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EnviroShield from JAN-PRO of Central Indiana Disinfects Against Flu Season Damages to Employees and Profits

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Largo, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- With its proprietary EnviroShield™, JAN-PRO of Central Indiana provides an eco-friendly answer to keeping employees healthy throughout flu season. JAN-PRO, a national commercial cleaning company, developed this disinfecting system to completely sanitize every office surface, which has proven to minimize the spread of illness.

According to the CDC, flu activity normally peaks in February but can continue to occur into late May. While it remains wise for most adults to have a flu shot, especially for those who work among others in an office setting, it also makes sense for companies to take the extra step toward protecting their people and profits.

What sets JAN-PRO of Central Indiana apart from any other commercial cleaning company? JAN-PRO of Central Indiana uses its unique EnviroShield® system for total disinfection of contaminated surfaces. Trained technicians use a systematically designed spray tool to dispense a powerfully effective, yet environmentally friendly, EnviroTru® formula. This hospital-grade cleaning solution is safe to use around children, adults, pets, and even those with compromised immune systems. No harsh chemicals have been factored into the product, so there is no danger of causing allergic reactions or other breathing-induced issues. 

JAN-PRO of Central Indiana’s EnviroShield is more reliable and effective than any over-the-counter products on the market. The system eliminates 99.9% of common germs and bacteria, known to rampantly spread in office settings through perpetual coughing, sneezing, sharing phones and computers.

EnviroShield uses cutting-edge technology that combines electrostatically charged particles with the safest and most effective disinfectant in today’s market. The EnviroShield system quells contagious germs by encompassing and imprinting onto all office area surfaces.  Solution beads are able to rise up to cover areas that are easily missed by traditional cleaning methods and products. Along with being eco-friendly, cleaners used in the EnviroShield system have met Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, and are not labeled for specific handling or air circulation.

Recent estimates on business losses due to flu-related expenses are in the multi-billion dollar range. More and more employers today, from three-person retail shops to corporations with thousands of employees, are encouraging their workers to stay healthy by providing hand sanitizers, wellness programs, and support and sponsorship of weight-loss events. Companies in Central Indiana can protect themselves against the loss of productivity due to sick time taken, or even worse, the spread of flu germs by sick employees who come to work.

The focus on keeping worksites healthy is now more available than ever before by using JAN-PRO of Central Indiana’s hospital grade cleaning services and products. Business owners can schedule an appointment for commercial cleaning services with JAN-PRO of Central Indiana today by calling (317) 643-5082. JAN-PRO of Central Indiana serves many clients in Indianapolis, Avon, Brownsburg, Camby, Carmel, Cumberland, Fishers, Fortville, Greenwood, Lebanon, Noblesville, Westfield and Zionsville, IN.

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