Esmokehub Talks on the Best Ecig in Its Attempt to Educate New Users is engaged in writing reviews and offering rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are currently available in the market. The portal is an eager advertiser of smokeless smoke, as it believes that this new method of smoking has many advantages over traditional smoking. Here, in its endeavor to educate new users, it speaks on the qualities of the best ecig.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- tells that the best ecig has many similarities with a normal cigarette. It looks like a normal cigarette in shape. Though it has a plastic body, it is presented white as if it is made of paper. Its tip or mouthpiece is painted with a brown shade to resemble the filter tip of a normal cigarette. A consumer can use and handle it just like its tobacco and paper cousin. However, it does not produce smoke. It makes vapors, which consumers can smoke. The vapor is clean and neat as it uses a clean, environmental friendly energy source. It is free of combustion related byproducts that are unwanted by smokers.

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The best ecig gives tar free, odorless vapors that are capable of giving an authentic smoking experience for consumers along with nicotine. agrees with several experts when saying electronic cigarettes are very good in providing nicotine to consumers. Moreover, these products can also give a unique smoking pleasure to consumers, making them ideal substitutes for tobacco cigarettes. Other advantages of electronic cigarettes are that they are ash free, they do not leave residues like cigarette butts, and they do not need lighting or burning to make vapors. They are also convenient to use and it is easy to take them anywhere. has compiled a list of the best ecig brands to help consumers in selecting a perfect brand that can fulfill their individual smoking needs. Its gives South Beach Smoke number one rank, second rank to Ever Smoke and third rank to V2 Cigs. The products of these brands use modern technology to vaporize e-liquid. The liquid is a mixture of nicotine and a chosen flavor. Consumers can choose nicotine level and a flavor. Every electronic cigarette brand offers several flavors with four or five nicotine strengths. It is very easy to customize electronic cigarettes to satisfy individual smoking needs of a consumer. has published the list of the best ecig brands along with pertinent information. Readers are welcome to visit the portal and access necessary information.

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