Esmokehub Talks on Finding Answer to Question, Which Is the Best E Cigarette gives rankings and reviews on different electronic cigarette brands. It has been a strong supporter of smokeless smoking since the arrival of the modern smoking gadgets in the market. The portal is a staunch believer in the future of electronic smoking. Here, it tells about how to find which is the best e cigarette.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Which is the best e cigarette? Consumers differ greatly when it comes to their opinion on the best electronic cigarette. Some say they need good value for money, some others need thick vapors while other seek excellent throat hit with their electronic cigarettes. says that smoking needs of different people are different. Consumers need to find their own best e cigarette according to their individual smoking likes and dislikes. The fundamental duty of an e cig is to provide a dash of nicotine and a pleasant smoking sensation to the consumer. It offers clean nicotine vapors to the consumers without staining their teeth. The nicotine requirement of a smoker depends on the number of cigarettes consumed per day.

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To solve new users’ question, which is the best e cigarette, has carefully compiled a list of ten top brands. The portal has a team of experts and veterans to test each brand it recommends. The team considers various issues related to the brand including value for money, batteries, vapor volume and flavor range. The portal’s latest findings rank South Beach Smoke as the top brand. The brand is able to become number one among all competing brands with its consistent quality. EverSmoke and V2 Cigs take up second and third positions. The portal suggests new users to go through its recommendations.

To find which is the best e cigarette, several new users depend on honest web portals such as Such portals make sure to entertain only the best available brands. The products can give nicotine as well as unique smoking experience to consumers without burning related residual products. That makes these products non-intrusive, which can be used almost anywhere. They do not annoy or antagonize non-smokers because they do not emit pungent scent, carbon monoxide, tar and ash. Electronic cigarettes offer an authentic smoking sensation to consumers at economical prices. Several experts aptly consider them as true substitutes to regular tobacco cigarettes.

People who still have doubts on which is the best e cigarette can log on to and clarify their apprehensions. The portal contains much information on electronic smoking.

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