Esmokehub Explains Superior Benefits of V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette over Tobacco Cigarette is an active promoter of the nascent smoking system by giving reviews and rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are available in market. The portal has special affinity for smokeless smoking because it believes this new method to be better way of smoking in present circumstances. Here, it tells about benefits that V2 cigs electronic cigarette provides to consumers.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- V2 cigs electronic cigarette is from one of the best manufacturer of smokeless smoking devices. Market for electronic cigarettes has grown many folds in this year. Several experts have applauded these modern, battery-run devices as easy to use smoking apparatuses. This type of products have three important units; a power source, a reservoir and a heating element. These three units are unified in a cigarette-shaped tube with one end serving as mouthpiece of smoking device, like filter-tipped end of a normal tobacco cigarette. Liquid in reservoir is heated with heating element, using energy from power source. This is the general principle behind all electronic smoking instruments, reveals

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Every electronic smoking device including V2 cigs electronic cigarette uses batteries as power source. Modern lithium ion rechargeable batteries work in these devices. These batteries are thin and long to help in making a tube-like shape of the smoking device. says that batteries come in different shapes, sizes and colors having various capacities. Some devices use automatic batteries, some others use manual batteries. There are devices that use both types of batteries. A few devices such as V2 Notebook cig take energy directly from a USB outlet. Consumers can select any battery of their liking with their e cig. Cartridges that hold liquid act as reservoirs. Consumers can choose from either replaceable or refillable cartridges. However, several consumers prefer replaceable cartridges to refillable cartridges as refilling can be cumbersome to most people. reveals that V2 cigs electronic cigarette and other modern smoking devices use a mixture of nicotine, flavor, water and vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol as liquid. Consumers have an opportunity to opt a flavor of their liking from a range of flavors and a nicotine strength starting from zero nicotine. Flavor and consumers’ ability to decide on nicotine dosage are special features of electronic smoking gadgets. Neophytes like flavor-full vapors without nicotine to experience unique smoking sensation. Atomizer of an electronic cigarette houses heating element. Modern devices fix atomizers to flavor cartridges. This arrangement makes e cigs more user-friendly. Smokeless smoking gives consumers non-intrusive vapors that give authentic smoking experience economically.

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