Esmoke Electronic Cigarette Comes out with Flavored Disposable E Cigarette Reports

One of the most popular e cigarette brands, Esmoke, comes out with its new product named as disposable e cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- As people have become more conscious about the quality of e cigarettes, they are always searching for best e cigarette brand that offers quality products in compare to other brands. Therefore, to win the competition, most of the e cigarette brands upgrade their product line after a regular interval of time. Recently, one of the most popular e cigarette brands, Esmoke, comes out with its new product named as disposable e cigarettes.

There are lots of people who are feeling hesitation while switching over electronic cigarette. For them, Disposable e cigarettes prove to be a great way to start e smoking at an affordable price. Those smokers who do not want to spend much while trying electronic cigarette for first time, this disposable product make them able to try e smoking without investing a lot of money. They get electronic cigarette at a very nominal rate. It also helps smokers to enjoy all the perks of e smoking.

These disposable cigarettes are become popular among e smokers as it makes first time users aware about the effectiveness of inhaling nicotine in comparison of inhaling real tobacco. These cigarettes help smokers to judge whether the e cig effectively satisfy their craving or not. These e cigs is very cost effective hence people can try different brands of e cigs and then choose the best one.

The cost of one disposable cigarette kit is $19.95 but sometimes companies announces discount on their products. Menthol and real tobacco are the two flavors that are available in this best e cig disposable kit. People can choose any of the flavors according to their taste. While purchasing this kit, people can get one disposable battery and a medium cartridge. It is a onetime usable kit and there is no option to reuse the kit.

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