Environment Press Releases

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation Is Transformed by Organic Sediment Removal Systems

One of the quickest ways to recognize the health and vitality of a park or nature center is to look to the water. The ponds, lakes, and streams of a particular region demonstrate the fish population and other water creatures. Obviously, the absence of a fish or other animal life is an indicator of a problem, and that was precisely the issue at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Elgin, Illinois just a few short months ago. Fortunately, they knew just who to call, and when Organic Sediment Removal Systems arrived on the scene, they were ready to help right away. A spring fed the connection of 10 small ponds, which had been plagued by sediment. Ultimately, the ponds were uninhabitable by the trout, requiring OSR to remove 2 feet of sediment, and effectively increase the ponds' water capacity by a whopping 200%.

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon Hold Annual Open House for Local Community

World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon, California's Leading Recycler of Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze, will hold their annual community open house on Saturday, August 6th from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the DeMenno-Kerdoon facility, 2000 North Alameda Street, in Compton. Members of the local community are invited to join in for a morning of food, fun, giveaways, and an opportunity to tour the DeMennoKerdoon facility and learn more about a company that does things right in everything it does.

Biomedicalwastesolutions.com Launches Reliable Medical Waste Disposal Services

Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes can consider the aforementioned website for any waste disposal solutions. Their Medical Waste Disposal New York services are believed to be comprehensive and they cover a number of regions in the city. From bio medical substances to other types of disposables, there is a need to deal with them in the right manner and this entity claims to be an expert in the niche.

Biomedicalwastesolutions.com Provides Services in Several Parts of New York

Picking up medical waste and disposing it in the correct manner is a task which the aforementioned website claims to have excelled in. They help many medical establishments in such solutions and ensure that all the norms that the regulatory bodies have laid down are followed without any compromises. They offer their services across the New York City and their price structure is competitive.

Bio Medical Waste Solution Offers Low Cost Waste Management Solutions

Bio Medical Waste Solutions now offers complete disposal of medical and bio hazardous waste in Albany. The company offers a range of services at affordable price rates and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Biomedicalwastesolutions.com Provides Competitively Priced and Certified Services

Medical establishments can consider the aforementioned website for picking up their bio-hazardous waste in a manner that has been prescribed by the governing bodies. Theirs is believed to be one of the better known names which offer services in several parts of USA. A convenient pickup schedule and the best treatment solutions have earned the interest of several entities in the Florida region.

Leading Waste Bin Designer Designs Bin with a Brain Built In

Leading waste bin designer Angus Carnie has developed a bin specifically for the clinical waste and the confidential shredding sectors that uses ultrasound to ensure the bins are never full!

Creater.com Launches Shared Office Spaces to Provide Eco-Friendly Options for Enterprises

In order to save infrastructure cost and other system related expenditures, business houses and IT enterprises can consider the aforementioned website for open spaces. These can be shared with other Companies and the cost for the same has been described as being competitive. There are many facilities that are included in these offices that can help entrepreneurs in their operations.

Round-the-Year Availability of Carbon Filter for Green House Promoting Production of Environmentally Sensitive Products

The problem of global warming is raising alarms all around the world, and industries are growing more sensitive towards the depleting environmental conditions on our planet. The release of the high amount of greenhouse gases due to industrial processes is also raising concerns globally. All these bring a critical challenge to help maintain a healthy and hygienic atmospheric condition inside buildings.

MXI Announces Sale of Industrial Grade Recycled Ethanol

MXI Environmental Services, one of the nation's leading environmental services companies, is announcing that the company will be selling industrial ethanol into the commercial market. The products include, but not limited to:

Bliss Cleaning Offers Safe and Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Widely-trusted and highly-recommended carpet cleaning service provider, Bliss Cleaning offers safe and effective carpet cleaning solutions at affordable rates. Bliss cleaning is widely-known for their comprehensive, high-tech solutions, and especially for their low-cost carpet cleaning in Crawley.

The Importance of Water Quality Testing Revealed

Nobody perhaps will disagree on the fact that there is no perfect water quality, unless there are treatments that will be made. Even the water that people drink, use for baths and use for their gardens are not the same water content and quality from their sources. People will not drink water that have the same clarity and taste as the ocean water, will they?

OUTXPRO New Product Release - Leather Repellent Bracelet

OUTXPRO™ sponsored a press release meeting for its new product the 5 piece Leather Repellent Bracelets. The bracelet comes in a variety of colors and can be worn by children or adults. The makers are expecting this to be one of their more popular sellers as it has a very organic and colorful design. It's non-toxic and can be used anywhere to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

Cannabis and Climate Change: How Industrial Hemp Can Help Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

LogoAs of today, there are currently three large wildfires in effect in Colorado. Reporting over 4,100 wildfires in 2012, Colorado sees on average 3,000 per year.

Composting Is Becoming a Critical Component of Green Lawn Care

LogoThe warm weather means that the grass has started sprouting, which in turn, means that homeowners have started spending more and more time on their lawns, to provide them with the care and maintenance that they need to look their best. However, the rising importance of environmentalism in the public consciousness is convincing more and more homeowners to adopt green lawn care practices. One particularly common example of green lawn care practices is composting, which helps with not just green lawn care, but also other green initiatives.

Alicia's Online Launches New Series on Prey and Predators in the Food-Web

The new series of articles is designed to provide insight into how the food-web works through aquatic and land animals as well as how they interact with each other. Access to the articles is free and presented to aid individuals gain knowledge about nature's natural food chain and which animals are considered prey and predator.

France's National Health Agency Calls for Reducing Children's Wireless Exposures

On July 8, the French National Agency of Health Security of Food, Environment and Labour (ANSES) published a new scientific report "Radiofrequency Exposure and the Health of Children". Concluding that children are more vulnerable to radio frequency (RF) wireless exposures, the French report recommends immediately reducing exposures to wireless radiation from all wireless devices for young children. Acknowledging the inadequacies of current outdated RF regulations, ANSES recommends strengthening RF exposure limits with child protective safety margins and developing more sophisticated premarket test methods to fully assess human exposures to RF radiation from wireless devices. The new report has made headlines across the country.

OUTXPRO New Product Release: Motion Activated Ultrasonic PIR Repeller

The leading distributor of pest repellers OUTXPRO™ released its newest product the Motion Activated Ultrasonic PIR Repeller Designed for those having trouble with unwanted animal intruders, this device has the power to repel stray cats, dogs, squirrels, deer, raccoon, skunk, fox, mice and rats to name a few. This ultrasonic sound device keeps property protected.

OUTXPRO Offers New Product Launch Discount for the Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper

OUTXPRO™ is offering a discount for the introduction launching of its new Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper. This is an effective insect killing device that controls flying and biting bugs and does so without harmful chemicals.

Detailed Alexapure Pro Review Explains How It Cleans Water from Impurities, Chemicals & Bacteria

There are numerous Americans who don't have an access to the source of clean and pure water. They have to drink tap water that may contain a variety of contaminants, harmful chemicals and deadly bacteria. The website Preppingpros.com reveals Alexapure Pro for the benefit of people who want clean water for safe drinking. The website presents a detailed review of this special filtration device that removes nearly 100% of impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses making water safe for drinking.

Manatee Holdings Ltd. Receives Committed to Engagement Award

Manatee Holdings Ltd., an aquaculture company, proudly announces that it has just received the Committed To Engagement Award for the action they have taken to improve engagement in their business.

ServiceMaster's Commercial Floor Cleaning Service Delivers Great Value to Charlotte Schools and Businesses

Professional commercial floor cleaning and other cleaning services are helping Charlotte area schools get more life from floors, equipment and furniture.

Save Time and Minimize Clutter This Summer with a Dumpster Rental

LogoNow that the weather is nicer outside, many people are making the decision to clean out clutter and organize their home. One of the best ways to do this is with a dumpster rental. Millions of pounds of garbage are thrown out each year. While much of the garbage ends up in the landfills, that isn't the case with all of it. Many people end up throwing their old items out to the curb and hope it gets picked up by someone in need of the item or their local garbage collector.

Cleaning Up Communities, One Dumpster at a Time

LogoDumpster container rentals can be used for all of types of dumping and waste material container needs, and local companies such as Speedy Dumpster Rentals offer several sizes and styles of dumpster containers to fit most dumping and waste management uses. It is beneficial to the consumer and the community to use a dumpster container for anything from household project clean up, to large scale construction site waste maintenance.

Be Amazed Carpet Cleaning & Services Introduces Commercial Janitorial Services

Be Amazed Carpet Cleaning & Services, a full-service Wichita-based carpet cleaning, installation, and repair company with years of combined experience in the Wichita cleaning industry, this week announced they have added commercial janitorial services for Wichita, as well as surrounding areas, to their service lineup.

OUTXPRO Announces New Product Launch: The Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper

OUTXPRO™ has launched and is getting solid reviews for its new Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper. It's a bug killing device that controls flying insects without the use of dangerous chemical sprays, lotions and foggers.

Biomedicalwastesolutions.com Provides Safe Solutions for Medical Waste Disposal

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical establishments can consider the aforementioned website for Medical Waste Disposal in California. Their services are spread across several areas and they have been described as a reliable name in this niche. It is important to be compliant with the rules and regulations laid down in specific regions and their waste disposal methods are believed to follow all of them.