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The Avanti Company Sponsors Florida Water Daily

Florida Water Daily is run by former consulting engineer and hydrogeologist Jim Tully and is focused on all things dealing with water, including the State of Florida's elaborate system of potable, wastewater, and ground, and surface water. Through the website and the newsletter, professionals can stay on top of new industry events, solutions, and developments as well as recent initiatives being spearheaded by agencies on the local, state and federal level.

The Avanti Company Sponsors Florida Water Daily

Florida Water Daily is run by former consulting engineer and hydrogeologist Jim Tully and is focused on all things dealing with water, including the State of Florida's elaborate system of potable, wastewater, and ground, and surface water. Through the website and the newsletter, professionals can stay on top of new industry events, solutions, and developments as well as recent initiatives being spearheaded by agencies on the local, state and federal level.

Duncraft Donates to Rotary Club's Bird Seed Wreath Fundraiser

LogoWith the holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 1,200 handmade bird seed wreaths to the local Rotary Club for their annual wreath fundraiser. The Sargent at Arms at Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club, Mike Dunn uses his resources to provide for charities throughout New England.

Droyd Industries Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Green Energy Alpha Particle Battery and Generator Production

LogoJohn Droy of Droyd Industries has invented, tested, and patented a new energy technology that is green and relatively harmless. In order to start his business in Scotland to promote and produce alpha particle batteries and generators, Droy has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

August and Company Ltd Releases New Brochure to Showcase Septic Tanks to Consumers

Many homes require septic tanks to process their waste safely without being connected to the grid. August and Company Ltd creates septic tanks, and began life in Lithuania before creating a permanent base in Ireland. As part of their transition, they have also expanded the sale of their high quality, eco-friendly septic tanks for individuals and homeowners as well as commercial clients. They have just published a brochure on their website (www.biopro.ie) espousing the benefits of their patented biopro design.

Custodial Services and Building Maintenance from Mac's Janitorial Services

LogoMac's Janitorial Services is one of the leading cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, and its surrounding areas. For over 45 years, the company has been providing local businesses and residential complexes a wide range of custodial and maintenance service options like window washing, carpet cleaning and more.

Keeping Clean Is the Ultimate Way to Optimise the Workplace: Top Cleaners Comments

Recent research carried out by Initial Hygiene has revealed some interesting attitudes to workplace hygiene and cleanliness. In a survey, it was found that 43% of women believed that their male colleagues were unhygienic and did not wash their hands. There was evident difference in gender attitudes however – as 89% of men were shown to believe that their female colleagues washed their hands. The survey appears part of rising interest in optimising working conditions, especially in terms of health and cleanliness.

Scottish Wildlife Crime Falls by 20%: Just BB Guns Comments

According to Scottish Land and Estates, figures of crime against wildlife in the country seem to be falling. This is from reflecting over the figures of the annual wildlife crime report 2013-14, as well as related data. This has been received positively by many, including air gun retailers such as Just BB guns, who promote the safe and legal use of air weapons – whilst being firmly against the illegal poaching of animals.

Experience Janitorial Broadens Range to Anaheim

40-year veterans of the commercial cleaning industry, Experience Janitorial Services, Inc. has recently announced that they've expanded their service area to the city of Anaheim in Southern California. Like their expert commercial cleaning services in other cities, Anaheim is a big step for the company, which enjoys great success within the janitorial services industry. "Continued growth for our company is a welcome sight," says Ric Lerma, president of the firm.

OrangeFlood.com Reports Daily Flooding May Be an Issue for Washington, DC

The Union of Concerned Scientists recently reported Washington, DC will see daily floods by 2045. Currently, the city experiences 50 or fewer days of tidal or nuisance flooding each year, but this number is expected to rise every year until it reaches the daily flooding stage. Regardless of whether the city floods one day a year or 365 days, residents and businesses need to know where to turn for commercial water restoration or when they experience a flooded basement emergency. Orange Flood Water Restoration Company can be of assistance in either situation.

Dynamic Recycling, LLC Announces a Comprehensive Recycling Process

LogoA part of the MXI Environmental Services, LLC, Dynamic Recycling, LLC is one of the leading providers of ethanol disposal, unsaleable product destruction and beverage recycling. With more than 55 years of experience in waste management, Dynamic Recycling, LLC specializes in finding cost-effective ways to manage their customers' manufacturing waste streams and stocks of unsaleable packaged goods. They work with a wide array of industries, ranging from health & beauty and beverage industries to the pharmaceutical industry, and they are equipped to handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste recycling alike at competitive pricing.

MXI Maumee Express Inc. Provides Environmental Consulting and Legal Assistance

LogoFounded in 1960, MXI Maumee Express Inc. provides universal and industrial waste disposal management services in a wide array of ways from household hazardous waste collections and industrial disposal to field and emergency response assistance. They also offer hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation services, always using their own fully trained and licensed professionals who can be counted on for safe and reliable service. MXI Maumee Express Inc. has been an approved GSA waste management service since 2011, and their mission to provide state-of-the-art sustainable disposal services for private and public sectors alike continues through always looking to improve every aspect of every process.

Creator of Pikapoo Scoopers Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoPikapoo is an innovative solution to  scooping dog waste that keeps the hands clean and provides a biodegradable alternative to plastic bags.  All Continental, Inc., the creator of Pikapoo has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the advertising and distribution of these innovative cardboard boxes that allow dog owners to quickly and safely clean up after their pets.

IT's National Recycling Day November 15, 2015 - A Reminder from Miller Recycling Corporation

LogoMiller Recycling Corporation celebrates National Recycling Day not just on November 15th, but every day. Randy Miller, president of the 70-year-old company, says "we have always strived to minimize our carbon footprint by instilling processes that emphasized efficiency and sustainability. The company has taken steps including the installation of energy efficient lighting and motor controllers, and in 2013 installed a 300kW 1200 panel roof mounted solar array at our Mansfield facility." The system generates enough electricity to power 30 average homes, and is utilized by the facility to offset up to 90% of its own traditional energy needs. The system will annually eliminate over a half million pounds of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing over 70 cars from the road.

Fresh and Clear Launches New Website to Promote Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos was a popular building material in the 1980s until it was found to be highly damaging to humans thanks to the millions of microscopic "fibrils" that are released when the material is subject to abrasion or other corrosion. This has resulted in the longest and most expensive legal action in history, but the material is still found in old buildings throughout the world to this day. Fresh and Clear are an asbestos treatment and removal company in Perth, Australia, and they have launched a new website to make safe removal easier than ever.

BC Cleaning Specialists Offers Interior and Exterior Services for Health and Safety

LogoFor many, this is the season for spring cleaning and Brett McGrath, owner of BC Cleaning Specialists, has the experience and expertise to clean homes, commercial, business and industrial properties inside and out. The company's reputation is known throughout Melbourne and the firm is the winner of the Word of Mouth Service Award for three consecutive years.

Everyday Pest Control Announces Free, No Obligation Quotes

LogoEveryday Pest Control announced that the firm is offering free price estimates and no obligation quotes to assist individuals manage their termite control needs. The company utilizes Altriset®, a unique termiticide that stops termite damage within a few hours following application and continues to work for up to nine years.

Bed Bug Exterminator Denver Launches New Website to Promote Denver Pest Control Services

Fall is in full swing and winter is almost here, and the animal kingdom is looking for refuge through the coldest months of the year. This drives many insects toward the relative warmth and comfort of people's homes, and infestations spike. This can cause serious problems thanks to the ongoing bedbug epidemic, which sees individuals preyed upon and bitten in their sleep, leaving them with nasty itches and rashes. Bed Bug Exterminator Denver specializes in removing these pests, and has launched a new website to help the people of Denver find their affordable and effective pest control services.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Underground Oil Tank Removal in Delaware County, PA This Fall

LogoHomeowners located in Delaware County, PA, trying to find a company that offers underground oil tank removal can turn to Professional Tank & Environmental this November. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are now offering underground oil tank removal in Delaware County, PA, throughout the rest of the fall 2015 season. Individuals who would like to get in touch with Professional Tank & Environmental can call 215-720-1964, or fill out a contact form on the company's website, www.professionaltank.com.

Blue Sphere Projects Development Progress

Blue Sphere Corp(the "Company" or "Blue Sphere"), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, announced today that two waste-to-energy plants under construction in the United States with its joint venture partner are nearing completion.

Dynamic Recycling, LLC Announces Their Facility Provides 100% Ethanol Recycling

LogoDynamic Recycling, LLC is a division of MXI Environmental LLX that concentrates on ethanol recycling and the disposal and destruction of other unsaleable products. They have more than 50 years of experience in the recycling and waste management business, and have become the leading provider of ethanol disposal and recycling services. With their reputation as a reliable company with superior processing abilities, they continue to grow, and are about to order a new primary plant in Bristol, TN, that will increase their capability by 200%.

Easily Green Announces New Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions to Austrailian Based Businesses

LogoOne of the most expensive, yet fundamentally important expenses of running a business is maintaining electricity. The cost of electricity from major electric companies typically increases every year, but one Australian based company seeks to aid local, large-scale commerce companies and small businesses in reducing their power generating expenses with a new solar solution. Easily Green, a 40-year old family owned business in Sydney, Australia, announced the launch of a new, state-of-the-art solar solution system that can help Australia based businesses save a significant amount of money throughout the life of the system.

EnviroSolutions Announces New President and CEO

LogoRegional waste management company, EnviroSolutions, Inc, is proud to announce a new addition to its team with the ascension of Dean Kattler to the company's helm as President and Chief Executive Officer. Delivering an array of solid waste collection services to the United States Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions, EnviroSolutions is happy to have Kattler's quarter-of-a-century of experience in the waste disposal industry.

Sensaphone Announces Upgrade to the FGD-1800 Monitoring System

LogoTo ensure a successful harvest, farmers need to monitor nature's conditions to prevent any issues from occurring to their cultivation processes. The development of advanced technology over the years has led to the production of instrument devices that assist farmers with monitoring their agricultural products more closely. Greenhouses and agricultural industries across the nation have relied on the FGD-1800 Monitoring System from Sensaphone, the Remote Monitoring Solutions Company, to observe their facilities where dust or moisture can cause a problem. But soon, companies will be able to upgrade to a new version of the system, which will be available in mid-December.

Nature Cups Introduces 100% Recyclable K-Cup

LogoNature Cups is now introducing 100% Recyclable K-Cup for people who have the passion in drinking a cup of coffee.

Whitehouse Landscaping Providing Patio Services to Chester County, PA

LogoContrary to popular belief, patio season is year-round, and not relegated to only the months of June, July and August! With the right installations, such as heat lamps and fire pits, patios can be an excellent source of family time and outdoor entertainment in every season.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, Announces Availability of Construction Clean-Up

LogoConstruction can get surprisingly messy and, at the end of the day, there's likely nothing that construction crews or those attempting home improvement projects want to do less than spend a lot of time doing clean-up work. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, one of the best cleaning companies in Bucks County, has announced that it is now providing post-construction cleanup to ensure the safety and cleanliness of a work zone, with no extra effort on the part of those completing the construction work.