EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits 2013 Are Trendy Bestsellers, Informs reveals the EverSmoke electronic cigarette starter kits 2013 and discusses their characteristics and accessories.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- EverSmoke electronic cigarette starter kits 2013 help switch from tobacco cigarettes and are less dangerous than them. These electronic cigarettes are user friendly and come with different kinds of starter kits containing stylish and trendy accessories.

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The ‘EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit’ lets smokers into the world of electronic cigarettes and makes the switch from tobacco cigarettes easy. It includes two batteries ( a standard and an extra capacity one ), a USB charger, a moveable wall charger, a users’ guide and five filters of nicotine.

The five filters of the Basic Starter Kit are available in various potencies and aromas. The ‘EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit’ is very striking and perfectly designed to cater to the handiness and comfort needs of smokers. It helps start vaping wherever possible.

The Ultimate Starter Kit of EverSmoke vapor cigarettes includes three batteries ( one standard capacity and two extra capacity ), a power cigarette, a personal charging case, a moveable wall charger, a car charging electric connector, a USB charger, a black transport case and an owners’ instructional guide.

The Ultimate Starter Kit also includes fifteen filters of nicotine in the desired potency and aroma. The ‘EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit’ is very well admired and gives value for money. It includes two batteries ( one a standard capacity and the other one a high capacity ), a moveable wall charger, a power cigarette, a USB charger, ten filters of nicotine, a car charging electric connector and an owners’ guide.

The ‘Reusable Express Kit’ has a regular cigarette box size and offers a quality experience of smoking. It allows the battery to be charged for use afterwards and offers filters in different aromas. It includes a USB charger, a standard battery, an owners’ instructional guide and two filters of nicotine.

At last but not the least, the ‘Couples 2 Kit Combo’ of EverSmoke vapor cigarettes is perfect for couples who want to start vaping. It includes four batteries ( two standard capacity and two extra capacity ), two USB chargers, two moveable wall chargers, two car charging electric connectors, two owners’ manuals and ten filters of nicotine in the desired potency and taste.

Thus, the electronic cigarette starter kits 2013 of the EverSmoke brand are one of the best in the markets and sell like hot cakes.

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