Esmokehub and Green Smoke Equals Green Smoking Alternative

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Smokers who are bent to quit their smoking habit are in search for ways to effectively do so. In no time, electronic cigarettes piqued the interests of these smokers. E-cig, a product which was ultimately created as a healthy alternative for smokers, is under public’s scrutiny of whether it really is a better alternative to smoking and not just some another pseudo pro-health product in the market.

Esmokehub is review website intended to honestly and fairly analyze different vapor cigarettes through the reviews of the public, therefore providing the mass with only top quality brands. According to the site’s speaker, the reviews are very comprehensive but are user-friendly to clearly convey the benefits of e cigs.

The site speaker would like to straighten the misconception about e-cigarette, that its produced vapor is the same with that of tobacco, and likewise imposes similar health risks. Esmokehub is set on a mission to make electronic cigarette known as a green alternative to smoking.

Upon the reviews made in Esmokehub, Green Smoke emerged as one of the top electronic cigarette brand. This may be accredited to the fact that the company’s product line caters to the specifications of different customers. The site also advocates Green Smoke’s promotions for continued design of products with green characteristics. The brand cigarette is only made from high quality materials and has no carcinogen; a substance associated with cancer and is found on usual cigars.

Esmokehub speaker further claimed that “The public is aware that vapor cigar does not have carcinogen. However, the vapor emanating from these units is what they are concerned about, as they believe that it still contains dangerous contents similar to typical cigarettes.” However, they should believe otherwise, as these smokeless cigar only make use of nicotine, propylene glycol, and water which in no way has the same effect with traditional sticks.

Esmokehub firmly believes that electronic cigarette is better option in pursuing green smoking alternatives. The review site supports the efforts of Green Smoke in creating environment and people-friendly products, as demonstrated by the brand’s electronic cigarette.

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