Esmokehub Lists the Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Why smoke tobacco cigarettes that are known to be injurious to health. lists some of the benefits of switching to e cigarettes.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes are better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Smokers, who have realized the benefits of electronic cigarettes, are switching to electronic cigarettes. There are several benefits of using electronic cigarettes. Some of them are as follows:

1. Electronic cigarettes do not emit poisonous smoke
2. There is no tar present in electronic cigarettes
3. There is no ash
4. Its convenient to carry anywhere
5. No bad breath
6. No staining of teeth
7. There is no 2nd hand smoke that harms others in the surrounding
8. There is no carbon monoxide
9. Free from most of the smoking bans
10. It delivers the Nicotine that the body craves for
11. Electronic cigarettes are a lot more economical than cigarettes. Cost of 5 packs of cigarettes is around $36.00, while the cost of 5 pack of electronic cigarette would cost just $7.5.

Click Here To Read More About Different Electronic Cigarette Brands. has been trying to advocate for electronic cigarettes for a while. The website has always aimed to educate people about the harms cigarettes cause and persuade people to make a switch to a healthier alternative.

The spokesperson of the website Luke Bryan said, “There are numerous benefits of using electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. More and more people have realized switching to e cigarettes would help them save money as well as health.”

Find out more about electronic cigarettes and its health benefits by visiting the website

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