers and so forth.

Anchor Pest Control, the Premier NJ Pest Control Company, Now Offers Preventative Yearly Service Plans

Anchor Pest Control of New Jersey is offering yearly preventative bed bug control plans to help homeowners save money by preventing home infestations. Using safe and effective preventative chemical treatments, New Jersey's leading pest control company can help homeowners avoid bed bug infestations before they even start. At a cost of less than 1/3 of a post-infestation treatment, the Anchor Pest Control yearly packages include multiple K-9 inspections and preventative chemical treatments.

Dynamic Recycling Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Alcohol Recycling Plant Opening with Plans for Beer Recycling Infrastructure

LogoDynamic Recycling, LLC celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of the company's Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, Tennessee on February 8th, 2016 with an announcement that the company plans on installing infrastructure for beer recycling and product destruction at the plant.

Winter Makes Commercial Cleaning More Important Than Ever

LogoMost people spend less time outdoors during the winter because of both freezing winter temperatures and the build-up of snow that can hinder their travel from place to place. As a result, businesses that are reliant on a regular stream of visitors for their revenue-making tend to suffer, meaning that they need all of the marketing advantages that they can get to make up for the effects of the season. One such example is commercial cleaning from a reputable contractor such as Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc., which can have a bigger impact on a business's marketing than most people would expect.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms Offers Portable Restrooms Rental Solutions from Fort Collins to Denver to Colorado Springs

LogoFor short term events like concerts, races, weddings or parties, portable restrooms can be hired for the convenience of all attendees. Experienced staff at S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms can help planners determine the timescale and number of restrooms required. Booked in advance, the restrooms are one of the easiest logistics to lock down in advance. With many models and floor plans to choose from, clients can select traditional facilities or opt for newer models such as the solar powered 'Just Like Home' Restrooms where the lights and running water are powered by solar panels.

Pablo Curiel Announces Involvement in Massive Solar Projects

Pablo Curiel, best known for his involvement of wide scale sustainable development projects and alternative energy, recently organized a press meet to discuss his interest in solar energy investments. Attended by many new startups and known investors, the event was a huge success. Curiel was also delighted to answer some of the queries and questions of the press.