Esmokehub Encourages New Users to Avail V2cigs.Com Coupon Codes Available on Esmokehub has a great name for its true reviews and straightforward ratings of different brands of electronic cigarettes that are currently leading in market. The portal is convinced that e smoking is the future of smoking. It informs new users of several promo offers by reputed companies. Here, it tries to bring in new people into the fold of e smoking by encouraging them to make good use of coupon codes available on Esmokehub.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- According to, electronic cigarettes are a great boon to tobacco cigarette smokers. Before the availability of electronic smoking devices, smokers have no other option to appease their nicotine hunger, except some sort of patches and chewable gums. These products are inefficient in providing the mood elevating substance and they do not offer any kind of smoking experience. Their usage is limited to very few people. Taking the full advantage of legal and social restrictions on tobacco cigarette smoking, great companies have come forward with electronic gadgets that allow users to smoke vapors filled with nicotine. One such reputed company, v2 cigs is giving discounts in the form of coupon codes available on Esmokehub.

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V2 cigs is a pioneer in making and marketing electronic cigarettes in domestic arena, reveals Its commitment to make good products at economical prices has warranted the establishment of high-class manufacturing facility supported by strict quality control measures. The company has its own facilities to make good e cigs. Its specialized web portal gives comprehensive information of its product range. Users can visit the portal and buy required products online. The portal offers several types of starter kits, a bunch of flavored cartridges in four different strengths of nicotine and other useful accessories. Users can get good reduction in prices with the help of coupon codes available on Esmokehub.

Veterans suggest habituated smokers to get a customized electronic cigarette starter kit of their own at reduced rates by utilizing coupon codes available on Esmokehub. They assure smokers that the brand is capable of making vapors with extra punch in terms of throat hit and density. By taking up e smoking, normal cigarette smokers can avoid legal and social objections. They can also save money they spend on smoking as e smoking is considerably economical than traditional smoking. Importantly, they can avoid nasty smoke associated things such as pungent smell, tar, ashes and half-smoked butts. Hundreds of smokers took up smokeless smoking with the motivation given by

Full details of coupon codes available on Esmokehub are available at the portal. Interested users can log on to

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