Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette Aims to Made Their E Liquid to Be the Best on 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette has been heavily insistent on product quality in terms of their e liquid manufacturing. Many smokers have stated that the quality of all the electric cigarette liquid products is usually rated as top notch. This has been in the case of electric cigarette battery cartridges that have been regarded to as being a solid piece of equipment. Both the manual as well as the automatic versions are considered by many to be equally suitable for tobacco smokers that want to make the conversion to vapor cigarettes.

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Eversmoke offer their Best E Liquid with special considerations to the smoker by trying to match the flavor with the smoker’s former tobacco brand. For example for those vapers that are coffee lovers, then the best flavor for them is the rich Coffee Creation. And for those that have are particular to fruit, then the Peach Passion is a recommended flavor and has been a best seller.

Also thanks to the innovative home delivery plan, Eversmoke makes sure that the vapers get to enjoy both the convenience as well as savings in e cigarette smoking. For those that opt for the monthly e liquid home delivery plan, they will be able to get a 20% off the market price. This means that smokers will be able to decide upon which brand of E Cig Liquid Flavor and at what strength they want as well as the delivery date.

This is made even more attractive as EverSmoke gives lifetime warranty on all parts with home delivery. Many have also declared that Ever Smoke’s customer service as exemplary and they will be willing to attend to any issues that may arise about the nature of the e liquid and delivery queries.

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