Esmokehub Reveals the Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes Brands

The first time users of electronic cigarettes and smokers are now checking the top e-cig review site for more information and details about the various brands and developments related to this 21st century device.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes have brought phenomenal changes in the smoking arena. Tagged as the best alternative to the age old harmful smoking, electronic cigarettes have captured the attention of every smoker and the world. With several accepting the e-cigs over the ordinary ones, the sales of the product has surprised the critics.

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Smokers looking for the e-cigs would come across a number of brands of the product each promising to be better than the other. The various brands of e-cigs have played a vital role in taking the sales of the products to new heights. introduces the reviews about the top 10 known brands of electronic cigarettes. For more details and information about this brands visit the official sites of

Electronic cigarettes have now become a leading name in smoking field with every smoker now being aware of it. The places like theatres, restaurants and pubs are now witnessing increasing number of e-cigarettes users. Places earlier banning the smoking have now made allowances for the electronic cigarettes. And all this credit to the device’s no odor and no ash vapor. The vapor produced by the electronic cigarettes is in every way different from the smoke of the conventional cigarettes. The people in the surrounding of the e-cig users are now left stunned with the smokeless atmosphere.

No one exactly is aware of the exact origin of smoking. But the definition of smoking in the early times is certainly different from the present one. In the current world smoking is responsible for causing more deaths and diseases than a war or epidemic. With millions of people dying every year due to extensive consumption of tobacco through the regular cigarettes, the matters related to smoking have now turned to grave is issues. Owing to all this the governments of several countries have banned the use of tobacco in any form.

Electronic cigarettes in such situations are no less than a boon. Given the large numbers of smokers in developed countries the electronic cigarettes sales have legal acceptance. With the wide acceptance and increasing number of smokers opting to e-cigs, this Chinese invention is now predicted to the future of smoking.

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