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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- says that like all other electronic cigarette brands V2 ciggs use rechargeable batteries as power source. They need external power to vaporize e-liquid as they do not burn or combust. Users fire tobacco cigarettes and burn them to get smoke from tobacco. Normal cigarette uses thermal energy of burning to transform nicotine, tar, and other carbonic elements as constituents of smoke. Smokers enjoy nicotine in their systems, as it is a good mood elevator and nerve stimulator. Along with nicotine, other burnt-carbon substances also enter into lungs of consumers. Smokers do not need these substances, as they have nothing to do with nicotine absorption or smoking pleasure; they are just residual byproducts.

Click Here To Know More About The Top Rated Vapor Cigarette Brands Online. says that these residues do not contribute to enhancement of smoking sensation or appeasement of nicotine craving in anyway. In fact, they are burdensome and often result in several nasty symptoms such as smokers breathe, stained teeth and damaged oral health. Tobacco smoke emits a harsh and pungent smell. This kind of acrid smell is not tolerable to many people, particularly to non-smokers. V2 ciggs along with other electronic smoking devices do not pose any such problems to consumers. These products produce vapors using a clean source of energy, i.e. rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered devices make vapors that are free from offending smell, tar or ashes. says that V2 ciggs are eco friendly, as they do not leave butts or ashes. Nor do they spoil the freshness in surrounding air with foul smell like tobacco smoke. Smokeless smoking devices are socially more welcome than their tobacco counterparts are. Consumers can enjoy non-intrusive vapors from these modern gadgets almost anywhere without fearing that they are bothering others or breaking the law. Vapors give an authentic smoking experience as well as nicotine to consumers. With all these advantages, electronic cigarettes are surprisingly cheap. They are available at one third of the cost of regular cigarettes. Therefore, smokers can save money, preserve freshness of environment and avoid stained teeth with one shot that is by switching to e cigs.

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