Eversmoke Offers Reusable Express Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at 25% off for Limited Time

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette has been called by many to be the creator of one of the best quality electronic cigarette starter kit products on the market. Yet the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Reusable Kit is a convenient and yet stylish kit that is being offered for 25% off the listed price for a limited time. The kit is basically the size of a traditional cigarette box and is designed in a way to be an affordable and yet convenient introduction to vaping electronic cigarettes. With the Reusable electronic cigarette starter kits they are made in a way that will make vaping both easy and also offer a superior experience. They are made using a patented unique 2 component advanced structure that combines both the atomizer and the battery of the smokeless cigarette to be one unit.

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Eversmoke has always been at the forefront of providing smokers with a superior smoking experience whilst allowing them to save on the purchase of this kit. Also the construction of the kit allows the smokers to be able to recharge the e cig starter kit’s battery for later use. This offer also allows the user to customise the vapor cigarette starter kit in terms of the nicotine levels on offer as well as the preferred flavor. The increasing popular Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit will contain a single lithium ion standard battery as well as a USB charger that is compatible with any laptop or PC to recharge.

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