Environment Press Releases

GlobalEnergyTransmission Starts Crowd Funding Campaign

GlobalEnergyTransmission has unveiled its crowd funding campaign to build a Planetary Energy Transmitter that brings the invention of Nikola Tesla to life.

ESI Revises Lorton Landfill Green Energy Park Proposal

At the request of the Planning Commission and the direction of the Board of Supervisors EnviroSolutions has been engaged in meaningful discussions with county staff regarding the Lorton Landfill Green Energy Park proposal. As a result of this dialog ESI has committed to significant further revisions to the Development Conditions and the application:

Birmingham Dumpster Rental Company Cleans Up After Themselves

Generally, the need of dumpster rental services arises out of the need to dispose of large amounts of waste. Many residents of Birmingham and construction site contractors will hire the dumpster rental companies to dispose of waste while buildings and houses are renovated. A large quantity of waste and trash is produced during such home renovations.

Covington Dumpster Rental Educates Residents About the Various Types of Dumpster Trucks

It requires quite a considerable amount of money to hire the service of a dumpster rental company. It is therefore of paramount importance that the entire process is carried out with precision and perfection. In order to make the negotiation as affordable as possible, it is important to determine the right duration of the dumpster rental service which is hired by the concerned customer.

Dearborn Heights Dumpster Rental Offers Tips to Customers to Find Lowest Price

It is important to determine the entire steps of the project before embarking upon the task of contacting a dumpster rental company and hiring it. Planning the entire procedure will help the customer to find time which will be much needed later. It is highly advisable to wait for a few more days after the project is over before calling over the dumpster rental company to clean up the trash and dump it elsewhere.

Westhavelland Nature Park Named the First International Dark Sky Reserve in Germany

LogoMillions of Berliners who seek a respite from bright city lights now have an option close to home. The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) announced today it has named Westhavelland Nature Park the world’s newest International Dark Sky Reserve. In Germany, the Reserve will be known as “Sternenpark Westhavelland.”

Dripping Springs Named the First International Dark Sky Community in Texas

LogoThe stars at night remain big and bright deep in the heart of the Texas – thanks to the hard work and dedication of Texas Hill Country residents. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) announced today it has designated the first International Dark Sky Community in Texas. In naming the Dripping Springs International Dark Sky Community, IDA is pleased to recognize local efforts to protect and preserve the character of the nighttime sky over central Texas.

Akron Dumpster Rental Educates Residents to Find out Hidden Prices

The increase in excessive accumulation among people has led to the rise in the dumpster rental companies across the country. While there are so many companies ready to be hired just around the corner, it would be a wise decision to make enquiries before taking the leap. A leading Akron dumpster rental company has made steps to educate the general public about the right ways to choose a rental company.

Detroit Dumpster Rental Offers Guidelines and Recommendations to Customers

A leading housekeeping magazine has recorded that house owners find it increasing difficult while hiring dumpster rental services. This bit of news has come as a shock to residents of Detroit because there are so many dumpster services in the city. What the outsider thinks is, anyone can simply pick up the phone and hire the nearest company. However, when getting into detail, this is easier said than done.

Augusta Dumpster Rental Becomes Household Name Among Residents

Augusta has recorded a tremendous rise in population over the past decade. This aspect has led to the problem of accumulation of the inhabitants and also the excess accumulation of material goods by residents. There is simply not enough space to dump the trash created by the residents. Augusta dumpster rental has come up with environment friendly solutions to tackle this problem for the general good of the public.

Columbia Dumpster Rental to Clean Up the City for Free

Over the past decade, Columbia residents have been no stranger to rental services launching almost every other day. It is a direct result of the increasing need for various forms of assistance services. People are always looking for ways to ease everyday work and hence hire assistance services. It is both in the private homes and in workspace that this trend is followed.

PayMore Stores Announces Better Way to Dispose of Cell Phones

Whether Santa sent a new Samsung Galaxy down the chimney or New Year's was celebrated with the purchase of a new iPhone, PayMore Stores has announced that there is a better way to dispose of the old models that have just begun gathering dust.

Legendary Galapagos Tortoises May Not Go Extinct, Restoration Now Possible

LogoWhile the Galapagos Islands animals are world famous due to their exclusiveness and friendly nature, it has been reported recently that the legendary Galapagos tortoise might not become completely extinct, as was anticipated earlier, by scientists. Though much of the flora and fauna of Pacific Islands were destroyed due to the invasions, it has been recently found out through the studies of genetics of the tortoise that the race of these tortoises can be restored using the resupply of the mariners who used to preserve the species in order to gather food supplies for their future voyage.

Doncaster Laser Services Work Towards ISO 14001

Doncaster Laser Services Ltd are looking to further improve their growing organisation by working towards being ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System certified.

Pest Control Company Launches Affordable Heat Treatment System That Can Eliminate Bed Bugs on Any Type of Property and Budget

Bed bugs continue to be a big problem for many property managers, landlords and home owners in the Boston area. While the “bed bug boom” of recent times has leveled off a bit, the bloodsuckers are still a regular occurrence in many residential buildings and commercial properties.

Prometheus, Inc. Announces the Launch of the Prometheus Engine System

Prometheus, Inc., one of the leading producers of engines, recently announced the launch of the Prometheus Engine System. The new engine is a safe and reliable machine that runs on clean burning, renewable ethanol.

AFFRA Industrial Spill Control Launches New Range of IBC Storage Products

AFFRA Industrial Spill Control, a leading supplier of industrial spill control products based in the United Kingdom, now launches an entire range of new IBC storage products.

AFFRA Adds New Industrial Spill Control Products Across Six Categories in Its Inventory

AFFRA, a global leader in supplying industrial spill control products, has just added a whole new range of products across six categories in its inventory, including spill kits, IBC storage and absorbents.

Greentree Outdoor Living Provides the Tools Needed to Create the Perfect Landscape

When it comes to home improvements, many experts consider landscaping improvements to be the best choice. In fact, Money Magazine investigated various home improvement projects and found that landscaping, when properly done, brings a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent when selling the home. "The key to recouping the value of the project lies in choosing the proper landscaper in Edmonton design firm," G. Neustaeter of Greentree Outdoor Living proclaims.

MXI, Inc. Now Collecting Household Hazardous Waste Materials This January

LogoAs many townships, communities, and even states routinely hold events for the proper disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW), MXI, Inc. is announcing their continued transportation and separation services for ridding their clients of these materials. This will ensure a safe avenue for residents to dispose of solvents, paints, pesticides, aerosols and other potentially harmful materials. MXI maintains a large staff of highly trained and experienced project managers, lab-pack chemists and technicians that routinely conduct a range of HHW collection events for their varied and valued client base.

Liberian Services Launches Website to Help New Mexico Access Premium Waste Management

Waste management and removal is an intrinsic part of the industrial process, and providers who can manage this effectively on behalf of construction, development, oil and other industries provide an invaluable service. However, few companies can meet these demands because of the scale of equipment and logistics required. Liberian Services are New Mexico’s premier provider of waste management services, and they have just launched a new web presence to attract a broader range of customers after years successfully serving the industrial sector. The new website makes their services available to everyone, from multinationals to homeowners.

EcoPoly Solutions Responds to French Proposal to Ban Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics

EcoPoly Solutions is taking a stance, with the oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (OPD), on criticising the lobbying attempt to take oxo-biodegradable plastics off the French market. If successful this would clear the way for bio-based plastics which have completely different uses and places in the market than their perceived oxo-biodegradable competition.

First International Dark Sky Reserve Named in Ireland

LogoThe International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) announced today it has named the first International Dark Sky Place in the Republic of Ireland. Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve is the first of its kind in the northern hemisphere awarded “Gold-tier” status, placing it among an elite group of the darkest locations to receive IDA recognition. In designating the Reserve, IDA recognizes the exceptional achievements by local communities to protect and preserve dark night skies over southwest Ireland. The award will be formally presented in a reception at the Ring of Kerry Hotel in Cahersiveen, County Kerry, at 7:30pm GMT tonight.

Flood Relief Expansion by Landmark Earth Solutions for Dangerous Coastal Areas Continues for 2014

LogoResponding to a growing interest by the public to stay ahead of rapidly rising water from hurricanes, severe storms and in the near term Winter melting snow, Georgia-based Landmark Earth Solutions plans to continue business offering flood mitigation relief and earth stabilization solutions to potentially dangerous coastal areas beginning in 2014.

CERC Oil Tank Removal Announces Commitment to Improving Soil Conditions

Christmas is still just around the corner, but CERC Oil Tank Removal is getting a head start on one of their New Year's resolutions. They have announced their commitment to improving soil conditions in yards that currently hold, or previously held, an oil tank that led to contamination.

MXI Environmental Services, LLC Announces Aerosol Recycling Services

LogoAs a premier recycling service for cosmetic recycling and other ethanol based products, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce they are now recycling aerosol products for reusability. Aerosols, usually in the form of a spray can, can include various household items such as paint, insecticide, laundry detergent, or perfume and other fragrances. Whether the aerosol can is empty, used, or full, the sustainable and reliable recycling service will provide transportation in their tankers to a state of the art Materials Recovery Facility so as to reclaim ethanol while recovering solvents and gasses from the spray can.

New Eco-Friendly Heat Seal or Heat Activated Coating

(IndustrialPR.net) Aqualene® 1185HS, a new, eco-friendly, water-based heat sealable or heat activated coating, for a wide range of plastic films, such as polyester (PET), polystyrene (PS), vinyl (PVC), paper, paperboard, and aluminum foil has been introduced by Aqua based Technologies, a division of ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. This heat-seal coating technology is suitable for a wide range of packaging applications where heat sealed or heat activated combinations are required.