Esmokehub Reveals Top Ecigarette Brands in Its Latest Rankings is a well-known hobby portal that gives reviews and rankings on several leading electronic cigarette brands. It is a great supporter of electronic smoking, as it believes that the modern method of smoking is far better than the traditional method. Here it reveals top ecigarette brands through its recent rankings.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Electronic smoking fraternity follows the suggestions of devotedly as the portal gives only trust worthy information. It believes that educating consumers is important to the development of electronic cigarette industry as a whole. Recently it has published its latest rankings. South Beach Smoke won the top rank leaving behind other competing brands. The portal has several experts, connoisseurs and veterans in its panel that is responsible for awarding rankings. The panel tests several qualities such as appearance, shape, size, value for money, battery power, vapor production capacity, customer service and availability of flavor range to decide top ecigarette brands.

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Consumers around the world eagerly look forward to the latest rankings given by The portal says that top ecigarette brands must be similar to real tobacco cigarettes in every way. They must be able to provide the much-needed nicotine to the addicted, habituated consumers who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Besides that, they should be able to give the consumers smoking experience akin to normal cigarette smoking, including sufficient throat hit. These two things are essential for every electronic cigarette to be a sough after product. Good electronic cigarette delivers nicotine to consumers just like a regular cigarette, through inhalation. Only difference is vapors are used here as delivery vehicles in lieu of smoke.

Top ecigarette brands must give value for the money in terms of fulfilling the smoking needs of consumers, states Consumers can save considerable amount of money once they switch over to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. Good e cig is cheaper than regular cigarettes in the long run on cost per puff basis. It should come with robust batteries that give service for longer periods and easily rechargeable. The battery is an important component of an electronic cigarette as vapor production depends on the strength of the battery. E cig manufacturing companies make sure to use high quality, lightweight batteries in their products. Good companies give value added services such as free home delivery, money back guarantee and lifetime warrantee on their products.

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