EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit Presented by reveals the advantages and characteristic features of the EverSmoke basic starter kit.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The EverSmoke basic starter kit is one of the starter kits provided by EverSmoke vapor cigarettes and is considered classy and superior in the industry. This is mainly due to the fact that EverSmoke cigarettes are doing very well and more and more smokers nowadays are turning their attention towards vapor cigarettes. In this process, smokers end up trying various types of starter kits and bond with something that seems the best.

The EverSmoke basic starter kit is well groomed to cater to the demands of smokers from all across the world and has a power battery with a long life, an ordinary battery with a shorter life, a USB charger, a moveable charging holder, five nicotine magazines and a proprietor’s instruction booklet. The five nicotine magazines serve the purpose of five standard cigarette packets and offer some options in strengths and aromas.

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The batteries are made up of Lithium Ion and need to be charged completely before being used. The closing portion of one of the batteries needs to be fixed to a cartridge and used like that. The electronic cigarette then needs to be brought to the lips and drawn in. The closing portion of the cigarette blazes with an orange LED beam and allows the smokers to know that it’s functioning. It also blazes every time the battery needs to be revived.

Every single nicotine magazine serves the purpose of one conventional cigarette packet. However, how long the magazine lasts also depends on the kind of battery and patterns of smoking. Every single EverSmoke Vapor Cigarette magazine is loaded with the preferred aroma and clean nicotine fluid. The magazine needs to be thrown away and exchanged with a fresh one when it no longer generates vapor.

This kit costs USD 49.99 only and is a blessing to electronic cigarette lovers. Hence, the basic starter kit of EverSmoke cigarettes offers a lot and makes regular tobacco smokers switch to electronic cigarettes very easily.

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