Esmokehub Discusses in Depth on E Cigs vs Tobacco Cigs to Motivate Smokers

The main activity of is to give reviews and offer rankings on various leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are currently available in market. Besides, the portal aims to educate smokers and consumers on several issues relating to e smoking by giving right kind of info. Here, it talks on several things analyzing e cigs vs tobacco cigs to motivate smokers to take up e smoking.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Talking on e cigs vs tobacco cigs, says that there are some similarities between modern and traditional smoking devices. Both are useful to derive a pleasant sensation of elevated mood. Users derive smoking experience by using them. They provide stimulating substance, nicotine to users’ blood streams through respiratory system. They are remarkably alike as far as their looks and behavior is concerned. Consumers use them in similar manner, taking puffs by inhaling and exhaling through their mouths. People are choosy when it comes to likes and dislikes relating to both kinds of smoking. They are reluctant to change their individual preferences.

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Coming to the differences as it continues it talks on e cigs vs tobacco cigs, reveals that e cigs do not have tobacco and they do not make smoke. Tobacco cigs contain cured and dried leaves tobacco and they produce smoke when lighted. E cigs use battery power derived from rechargeable batteries to make vapors, while traditional cigs use oxygen in the environment as they burn on to make smoke. Vapors from modern smoking devices are clean without any unwanted byproducts. Smoke from normal cigarettes is acrid, full of residual products like tar, carbon gases and ashes. Importantly, traditional cigarettes have several legal and social limitations and modern cigarettes do not have any such restrictions. says that veterans and experts have weighed merits and demerits of e cigs vs tobacco cigs carefully and concluded that electronic smoking is ideally suited to present day living conditions including legal and social norms. They suggest regular tobacco cigarette smokers to replace their cigs with modern electronic cigarettes. Then, they will able to enjoy blissful vapors filled with nicotine as and when they wish, ‘almost’ anywhere. They are acceptable by society and authorities statutorily and socially. Moreover, they can protect their oral health against further deterioration from tar, foul smell and smokers breathe. The best thing is e smoking is more economical than traditional smoking.

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