Esmokehub Tells Novitiates Everything About Electric Cigarette Review is a web-based organization of electronic smoking lovers. It reviews and gives rankings to various leading brands of electronic cigarettes. It is a good promoter of smokeless smoking. It aims to educate public on the benefits of this novel concept of smoking. Here, it tells about electric cigarette review to new consumers.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Several people wonder, what is an electric cigarette review? It is a brief essay of one’s impressions on a particular electric cigarette. explains that electric or electronic cigarette is fundamentally a modern device that helps people to smoke. It produces inhalable vapors out of a kind of liquid called e-liquid. Users can consume these vapors in the same way as a smoker consumes smoke. Vapors carry contents of e-liquid to consumers. E-liquid is a solution of a flavor, nicotine and glycol or glycerin. Consumers can choose a desired flavor and level of nicotine in their e cig. This is a great advantage of electric smoking device.

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There are a number of different brands of electronic cigarettes in the market offering a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths. It is not possible for a consumer to test every available brand to make a selection. Consumers need more information on each brand. says that electric cigarette review serves this purpose. Reviews tell readers about different brands and their relative strengths. By reading these reviews, consumers can select two or three brands for personal trails and eventually find a perfect brand for their personal use. Reviews explain how an electronic cigarette works and how each part operates. They also suggest tips and tricks to get most out of this modern smoking gadget. says that millions of consumers are getting benefits by going through one or the other electric cigarette review. However, the portal suggests new users to read reviews given on reputed sites only. Otherwise, consumers might be misinformed or misled. There are enough me-too portals to deceive unwitting consumers to gain quick referral money. Reviews drive home the advantages of electric smoking over tobacco cigarette smoking. They assure consumers that e cigs do not make annoying and harsh smoke. Instead, electronic cigarettes make vapors without ash or tar. There is nothing objectionable with electronic cigarettes even remotely. Consumers can have their blissful nicotine and pleasant smoking sensation freely without bothering others. tries to influence smokers to read its electric cigarette review and take up a suitable electronic cigarette brand. It assures them that the action would save them a lot of money, as e cigs are lot cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.

About is an e cigarette review website that provides information about best e cigarette brands for e cigarette smokers. The website aims at providing latest and recent updates abut top e cigarette brands for smokers.

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