Esmokehub Clarifies On, Is There Nicotine in E Cigs, to Improve Awareness of New Users is among top rated hobby portals that deal with e smoking by giving reviews and offering ratings on different leading brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal is a great admirer of e smoking and it lauds the benefits of this novel smoking system. It gives answers to several questions posed by new users on e smoking, as is there nicotine in e cigs.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Is there nicotine in e cigs? Nicotine, a chemical substance found in tobacco, is abundantly available in tobacco cigarette smoke. Smokers tend to become habituated to smoking because of this habit forming derivative of tobacco. This chemical is known to be mood elevator and nerve pacifier. It is also used in pharmaceutical industry. reveals that tobacco cigarette smokers who are dependent on this substance like their e cigs with nicotine. Smokers suffer from mood swings and get frustrated without frequent doses of nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are highly successful among smokers who are addicted to nicotine because they contain controlled measures of the soothing stuff.

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Non-smokers, who do not want to get addicted to nicotine or who are averse to using are against electronic cigarettes that come with nicotine. They only want to enjoy smoking pleasantly flavored vapors. They want to have the kick of smoking without nicotine. They often wonder, is there nicotine in e cigs? For such users, e cigs come with zero nicotine, flavor only cartridges. People who want to avoid nicotine in their e cigs can opt for nicotine free flavor cartridges. These are available in scores of flavors to meet different likings of users. says that only electronic cigarettes can produce vapors without nicotine to please non-smokers.

Experts answer both in positive and negative for novitiates’ query, is there nicotine in e cigs, because e cigs are available with or without nicotine. The advantage of e smoking is that smokers can choose a suitable nicotine strength as well as flavor in their electronic cigarettes. E cig companies thoughtfully offer different levels of nicotine in their flavor cartridges. Heavy smokers go for stronger strengths of nicotine and non-smokers can get their smoking pleasure with zero nicotine e cigs. With or without nicotine, electronic smoking provides excellent vapors that are very efficient in giving authentic smoking experience to consumers. says that because of this reason e cigs are darlings of both smokers and non-smokers.

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