Esmokehub Educates Smokers about Using E-Cigs, Increasing Chances to Land a Job

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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Esmokehub educates smokers about electronic cigarettes to help them quit with the latest news about the possibility of employers not hiring smokers in the future.

Health reforms currently capture the attention of many consumers and companies. For years, a number of companies provide health insurance to their employees and they keep a keen eye to the Affordable Care Act, as it would boost premiums charged for employees who smoke.

On this topic, George Washington University Law School professor, John Banzhaf, cited a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation in 2011 where it stated that coverage sponsored by employees cost around $5,000 on the average. However, this would double in price for smokers, which can be considered as unnecessary expenses for employees.

While resources indicate anecdotic facts, companies and employers may probably consider avoiding hiring smokers to reduce insurance premium cost.

As this change can occur when it comes to employing smokers, there could also be a number of people who will decide to quit smoking in order to be hired for a job. Esmokehub educates individuals who want to take the challenge of quitting.

For years, many smokers look for effective smoking alternative that can help them quit this unhealthy habit. Electric cigarettes, however, proved to be one of the solutions with better success rates in helping smokers quit for good. Consumers who have tried electronic cigarettes gave their testimonials on how electronic cigarettes help them do away with this habit forever.

E cigarettes don’t contain tobacco but has the appropriate nicotine hit that many smokers look for when they decide to quit. Furthermore, e-cigs provide a similar smoking sensation that many smokers seem to miss when they are trying other nicotine replacement choices. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes are also more cost effective for consumers as they don’t have to throw the unit and simply need to get their e-juice refilled once consumed.

Esmokehub aims to provide people with healthy smoking alternative, which can also result to cessation after sometime. It offers reviews of top brands like EverSmoke coming from its experts as well as consumers who tried e-cigs themselves.

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