Esmokehub Introduces Clients to Smoking With Style Through Premium Electronic Cigarette's Designer Line

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2012 -- Premium Electronic cigarettes, a top e-cig manufacturer in the market today, brings e-cig use to a stylish way with the availability of its designer e-cig product line. They now have a wide array of top quality e-cigs and adding up a trendy line will satisfy consumers with a fashionable taste.

Esmokehub finds Premium’s market move beneficial for their company as well as for customers who plan to smoke healthy through electronic cigarettes. Women, for example, are fond of matching their clothing with other accessories to show their personal style. Just like buying bags and purses as accessories, e-cig users also want their units to compliment their set personal style. Jackie, a fashion design graduate from Las Vegas, thinks of using an e-cig with trendy designs that speak of her personal fashion style. According to Jackie, “Conventional white e-cig units offered by manufacturers don’t compliment my personal style. I wish that there’s an e-cig brand with designs that will work well with my apparel each time I’m out of the house.”

Understanding what customers like Jackie needs, Esmokehub knows that Premium e-cigs are the next best products to watch out for with its designer e-cig units. Its designer product line offers stylish cases, batteries, and cartomizers. For cases, they offer customized designs like Vintage America, Green Camo, Golfing case and others. cartomizers are also available in varying colors hey can match together with customized battery. Customers will surely find the perfect design that suits their personal style.

One representative from Esmokehub remarked, “Having this designer product line is a beneficial move for Premium electronic cigarettes. Fashionable individuals consider e-cigs as fashion accessories together with their dresses so they look for solutions that work with their overall look. We forecast that Premium will receive more positive feedback from consumers after seeing these fresh designs.”

Esmokehub currently ranks Premium Electronic cigarettes on seventh place for this month. As a commendable e-cig brand, Premium has a quality lineup of vapors and e-cigs that people can use regularly without causing health issues and compromising safety.

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