Eversmoke E Cigarette Perfectly Blend E Liquid Favoring the Taste Buds of Electric Cigarette Users

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette has a wide E Liquid/ E Cigarette Liquid range, the Electric Cigarette cartridges are designed with VaporFlo technology to produce thick vapor from the electric cigarettes until last puff. Eversmoke electric cigarette has vaporizers and e liquid by vaper zone, which is known for manufacturing premium quality e liquids/e juice, 100% USA made. The e liquid by vaperzone is offered in large variety of flavors and recently Eversmoke introduced the custom blend which allows blending of as many as three e liquid flavors to create a personalized flavor thus enhancing the vaping experience.

E Cigarette Liquid /e juice blending as per the custom blend can allow customers to try all permutations and combinations, which means a total of 30,000 possible e liquid flavor combinations, can be created. Some electric cigarette users are known to regularly switch to different flavors in the bid to add variety to the experience.

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In vapor zone there is virtually an endless list of flavored e cigarette liquid now, in Eversmoke, ideally there are 10 e liquid flavors, each of which are rich, strong and refined. The Electric Cigarette users can still buy the flavor sampler instead of buying different flavors one by one. The flavors sampler has 10 of the Eversmoke flavors, including Classic Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla, Cool Menthol, Peach Passion and a few more.

The E Cig Liquid cartridges are available in packs of 15, 30 and 45 which offer big savings to customers; the flavor sampler has 10 e cig liquid cartridges and is priced at $26.60 which means for a single cartridge the customer has to pay just $2.66. Similar discounts are there on other e liquid cartridges and with customers seeking for more flavors and better products, Eversmoke certainly has got the essential to impress electric cigarette users.

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