Environment Press Releases

Join the Energy Co-Op in Celebrating Earth Day

This Earth Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018, The Energy Co-op, will conduct energy awareness and education activities at two Philadelphia-area events: "The Party for the Planet," and "The Earth Day Festival." The Co-op is a nonprofit member-owned cooperative that provides renewable energy to thousands of homes and businesses in Pennsylvania.

Tri-State Bio Recovery, Inc. in Scranton and Harrisburg Offers Professional Blood Clean Up Services

LogoTri State Bio Recovery, Inc. offers specialized services for blood cleanup and bodily fluid cleanup related to homicides, accidents, and suicides. The main objective of the company is to eliminate the physical evidence of these events while treating the family members with the utmost compassion and care. Eventually, the company restores the work or home environment to a hygienic condition that nurtures closure and healing for the occupants.

Tri State Bio Recovery, Inc. in Allentown and Harrisburg Answers All Need for Quick Crime Scene Clean Up

LogoTri State Bio Recovery, Inc. as the most trusted provider of biohazard remediation and crime scene cleaning offers an unmatched level of service and expertise. The main aim of the company is to reinstate normality to people as soon as possible by removing every bit of criminal activity from their offices, or homes.

Colorpro Carpetology Launches New Website

LogoCarpet cleaning company in Tyler, Texas, Colorpro Carpetology, is pleased to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website. The new site, www.gocolorpro.com, aims to make customers experience easier with the addition of various new features. Colorpro offers the same fantastic services and now with a convenient, user-friendly website.

Big Win for Reforestation in Amazon Jungle

LogoDesecrated virgin forests located in South America are benefiting massively from the Reforestation Movement lead by AloeTerra, Inc.

Insite Advice Adds Missouri Poison Center to Client Portfolio

LogoInsite Advice announces the addition of its newest client, Missouri Poison Center (MPC). The United States sanctions 55 poison centers across the country in various regions. These aren't necessarily government-run facilities; many are privately-run, but have received federal funding to enhance and stabilize the system. In the state of Missouri, the designated location is the Missouri Poison Center (MPC), located at the non-profit facility SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis. The Center provides a 24-hour emergency hotline service for the entire state of Missouri, educational materials for adults and children, and extensive information on poison prevention. In 2018, the Missouri Poison Center will join forces with Insite Advice to upgrade its already efficient platform to reach more Missourians.

Professional Tank & Environmental Provides Residents with Soil Remediation Services

LogoProperty owners who are concerned about the environmental impact that their underground tank is having on their property or are worried that their tank may have a leak that is affecting the surrounding soil are encouraged to give Professional Tank & Environmental a call today.

Kirloskar Solar Offers the Best Deals on Rooftop Solar Panel Solutions in Ahmedabad

LogoKirloskar Solar is one of the renowned companies in Ahmedabad offering power generation source for both commercial and residential needs. Rooftop solar panels are one of the popular products of this company. It has a team of expert professionals who are specialized in this job. With their skill and relevant experience in the field, they can install these panels in the open terrace in the right manner.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Is Exterminating Rats and Rodents in the Winter of 2018

A pet-friendly and full-service pest exterminator, Johnny Bugs, Inc. is entering the winter of 2018 on a mission to eliminate rats and other rodents. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., the exterminators only utilize the least toxic products as they root out rats, mice, and pests. One of the safest rodent exterminator services in the Sarasota County area, the company minimizes its usage of pesticides, following label directions strictly and professionally at every instance.

Bio Clean Provides Medical Waste Disposal in Seattle, Washington

LogoBio Clean is a highly respected company that provides medical waste disposal in Seattle and nearby communities like Tacoma, Renton, and Redmond. They also provide the service to clients in the state capital of Olympia, Washington, which is about 60 miles from Seattle. This company was founded by Theresa Borst in 1998, and they have built their business over the years through the positive reputation that they have established.

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd Produces Advanced Range Hydrogen Water Bottle and Jug at Affordable Rates

Environmental degradation is one of the most pressing issues in the modern day world. It is not a recent issue, to begin with as the onset of the industrial revolution marked the beginning of deteriorating conditions of the environment. The puff of black smoke after the first steam engine was turned on created the path for degrading conditions of air. Since then, pollution of groundwater and saturation of air with harmful particulate matter is an ever-lasting issue. With the expansion of industries, city limits were also expanded reducing the green covering of the earth to a bare minimum.

Wildlife Crisis in Zimbabwe Continues; Baby Elephants Shipped to China

Johnny Rodrigues, founder and chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force had to flee Zimbabwe. After several death threats and a threatening visit from an official from the Chinese President Xi Jingping government.

WRS Dumpster Rental Provides Fast Service and Affordable Rates on Roll-off Dumpsters

In the industry of construction and remodeling, businesses don't have time to be held back waiting for the supplies necessary to complete a job. That's why WRS Dumpster Rental provides its clients throughout the Delaware Valley with fast service and affordable rates on all roll-off dumpster rentals.

Choice MedWaste Provides Superior Customer Service

Business owners and healthcare managers who are searching for a more personal option when it comes to their biohazard waste disposal in Philadelphia, PA are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste to learn more about their superior commitment to customer service.

Junk Rescue Is Soaring Into the New Year Donating to Local Charities

Home, business, and estate owners in New Jersey rely on the heroism of Junk Rescue to rid them of excess. With deep roots in the soils and highways of New Jersey, the Junk Rescue crews work hard every day to give back to their communities. An exceptional junk removal service in the Gloucester County area, they're continuing to donate what they salvage to local charities throughout the new year.

Sgt. Scrap Offers Scrap Metal Pickups to Start 2018

Home or business owners who are looking to begin 2018 with a fresh space are encouraged to give Sgt. Scrap a call to schedule a scrap metal pickup or rent one of their roll-off containers in Camden County. Scrap metal pickups from Sgt. Scrap make it easier to clean out a cluttered workspace or yard, and provides the client with top-dollar rates for their metal.

Colorado Porta Potty Rentals for Construction Sites and Portable Toilets for Denver and the Colorado Front Range

LogoS & B Porta Bowl are premier providers of site services across the Colorado Front Range. The experienced staff are able to advise the best solutions and can arrange Colorado porta potty rentals from Fort Collins, to Denver, to Colorado Springs, to Pueblo. Construction sites may be short-term or long-term projects, either way, provision of construction site portable toilets make the workplace a more comfortable space to work in. Units may be grouped together or, when the project stretches across a large area, the optimal solution may be to divide units between different areas. For projects which shift over time, such as work on infrastructure construction on highways, units can be progressively moved along the project so they are always in a convenient area. For portable restroom solutions when the units remain in situ for a while, regular servicing cleans and restocks the porta potty.

MXI Environmental Services Awarded Town of Riverhead NY Household Hazardous Waste Contract for 2018

LogoThe New Year started off on a good note for MXI Environmental Services, a national Hazardous Waste Management Firm based out of Abingdon, VA. On January 2nd MXI was notified that the company was awarded the bid for Removal of Household Hazardous Waste for the Town of Riverhead NY. This was the first Household Hazardous Waste (typically referred to as "HHW") contract awarded to the company this year.

MXI Environmental Services Awarded Town of Riverhead NY Household Hazardous Waste Contract for 2018

LogoThe New Year started off on a good note for MXI Environmental Services, a national Hazardous Waste Management Firm based out of Abingdon, VA. On January 2nd MXI was notified that the company was awarded the bid for Removal of Household Hazardous Waste for the Town of Riverhead NY. This was the first Household Hazardous Waste (typically referred to as "HHW") contract awarded to the company this year.

Achieve Excellent Results by Hiring an Experienced Office Cleaning Professional with Cleanosaur

LogoCleanosaur, a groundbreaking web and mobile application, offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use search platform that allows customers to find and hire the right cleaning professionals instantly for their office cleaning tasks. Backed with innovative features like GPS, Cleanosaur is not just limited to customers, it also allows local professionals to create their profiles and get jobs as per their expertise. It's the result of its one-of-a-kind features that today Cleanosaur is the first choice of many office owners in Texas, when it comes to hiring experienced office cleaning professionals in their locality or town. Individuals looking for cost-effective office cleaning services in Dallas, TX, can install Cleanosaur right away, create their profile, search office cleaning services near me, select an appropriate professional, send a request, and make the payment for their services.

Get Pest Control Services at GreenLeaf Pest Control

LogoGreenLeaf Pest Control is a pest control company that offers residential and commercial pest control services. The firm uses Integrated and Environmental pest management systems for effective and eco-conscious control of pests. The company has earned an enviable reputation and loyal clientele base since they provide high-quality, dependable pest control services, exceed the set industry ideals, offer excellent customer service, and value their clients.

Accelerated Remediation Offers Proven Solutions to All Health Issues Due to Black Mold Contamination

LogoIt makes sense to get in touch with Accelerated Remediation, the proven leader of mold removal in Pompano Beach and Delray Beach Florida. Their expertise is not limited to the area mentioned above though. The company undertakes every responsibility to address all mold-related issues occurring in the middle of hot and humid conditions prevalent in Florida.

Accelerated Remediation Wins Recognition as the Leader of Mold Remediation in Boca Raton and Parkland Florida

LogoThe company not only offers to clean every nook and corner effectively but also arrests the growth of harmful molds. Accelerated Remediation has been in operation since 2004 and is now admittedly the best company that handles destructive mold proliferation with ease thereby preventing damage to property.

Tri-County Cleaning Services Offers Affordable Professional Office Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida

LogoNo one can deny the importance of a clean office, It is the first step to success. It is not just desired by the employees but also clients who come in for a visit. Having cleaning staff for regular office cleaning is fine, but they will never come up with the professional cleanliness that is brought by the professionals at Tri-County Cleaning Services. There is another reason for opting professional help regarding office cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. Tri-County Cleaning Services has been doing this for long, and they are the one trusted company for carrying out the job too.

SunDancer, the New Energy System Proudly Announces Their Kickstarter Campaign

SunDancer, a hybrid clean energy system that is designed to run 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, proudly announces their Kickstarter campaign. They are a new form of solar power that uses energy from the sun and switches to synthetic natural gas made from trash when sun energy goes out.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Is Taking New Customers in Need of Cleaning Services in and Around Doylestown, PA

LogoBusy professionals don't always have the time to clean their homes. With tight schedules and packed calendars, there's often little time left to squeeze in house cleaning. Luckily, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is taking new customers in need of cleaning services in and around Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is an industry leader when it comes to providing top-notch cleaning services and stellar customer care.