Environment Press Releases

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon Hold Annual Open House for Local Community

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon, California's Leading Recycler of Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze, will hold their annual community open house on Saturday, August 6th from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the DeMenno-Kerdoon facility, 2000 North Alameda Street, in Compton. Members of the local community are invited to join in for a morning of food, fun, giveaways, and an opportunity to tour the DeMennoKerdoon facility and learn more about a company that does things right in everything it does.

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon Hold Annual Open House for Local Community

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon, California's Leading Recycler of Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze, will hold their annual community open house on Saturday, August 6th from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the DeMenno-Kerdoon facility, 2000 North Alameda Street, in Compton. Members of the local community are invited to join in for a morning of food, fun, giveaways, and an opportunity to tour the DeMennoKerdoon facility and learn more about a company that does things right in everything it does.

OUTXPRO New Product Launch: The Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper

OUTXPRO™ introduced its new Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper at a special press release meeting. A powerful bug killing device, it controls a variety of flying and biting bugs without chemicals that can be harmful to kids, adults and pets.

British Company Uses Japanese Knotweed Treatments to Help Homeowners Remove & Eradicate the Plant That's Eating Britain

Japanese knotweed removal company, Environet has today announced their range of Japanese knotweed treatments designed to kill and eradicate this invasive plant from homes across the country. Knotweed has been branded by The Sunday Times as "The Plant That's Eating Britain" due to the aggressive nature of this species.

Help People Worldwide Gain Access to Clean Water with 'Waterforeveryone'

LogoWaterforeveryone, a comprehensive and innovative Open and Inclusive Community Platform designed to promote collaboration of ideas, commitment, support, and financial backing of providing access to clean water for everyone worldwide, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for spreading awareness and encouraging donations to officially complete the platform.

EcoArt Infrared Heating Panels Offer Functionality, Beauty and Efficiency

Gone are the days when indoor and outdoor space heaters used to take up a lot of space, look unattractive and their performance still left a lot to be desired. EcoArt Infrared Heating has mastered the art of infrared heating through their functional, beautiful and efficient heating panels. They are fire-safe, undetectable noise emission, dust and odor free. They never dry the air and heat directly. EcoArt has a wide range of indoor and outdoor infrared heaters, including their outdoor infrared patio heater with easy installation, easy maintenance and a slim and light design.

GetSolarPrices.co.uk Supports the New Solar Panels Cost Schemes Approved by the European Government

LogoGetSolarPrices.co.uk, the trusted and most reliable solar panels cost calculator in the United Kingdom supports the three new schemes that were deemed approved by the European government. The primary and utmost goal of GetSolarPrices.co.uk is to help prospect solar panel users to snag the best solar panel deals in the United Kingdom. This is the reason why the whole team behind the success of GetSolarPrices.co.uk supports the solar panel schemes that were presented earlier this month.

GetSolarPrices.co.uk Reveals a New Technique to Make Large and Flexible Solar Panels

LogoGetSolarPrices.co.uk, one of the most trusted and reliable solar panel prices quote and calculator website in the United Kingdom reveals that there is a new technique or method that can be used in order to make larger and more flexible solar panel units. GetSolarPrices.co.uk has a long list of solar panel suppliers and distributors inside and outside of the United Kingdom making the website a one-stop provider of accurate solar panel prices quote. In order to provide the best solar panel units and deals for the clients and customers, GetSolarPrices.co.uk ensures that the website is up to date with the latest and trendiest news about solar panels.

Tekstiilipesurit.fi Unveiled 2016 New Collection of Steam Cleaners Designed for Effective Pollen Cleaning

Tekstiilipesurit.fi, a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality home and office cleaning products, recently unveiled its latest collection of steam cleaners that are highly effective in cleaning pollen, according to the manufacturers.

Group for the East End Raises over $570,000 to Protect East End Environment

LogoOn Saturday, June 18, 2016, Group for the East End, joined by actor Richard Kind, hosts Stéphane Samuel & Robert M. Rubin and co-chairs Katherine & Marco Birch, held their annual benefit, Swing into Summer. The event took place at The Bridge, noted as being the gold standard for environmentally conscious golf courses in New York State. Over 200 guests helped raise more than $570,000 to help protect the East End environment, with a focus on protecting local bays, harbors and drinking water.

Gecko Pest Control Helps Chico Residents Safeguard Their Homes & Offices

LogoEarly and mid-Spring is often the most vulnerable time for homes, gardens, and corporate offices to "come under attack" of unwanted visitors like ants, bees, and spiders. May homeowners and business owners do not realize they have a pest problem until it is too late – when spotting a few ants turns into discovering their property is infested. One local company urges residents throughout the Chico and surrounding regions to reach out early in the season to take care of pests before they become an infestation problem. Gecko Pest Control specializes in providing pest deterrent and extermination solutions using quality, safe, organic pesticides.

Embassy Carpet Cleaners: Carpet Cleaning Services Dirty Secrets Exposed

When searching for a quality carpet cleaner, keep in mind that not all carpet cleaning services are created equal or operate the same, according to Steve Ford, an IICRC certified master carpet cleaner and head of Embassy Carpet Cleaners, the premier Irvine, California family owned company that has been business since 1985.

Go Green This Summer Vacation

LogoThe rising importance of protecting the environment in the public consciousness has caused a wide range of changes in how people live their lives, with an excellent example being the recent rise of green travel. Like its name suggests, green travel means traveling while also striving to minimize the environmental impact from traveling, thus balancing personal rest and relaxation with a commitment to shared responsibilities.

Forensics Europe Expo 2017

Experts from several scientific sectors around the globe are gearing up for the Forensics Europe Expo, running from the 3rd to the 4th of May 2017 at the renowned and prestigious Olympia, London.

Summer Hauls Bring Uncluttered Falls at the Recycling Company

In the Mid-Atlantic U.S., summer is arriving. Warm weather is rolling into the region and with it, businesses are already preparing for the first fiscal quarter of the year. In the inevitable downtime that June, July and August bring, CEO's, CTO's and other management professionals are going to be looking around the office for new ways to convert their existing space into something a bit more efficient.

Leaf Tree Surgeons Projected Increased Customer Orientation with New Tailor-Made Packages

Leaf Tree Surgeons, a trusted suburban tree surgeon, rather a group of tree surgeons sharing a common interest, recently demonstrated increased customer orientation as the company launched three different tailor-made service packages for their present and prospective clients. The fully insured and specialist tree surgeons recently announced three different packages, namely Tree Package 1, Mid Range Package and Deluxe Tree Package for their clients.

Staying Safe from Pests, the Natural Way

Those who want to stay safe from pests may be happy about the news that Treebark Termite and Pest Control offers five-star protection absolutely without any hassles. The company says that those who utilize their services can save their money as well.

Filtersmart.com Launches Innovative Water Treatment Solution

Filtersmart.com, which is one of the leading companies for offering water treatment solutions, has recently announced the launch of its new range of salt free water softeners. According to the information provided at the site, the company has been started with an aim to change the water treatment industry. The information provided at the site added that its company endeavors to create water treatment systems that are healthy and sustainable as well.

Sensaphone Introduces Three New Sensors to Monitor Water Quality

LogoSensaphone, a nationwide manufacturer of remote monitoring solutions, recently introduced three new environmental monitoring sensors to their product line. These sensors are designed specifically to measure oxidation-reduction potential, toroidal conductivity and pH in applications where monitoring water quality is crucial, such as water treatment and wastewater facilities. Each sensor is compatible with most monitoring systems from Sensaphone and alerts facility operators when the conditions being measured fall outside of a set range so that corrective action can be taken.

Pazeto Cleaning Service's Attention to Detail Unmatched

LogoPazeto Cleaning Service provides stellar home cleaning in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Over eight years, they have developed a reputation for quality and reliability and are unmatched in their attention to detail.

With Summer Pests in Full Force, 'Top Pest Control of Los Angeles" Is Offering Free Estimates

It's that time of year. Insects, rodents, pests, and hidden nuisances spring to life and increase their home invasion activity tenfold. A common occurrence in communities countrywide, Top Pest Control of Los Angeles is responding to the mounting panic and pest control demand with free estimates.

UK Based Log Supplier Offers Environmentally Sound, Longer Lasting Firewood That Meets Europe Standards

LogoSupplying quality kiln dried hardwoods for residential and commercial customers UK Logs for Sale are raising the bar for better burning fuel in Britain. Supplying varying woods including ash logs and birch logs the company has taken the unprecedented step in following European counterparts in eco-friendly firewood production.

Actor Richard Kind Emcees Benefit for Group for the East End

LogoOn Saturday, June 18, 2016 over 250 guests will gather at The Bridge in Bridgehampton to help raise much-needed funds for the East End environment. The focus of this year's fundraising is the state of water quality in the region.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms Now Offer a Wide Range of Restroom Trailers on Rent for Outdoor Gatherings

LogoS & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms, a leading provider of portable toilet rental services, is now providing restroom trailers on rent at the most competitive rates. Their portable restroom trailers are the perfect solution for any outdoor event or construction site where comfort and versatility are required. The company is able to provide these restroom trailers in numerous sizes, floor plans and finishes to meet the varied needs of their clients.

Documentary Film "The Rainforests Are Under Threat"

LogoJérôme Dolbert, who is a Director, Producer and Cinematographer has developed a documentary depicting how the Rainforests of Peru are Under Threat due to excessive deforestation and how it is impacting the wildlife there. Dolbert has worked for some of the most well known media houses in Europe and has earned a lot of accolade for his works.

Rightway Waterproofing Co Fights Toxic Molds

Rightway Waterproofing Co., one of the biggest mold removal companies in New Jersey, is raising awareness of toxic molds that are cultivated due to moisture entering the home. This commonly overlooked issue is a serious concern for residents of the tri-state area because of the side effects that can be caused when people and animals ingest this harmful bacteria. Renters and owners in need of a basement waterproofing contractor around NJ have turned to Rightway Waterproofing Co.

Leading Mold Removal Company Surpasses EPA Certified Services with Environment Friendly Approach

It has been reported that with the rise in the number of residential homes, more and more numbers of people are looking for a cleaner living environment. The health department has further reported the fact that most of the kids reported sick are caused by exposure to unhygienic surroundings at home.