Esmokehub Exposes List of Top Brands of Electronic Cigarette 2014 to Help Neophytes is a noteworthy hobby portal that works sincerely on promoting e smoking among tobacco cigarette smokers by writing reviews and offering balanced rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal is among the best supporters of smokeless smoking as it has a strong belief that modern smoking is ideal for modern times. Here, it exposes names of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014 to help neophytes in choosing a right kind of brand for personal use.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes and smokeless smoking are now household names. Thanks to the hectic activity in cyber space for bringing in quick popularity of a new concept of smoking vapors instead of smoke generated by burning tobacco and paper. Many people, especially smokers are not sure how these products work and what brands are better brands. To help such users several hobby portals have come up with useful info on e smoking and e smoking gadgets. People depend and follow suggestions of honest web portals such as The portal has announced its recent list of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014.

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Experts from weigh several important parameters like style of presentation, capacity of vapor production, availability of flavor range, promptness in customer service and popularity of the brand before preparing and revealing top brands of electronic cigarette 2014. The portal has given top rank to South Beach Smoke in its latest rankings. Second and third ranks have gone to Ever Smoke and V2 cigs. The portal says that many new users give preference to the looks of their e cigs. They usually like devices that appear similar to real cigs. They want their e cigs to be economical and better performing in terms of vapor production.

All the ten companies suggested by in its reputed rankings of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014 come with superb range of designs with excellent looks. These modern smoking gadgets use battery power to make vapors of e liquid. These vapors are very useful in carrying flavored nicotine fumes of e liquid to users’ bodies and in giving them authentic smoking pleasure. They do not use tobacco or burning to make smoke, which is cumbersome to many non-smokers as it is full of residues such as ash, butts, cough inducing smell and tar. Vapors from e cigs are non-intrusive as they do not spoil surrounding air or offend nearby people.

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