Environment Press Releases

Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Elementary Schools

The Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture issued a Decree on January 31, 2017, marked "urgent" to all Directors of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, with specific measures to eliminate and minimize wireless radiation exposure to children in schools. "We have taken the decision to have the wireless network Wi-Fi disabled in all Public kindergartens in Cyprus," reads the Decree. Wireless is to be removed from all Cyprus kindergartens, and wireless installations have been halted in elementary schools and limited to administrative offices.

UK Sees New Laws Regarding Rodenticide: Sports Guns Comments

To purchase professional rodenticide packs, people are now required to have approved certificates – This is due to a new law that was introduced in the UK on October 1st. To purchase rodenticide people must now be able to prove membership of farm assurance schemes because of attempts to reduce residues in wildlife and in turn ultimately protect the UK's much loved wildlife.

Comet Research Group Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Help Protect Cities Around the World from Killer Comets

LogoIt is extremely disturbing to know that Earth is directly in the path of about 500,000 asteroids and comets. Unfortunately, NASA and other space agencies don't know the location of 498,000 of them! Yet, these killer comets are capable of causing explosions far worse than the world's largest atomic bombs. Chelyabinsk, a small city in Russia, experienced such as incident in 2013 that seriously injured around fifteen hundred people. NASA warns that an asteroid named Bennu may hit Earth within a few decades. If so, the impact would be powerful enough to destroy any one of the world's largest cities.

Solar Lights and Climate Change: Switching from CFLs to Solar Lighting Creates Substantial Measurable Impact on CO2 Emissions

Human-induced climate change has far-reaching impacts across the globe. From acidification of the Ocean resulting in decreased organic viability to melting ice-caps producing rising sea levels, anthropogenic climate change has the capacity to alter the global landscape and affect billions of lives in the next century.

Medicam Limited Announces Acquisition of Mineral Water Rights and Intentions to Bottle the Purest Water on Earth Brand VolcanicSprings

Medicam Limited Reg#M041300046246J ("Medicam" or the "Company"), an innovative investment and development company headquartered in Douala, announces the award of mineral water rights by the Ministry of Water end Electricity Authorization Decree – 000901/MINEE/SG/DE 2014. The Company plans to build its warehouse and drill on the slope of Mount Cameroun located in the South West region of Cameroon.

GRUCGSA Pallets Launches a New Website for Its Wooden Pallets Products and Services

GRUCGSA Pallets announced the launch of a new website www.grucgsapallets.com to cater to its Wooden Pallets Products and Recycling services. Based on the values of the company, the core idea is to enhance the customer experience starting on its website.

"Get Stumped" Trivia Game Tests Customers of Rick's Expert Tree Service

LogoRick's Expert Tree Service is the original Rick's in Bucks County. In addition to providing tree removal in Richboro, PA, the company specializes in stump grinding and pruning in Bensalem, Bristol and beyond. They are beloved in the area due to their professional disposition, reliable scheduling, and affordable pricing. Rick's Expert Tree Service is also known for interacting with their local fans by releasing entertaining content such as blogs and lists. Recently, the company released a 10-question quiz, as part of their "Get Stumped" trivia game for their website visitors.

Supreme Restoration Services Inc. Joins the GUS Network in Windsor, Ontario

LogoJonathan Christensen, Director of Franchise Development of GUS (www.gus.ca) is proud to announce that Supreme Restoration (www.supremerestoration.ca) has successfully partnered with GUS to further expand the growing network of restoration companies. Supreme Restoration was founded in 2010 as a full-service, multi-faceted restoration and renovation company and its services have grown to include Asbestos Abatement & Marijuana Grow Op Remediation.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms Offers Trash Services for Clean and Healthy Locality

LogoOne of the most reputable companies for providing portable toilet rental services in the country, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms offers the best-quality trash services at the most competitive prices. Their roll offs and dumpsters can be used for many different types of applications from commercial job sites to weekend events. They supply dumpsters for large jobs requiring multiple containers or for a homeowner who needs just one to clean out the garage over a weekend. They also offer dumpsters for any size job. So, people who are looking for trash management services at their home, office, or other location can hire S & B to keep the locality clean, and well-maintained.

Initial Malaysia Aims to Cultivate Good Hygiene Practices Through Hygiene Detective Campaign

LogoInitial, the Experts in Hygiene services is bringing back its Hygiene Detective Campaign. It aims to highlight the differences between clean and hygienic as well as to educate the public on cross-contamination, especially at workplace.

Pest Control Company Introduces New Team to Work in Time Bound Manner

It has been reported that Dayton in Ohio is considered as one of the cleanest and nicest places in the entire world. It has been testified by so many of the residents in the area. However, the pest problem has been recently causing a lot of problems to the residents.

Choice MedWaste: The Preferred Medical Waste Disposal Expert

With over 25 years of experience, Choice MedWaste is the preferred source for everything and anything relating to medical waste. Their goal is to offer customers exceptional value while exceeding their expectations of the medical waste industry. They are licensed to provide cost-effective medical waste disposal services in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. From blood banks, private practices surgery centers, hospitals, labs and research facilities to funeral homes, dental offices, dialysis centers, barber shops and tattoo parlors, Choice Medwaste does it all.

Rick's Expert Tree Service Releasing Blog Addressing Warning Signs of Unhealthy Trees

LogoRick's Expert Tree Service is known for putting customers first. The company believes that it is important to educate homeowners and renters about landscaping and the importance of regular bush, tree, and shrub maintenance. The company is known as "The Original Rick's" of Bucks County because of their longstanding reputation that they earned through hard work and dedication to their community. In addition to offering helpful tree services around Southampton, PA, the company also releases entertaining blogs to educate and empower their customers about warning signs of unhealthy trees.

SWR Just Bins: Effective Disposal of Commercial Wastes

LogoThe waste collection and disposal is an important feature in the proper functioning of an industry irrespective of its size. Luckily for most industries, the national waste collection service on offer from SWR JustBins has proved to be a boon.

New Bioactive Carrier Now Available for Treating Waste Water Efficiently

For those who are looking for a bioactive carrier that can help them in treating waste water efficiently, the good news is that PingXiang LianChuang Environmental Protection Technology Co. LTD. is offering Mbbr media, a new bioactive carrier. Mbbr media, also called Kaldness media, works as a carrier for the growth and attachment of microorganisms that are directly put into the mbbr system, says PingXiang LianChuang Environmental Protection Technology Co. LTD.

Choose Rain, Inc Expanding Into China, Korea and Japan with Free Trade Agreements with the Aid of the Joondalup City Council and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia

LogoChoose Rain, Inc. (CHOS), through their Exclusive License Agreement with Cloudburst Distribution Pty Ltd (Cloudburst), has a manufacturing base in Australia giving it access to the WA North Asia Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China, Korea and Japan. Key members of the Australian base recently attended a one on one workshop at Edith Cowen University, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia to explore how to utilize this agreement and how to rapidly expand sales and export potential in these countries. The workshop will combine practical and technical aspects of:

Callidus Offers Water Analysis for Private Drinking Wells

There are plenty of health reasons why only high quality and professional water analysis services should be trusted for private drinking wells. Private well water that serves a single household can be contaminated by various harmful germs, bacteria and/or chemicals that can be injurious to the health of all those who consume it. Callidus is a provider of professional water analysis services and products that can help their clients identify the contaminants in their drinking water and protect their health.

Rick's Expert Tree Service Specializes in Safely Handling High-Risk Tree Removal

LogoRick's Expert Tree Service is an insured, original provider of tree extraction services across Philadelphia, PA, and Bucks County. The business and their employees are professional, trustworthy and friendly. Their website features a regularly updated blog to help keep their readers and clients informed and engaged. In their latest post, they discuss the importance of outsourcing difficult jobs for large tree removals. While some small jobs can be DIY work, most involved projects require an expert like Rick's.

Pazeto Cleaning Service Provides Fall Cleaning

LogoPazeto Cleaning Service provides comprehensive cleaning services for homes and offices this fall. With clients hosting Halloween parties, football and family parties, this leading Philadelphia maid service believes it is important to have thoroughly cleaned homes.

Japanese Knotweed Removal – How to Remove It Fast and Efficiently

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) is a non-native invasive plant which grows throughout the UK causing widespread damage to properties, roads and buildings. Knotweed can cause serious issues for property developers, home owners and landlords alike. Expert help and advice is needed to remove Japanese knotweed.

Be Eco-Friendly and Creative with the 3D Recycling Toolkit

LogoIn 2015, the 3D printing industry grew by one billion dollars. In 2016, what seemed to be a 2015 outlier happened again, leaving the nascent industry at a five billion dollar evaluation *. As a result of this growth, the use of 3D printers has skyrocketed, and the negative environmental impact of this printing has grown accordingly. To help counterbalancing progress weight and nature sustainability is the 3D Recycling machine set. The machine set includes a plastic shredder and an extruder, allowing any user to transform common wasted plastics into any design.

Ambient Water Comments on Successful Demonstration of Newest Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

LogoAmbient Water (OTCPink:AWGI), a leading innovator of atmospheric water generation systems for extracting water from humidity in the air, today commented on its recent successful demonstration of its newest atmospheric water generation technology, the newly launched model AW800, at an invitation-only event in Houston, Texas last week.

Japanese Approval for Intrinsically Safe EE300Ex Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been certified according to TIIS. The device, which already meets the relevant requirements for Europe and North America (ATEX, IECEx, FM), may now be employed in Japan as well. TIIS-certified EE300Ex devices can be obtained from the Japanese E+E sales partner TEKHNE Trading Co., Ltd.

Leading Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Explains Deep Water Culture

When it comes to hydroponics and Deep Water Culture (DWC) in particular many people often think that it is incredibly complicated and therefore opt to use other methods of growing instead. However, one hydroponics company has recently broken it don for all – explaining what DWC entails and allow for more and more people to understand.

Community Clean-Up Grants Offered for Local Dumpster Rental Go-Green Projects

LogoLooking to beautify a neighborhood or help out with a community's Go-Green Initiative? The Environment Protection Agency, (EPA) has announced that they have various grants and fund money available for local clean-up projects.

Book a Dumpster Rental in Fairfax Today

LogoCountless individuals make the decision to remodel their home each year. Unfortunately, many of those individuals overlook the importance of a dumpster rental in Fairfax. They assume that the project isn't going to be as involved as originally thought. However, that isn't typically the case. Any remodeling project is sure to generate a significant amount of trash. The best way to put an end to the refuse and keep everything under control is with the help of a dumpster rental in Fairfax.