Environment Press Releases

AAA Scene Cleaners Mediates Property with Crime Scene Cleanup in Dallas and Denton TX

LogoAAA Scene Cleaners, a leading property cleaner, brings its 30 years of experience to the table when it deals with crime scene cleanup in Dallas and Denton TX. The company takes pride in offering quality service which includes both crime scene and trauma cleanup. Being in the industry for long, the experts have gathered knowledge, skills, equipment, and sensitivity to handle this type of job efficiently, effectively and with a minimum of emotional stress to the family.

AAA Scene Cleaners Performs Medical Waste Disposal in Dallas and Fort Worth TX

LogoIt is important to take a lot of care regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of hospitals and various medical research institutes. The waste resulting from treatment or medical operation can cause potential health hazards if not disposed of at the right time. This is where AAA Scene Cleaners comes in. Equipped with advanced device and tool, the experts can successfully clean the waste from the hospital premises.

ICC Compliance Center Turns 30 in October 2017

LogoICC Compliance Center (ICC) is proud to announce its 30-year anniversary as a premier provider of hazmat compliance solutions for regulatory transportation and workplace safety. ICC specializes in regulatory training, plant audits, SDS services, labeling solutions, trucking placards and seals, workplace signs and tags, and UN certified packaging.

Insect Feed Market Set to Clock 200+% Growth Rate

LogoThe Insect feed market is forecast to exceed $1 billion in 2022, according to the recent market study by Arcluster, the market research and consulting firm. In the report, Arcluster forecasts substantial market growth for insect-based feeds for aquaculture and other segments. The report also states that the insect feed ecosystem is set to go through a high-paced growth cycle, exceeding 200% growth over the next year.

Wildlife Alliance - A New Generation of Direct-Action Conservationists Releases Promotional Video About Rainforest Rangers

LogoWildlife Alliance is releasing a promotional video showcasing the hard work of its rainforest rangers. These silent heroes work in rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions to preserve one of the Earth's last great rainforests: the Cardamom Rainforest Landscape. Bordering the Gulf of Thailand, this spectacular landscape hosts one of the continent's last continuous forest cover habitats for elephants.

Pazeto Maids Helps Residents with Fall Cleaning

LogoResidents who are interested in getting a jump start on their seasonal cleaning with a maid service in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact Pazeto Maids Cleaning Service with assistance straightening their home before the arrival of fall.

Tacoma Suicide Cleanup Company Lends a Healing Hand

LogoBio Clean is a Washington-based company that provides suicide cleanups in Tacoma, Bellingham, Renton, and a number of other cities. They have been serving these communities since 1998, and they have built a reputation as the leading resource for suicide cleanups in Washington. In addition to this aspect of their business, they offer a comprehensive slate of biohazard cleanup and disposal services, and they also provide help for hoarders.

Hurricane Harvey and Sawyer Products

LogoSawyer Products is working with multiple organizations to distribute approximately 20,000 bucket filtration systems and over 30,000 insect repellents to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. These bucket adapter systems are used in over 80 countries around the world and can filter up to 500 gallons per day. The insect repellents that were sent include our family friendly 20% Picaridin spray which is effective on mosquitoes, ticks, and flies as well as our Permethrin Insect Repellent Treatment for Clothing, Gear, and Fabric which is odorless after drying and lasts for 6 weeks or 6 washes. In addition to our standard 0.1 micron absolute bucket filtration systems, we are also sending some of our brand new Sawyer Select Foam Filtration Systems which launch later this month and will remove chemicals and pesticides where water contamination levels are especially high.

Alternative Energy Advisors' Thomas Williams and Arlen Van Draanen Welcome Partners and Clients to Wind Energy Forum

Thomas Williams and Arlen Van Draanen welcomed wind energy clients and partners to the Alternative Energy Advisors Wind Energy Conference in Houston, TX. Topics covered global wind energy industry growth and development opportunities and new and anticipated changes in the regulatory environment. AEA partners also discussed advances in wind energy technology efficiency and capital and soft cost control.

Environment-Friendly Asbestos Removal Is Now Available in Maryland

While it has been quite a few decades since the use of asbestos was discontinued on account of it being incredibly dangerous for one's health; in some cases even causing life-threatening diseases like cancer, the remnants of this material still loom around in some areas.

Sgt. Scrap: Putting Clients First

Sgt. Scrap, a leading provider of metal recycling services in Philadelphia, has grown as a company due to putting a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Since opening in 2006, the courteous crew of employees has treated employees the way they would want to be treated themselves.

Punchbowl.org Selects Catalog Choice as Inaugural Grant Recipient, Helps Stop Unwanted Junk Mail

LogoPunchbowl.org Environmental Fund, Inc. (Punchbowl.org) today announced Catalog Choice as the recipient of an environmental grant, the first given by Punchbowl.org since its launch in 2016. The amount was not disclosed.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Offers Fast and Efficient Pest Control Treatment Services

When it comes to pest control, not just any company will do. Johnny Bugs, Inc. offers fast and efficient pest control treatment services for customers who need to get a handle on bug problems quickly. Johnny Bugs Pest Control is a full-service extermination company that uses odorless treatments. For anyone who is sensitive to chemicals, Johnny Bugs Pest Control is the perfect option. Their thoughtful pest control applications are what set them apart from other pest extermination companies.

Willie Fresh: A Garbage Bin Protection Solution Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWillie Fresh is the ultimate garbage bin protection solution that has been created to deter flies, odor, diseases and insects that arise from the garbage bags or bins. The project is a result of consistent research and development of four years and the final product is remarkably effective. The creator of this project has designed this solution as a low maintenance, easily installed and long lasting combined fly and odor deterrent.

How to Choose the Right Water Damage Mitigation Company

Making the right choice following water damage is never easy. Property owners may not have the proper education about the process, since water accidents are rare. The property owner should educate themselves about the water remediation process before making the right choice.

WRS Dumpster Rental Provides Upfront Pricing on All Services

Residents who are searching for a dumpster rental in Philadelphia, PA and don't want to deal with the hassle of non-direct services are calling WRS Dumpster Rental for their upfront pricing.

Convenient Colorado Porta Potty Rental and Site Services from S & B Porta-Bowl Portable Restrooms

LogoSite services need not be stressful to arrange. Even when time is short, contacting S & B Porta Bowl for a solution means a quick response and straight forward quotes. For portable restrooms for weddings, outdoor races, events, parties, and more across the Front Range, S & B Porta Bowl are a family owned Colorado tradition bringing over 35 years' experience in finding timely solutions.

Olansi Professionally Manages Its Factory and Makes High-Quality Air Purifiers

Those who are health conscious and wants to live in a safe and clean environment need not worry anymore because the good news is that Olansi, a company from China, says that they are offering air purifiers, air cleaners, and air filters of high quality. The company proudly points out that they are an OEM that is professionally managed. This means that their factory make their air purifier for asthma among other things is professionally operated.

Choice MedWaste Has Been Supplying Medical Waste Disposal Services

As a licensed medical waste disposal company, the experienced team at Choice MedWaste proudly services clients throughout Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Southeastern PA. They strive to be the most cost efficient and reliable medical waste disposal service for their clients, and their years of disposal experience set them apart from their competition. Those that need sharps container disposal services in Philadelphia, PA do not need to look any further than this company.

Busy Bee Cleaning Company Continuing to Book Cleaning Services for New Customers Throughout September 2017

Summer is wrapping up and now is the time to think about fall cleaning. There's no better way to welcome the new season than with a professional house cleaning, and Busy Bee Cleaning Company is ready for action. In fact, the company is continuing to book cleaning services for new customers throughout September 2017. For customers who want to find a reliable, efficient cleaning service, Busy Bee Cleaning Company fits the bill.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Taking New Customers in Need of Construction Clean Up Services This Fall Season

LogoWhen the fall season approaches, many people set u new projects for their homes or their businesses. Some fall projects require construction clean up services which can be handled through a local company. This season, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is taking new customers in need of construction clean up services for their homes or their businesses. When it comes to providing reliable and professional cleaning services, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is always ready to take on a new project.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Taking New Customers in Need of House Cleaning Services in Buckingham, PA

LogoFor customers who are looking for a name that they can trust for house cleaning, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC has exactly what they need. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is now taking new customers in need of house cleaning services in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. With summer on its way out and a new season ready to come through, now is the perfect time to get caught up on house cleaning that might have fallen by the wayside. With Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, professional cleaning is the goal. Each person who represents Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC takes pride in the company's quality services, and it shows.

Air Quality Environmental Inc. Assures to Put a Stop to Allergies with Air Vent Cleaning Services in Palm Beach FL

LogoFor all those homeowners who live in Stuart and Palm Beach FL and have to battle dust and dirt on a regular basis can turn to Air Quality Control Environmental Inc., for a complete and thorough air vent cleaning services in Stuart and Palm Beach FL. The company has been around for many years offering a wide range of services to both residential and commercial customers. Keeping the environment clean and hygienic in one's home and the office is what the air vent and dryer vent cleaning technicians aim at. Those who see that their homes or office spaces are very dusty and the family members or staff members are falling sick due to bouts of allergies or asthma attacks will have to get the air ducts, and dryer vents cleaned at the earliest. Too much accumulation of dust and allergens can be the culprit. Technicians are of the opinion that air ducts that are commonly used in the Florida ac units are made from fiberglass insulation. Experts are of the opinion that breathing fiberglass particles is not good for health. At Air Quality Environmental Inc., the technicians carry out a thorough cleaning process that includes a special coating for preventing the fiberglass from breaking loose and stopping it from becoming airborne once the cleaning is over.

LoadUp Launches Nationwide Uber Style Junk Removal Service

LogoJunk removal is an age-old problem that has plagued households for centuries. When it comes time to get rid of old furniture, large objects, appliances and just general household junk, many people don't know where to turn and it ends up sitting around as an eye sore. LoadUp was founded to solve this issue once and for all. LoadUp is a new, on-demand junk removal service that makes it easier than ever to get rid of unwanted items. The service is quickly growing in popularity as word spreads about its benefits.

Tri-State Bio Recovery Cleaning Services Offers Affordable Death Scene Cleanup in Yonkers and White Plains

LogoImagine the gory sight after a bloody murder or suicide. The blood stain, bodily fluid, and other traces of crime are enough to faze the family of the victims. It is extremely difficult for the family to clean up the scene after such tragedy. The impact of murder or a crime can be so heavy that they can't concentrate on anything.