Esmokehub Rates South Beach Smoke as the Best Ecig Brand Among All Other Leading Brands

For honest reviews and appropriate rankings, many people rely on, an honest web portal that deals with several issues of electronic smoking. The portal is a strong supporter and good promoter of smokeless smoking. It has announced its latest rankings recently. Now South Beach Smoke is the best ecig brand according to the rankings of the portal.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Finding a suitable ecig brand can be a daunting task to many people, especially to novitiates. analyzes that too many brands, which are coming with a wide range of options are baffling ordinary people. They are unable to choose a brand to satisfy their personal smoking needs. The products are new in the market and the industry is in its early stages. As such, there are no specified standards or quality benchmarks, which enable consumers to know which one is a better brand. Most of the consumers depend on online forums, reviews and words-of-the mouth to gain insight on available brands.

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Portals such as have taken the task of familiarizing good brands that produce high quality electronic cigarettes to help people in identifying a fulfilling brand. After weighing the pros and cons of many leading brands, the portal has compiled a list of top ten electronic cigarette brands. The list includes top-notch brands like South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. New consumers can try any of the suggested brands to zero on their own personalized ecig brand. Experts of the portal personally test each suggested product for vapor production, battery strength and taste. All products are sure to give an authentic smoking experience to consumers apart from delivering nicotine to satisfy their craving.

Good ecig brand takes extra care to make their products similar to tobacco cigarettes in looks and size. This is to give a nostalgic satisfaction to normal cigarette smokers. Electronic cigarette with its slim, long body, shaped as if a real cigarette assures consumers that it can provide unique smoking pleasure that is comparable to tobacco cigarette. reveals that vapors from electronic cigarettes are non-intrusive, as they do not emit pungent smell. They do not annoy other people who are nearby with cumbersome smoke, tar or ash. Consumers can use these modern smoking gadgets almost anywhere because of this reason only. Several observers of the industry feel that electronic cigarettes are set to replace tobacco cigarettes in near future.

People who are Interested to know more on the best ecig brand can read more on the subject at The portal has amassed tons of reliable information on electronic smoking.

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