Esmokehub Talks High of Quality and Performance of Green Smoke Cartomizers is an electronic cigarette hobby portal that gives rankings and reviews on different brands of modern smoking devices. It is a good promoter of these products, as it knows the superior benefits of e smoke over tobacco smoke. Here, it introduces one of the top brands and its Green Smoke cartomizers.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Revealing about Green Smoke cartomizers, says that electronic cigs from the brand have earned name for taste and quality. All electronic cigarettes work using energy from batteries. The company’s batteries give long service, performing better than batteries of most other leading brands. The brand offers six types of starter kits to give its consumers a wide choice. Its Essential kit is an introductory level kit that comes with the least price tag. It comes with two Flavormax cartridges, one rechargeable battery and a USB charger. Flavormax cartridges incorporate propriety innovative cartridge technology of the company to give consumers smooth and strong flow of vapors. says that Lovebirds kit has twenty Green Smoke cartomizers, four rechargeable batteries with chargers, two electronic cigarette units and matching carrying cases. It is a specialty offer for couples. Green Smoke Express starter kit contains five cartridges, a rechargeable battery and Pro kit offers ten Flavormax cartridges and two batteries. The high-end kit from this brand is Ultimate kit that comes with three batteries and ten cartridges. This kit is for serious smokers who smoke more than three packs of normal cigarettes. Every kit undergoes thorough quality checks before it starts its journey to market. The company is very particular about quality control and makes sure that only best products reach consumers.

Bulk buyers of Green Smoke cartomizers enjoy special discounts. Consumers can buy one pack of five cartridges. Consumers can save money if they buy four, eight, twelve, or sixteen of such packs. This company encourages its customers to join monthly subscription program to get their cartridges at down to earth prices. Flavor cartridges come in tobacco flavors such as Absolute tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Red Labe tobacco; other flavors such as menthol ice, mountain clove, mocha mist, vanilla drams and smooth chocolate. They also come five different nicotine strengths including zero nicotine level. says that each cartridge is capable of giving vapors equivalent to the smoke given by thirty normal tobacco cigarettes.

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