Esmokehub Speaks on Best No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits to Educate New Users is an electronic smoking hobby portal that is engaged in giving reviews and offering ratings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal is an ardent fan of e smoking, as the benefits of modern way of smoking over traditional smoking impressed it. Here, it tells new users about Best No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- says that electronic smoking devices are unique, because they are free of smoke and tobacco - two important things that are associated with tobacco cigarette smoking. One wonders how people can smoke anything without tobacco or smoke. E smoking involves vapors in place of smoke. Users can inhale and exhale these vapors in the same way as they do with smoke. Only difference is vapors are odorless. Vapors also carry nicotine, the mood elevating substance that is available in tobacco cigarette smoke to fulfill nicotine craving of users. Habituated smokers need frequent doses of nicotine, whereas new users who want to taste e smoking exclusively to enjoy flavored vapor smoking do not need this habit forming chemical. Such users need Best No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits.

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Electronic cigarette companies target tobacco cigarette smokers mainly as their potential customers. Habituated smokers look at these modern electronic smoking devices as viable alternatives to their age-old friends, the tobacco cigarettes. They seek nicotine and smoking pleasure from e cigs as using tobacco or smoking tobacco cigarettes is banned by several legislations. E cigs can attract smokers easily with their superior benefits. However, e cig companies want to people who want to smoke vapors without nicotine also. That is why, every reputed e cig maker comes out with Best No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, explains

Best No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits come with zero nicotine cartridges. says that there is no chance of getting addicted to this type of smoking devices, as they are completely free of any habit-forming substances. Users can select any flavor from a wide range of popular flavors such as fruit flavors, mint flavors, dessert flavors, and cocktail flavors. Users can use these devices almost anywhere as the vapors from the devices do not offend others or spoil the surroundings. They can experience authentic smoking sensation with these devices without getting addicted to e smoking.

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