Esmokehub Filters out Best Cigarette Brands in Its Latest Rankings is a premiere hobby portal on electronic smoking. It gives unbiased rankings on several leading brands of e cigs. It also offers reviews on these brands. The industry respects its rankings and consumers follow the rankings religiously. It has filtered out best cigarette brands in an attempt to help new users in finding top-notch brands.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Many governments have restricted tobacco cigarette smoking severely all over the world because of certain health concerns. Habituated smokers who could not come out of the nicotine addiction are in the lookout for suitable alternatives. Electronic cigarettes have made an entry into the world markets at the right time to fulfill the gap. reveals that though the concept of smokeless cigarette is an old one, it became commercial reality only recently. Best cigarette brands incorporate modern technology to make inhalable vapor. A heating element turns a kind of liquid containing a measured dose of nicotine and a chosen flavor into vapor. The vapor carries nicotine to the consumers’ bodies and satiates their nicotine hunger. It attends the primary requirement of tobacco smokers.

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Other products to deliver nicotine such as nicotine patches and chewable nicotine gum are not commercially as successful as e cigs because they fail to offer the consumers the feeling of smoking. Best cigarette brands that make smokeless gadgets make sure that their products give an authentic smoking experience to consumers. A habituated smoker feels the comfort and the pleasure that is associated with tobacco cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes, without the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Electronic cigarettes offer a chance to consumers to customize their own very personal product that matches individual smoking needs. Further, this modern smoking does not has unwanted leftovers like butts and ash, tells recommends top ten best cigarette brands that make electronic cigarettes in its latest rankings. South Beach Smoke has now become the most coveted brand surpassing stiff competition from other leading brands. Ever Smoke takes up second best brand position followed by V2 Cigs in third slot. Consumers can have a look at the list at the portal and read appropriate reviews. Consumers are to remember that e cigs produce odorless vapors. That means there is no offending smell. Therefore, consumers can enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes almost anywhere. The bonus is that by using these devices, consumers can avoid bad smelling mouths, stained teeth and smokers breathe. has more information on best cigarette brands in its pages. Interested users are invited to visit the portal

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