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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes are the revolution of this era. Taking smoking to an all new level with more emphasis on a better lifestyle, e-cigs are making their mark on smokers all across the world. Since the launch of this device, its sales have been legalized in various countries including US and UK. All form of media has left no stone unturned in covering every bit of the electronic cigarettes.

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Smokers switching to the e-cigs are left amazed by the brands of this device. Also the easy affordability of most of the brands has played a vital role in the increasing sales of the e-cigs. Consumers generally look for brand keeping in mind factors such as taste, quality and price. While for regular e-cigs users it might be not a problem for deciding among the various brands, the first time users are caught in tough situation of selecting their brand from the wide variety and options available. launched in its site the list of top 10 electronic cigarettes brands. The reviews of these brands will not only help smokers decide upon their choice of brands but will also make them aware of the top brands in the market.

Undoubtedly the electronic cigarettes have become “the Next Big thing” in the smoking arena. Standing strong against the traditional cigarettes this device has given a new definition to smoking. Along with this, smokers using this have claimed that it played an important role in helping them in cutting down on smoking. According to a study 31 % percent of people using e cigarette has ceased to smoking.

This battery operated device resemblance the traditional cigarettes but it does not burn like them and hence there is no smoke produced in the use of the electronic cigarettes. Thisaspect has led the e-cigs to have easy access to various public places. E-cigs anhigh tech way of smoking is all set to outpace the sales of the regular cigarettes in future with more and more smokers now considering the electronic cigarettes.

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