Esmokehub Illustrates Best Electric Cigarette Flavors for 2014 to Neophytes is among strong advocates of smokeless smoking. It gives reviews and offers rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are in market. The portal believes that electronic smoking is good for present generation of smokers. It aims to encourage smokers to take up smokeless smoking. Here, it talks about Best Electric Cigarette Flavors For 2014 to make new users aware of latest additions.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- says that flavor is unique feature of electronic smoking. Scores of flavors are available for customers. They can choose a flavor of their liking and enjoy the pleasantly flavored vapors with or without nicotine. Many users like to puff away zero nicotine, flavor only vapors to derive smoking pleasure. Smokers, who are addicted to nicotine, can add nicotine according to their requirements. Nicotine added flavor cartridges come in different strengths. Reputed electronic cigarette manufacturing companies try to enhance their flavor range by adding new flavors frequently. Hobby portals make several surveys and analyze user feedbacks to ascertain Best Electric Cigarette Flavors For 2014.

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Best Electric Cigarette Flavors For 2014 are available in different categories. Fruit flavors come in aromas such as peach and grape, dessert flavors like vanilla and chocolate, mint flavors, cocktail flavors as bloody Mary and tobacco flavors. says that many users like to experiment with different flavors. E cigs companies offer their products in starter kit forms with four or five varieties of flavors so that users can taste the flavor range. Consumers can customize their own e cigs by selecting the flavor of their fancy. Even non-smokers are taking up e smoking as they are fascinated by flavored vapors.

Smokeless smoking enthusiasts spend much time and energy in searching the Best Electric Cigarette Flavors For 2014. They know that they can have authentic smoking experience along with nicotine by opting to replace their tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. Once they start using e cigs, they are free of social stigma and guilt. They can protect their oral health, as vapors smoking does not cause nasty symptoms such as damaged gums, smokers’ breath, stained teeth and foul after taste. Moreover, experts agree that electronic smoking works out to be cheaper than tobacco cigarette smoking. says that many smokers have reported considerable savings after taking up e smoking.

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