Exclusive: Electronic Cigarette the Hidden Truth Exposed

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- There are many that consider electronic cigarette products as still being a mere fad that has slightly run its course yet there are those that beg to differ and that are determined to see the smoking devices be the next natural step in smoking. Whilst it is true that the e cigarette cannot yet be called a smoking cessation device or that the manufacturers can publicly go out and say that their devices are able to assist people stop smoking, there has been a trend in the horizon that seems to be growing with no end in sight. There are those that state that thanks to their conversion from regular cigarettes to the smokeless cigarette products they have stopped smoking regular cigarettes and they are now simply vaping away.

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It goes without doubt that most of these claims have no scientific basis but it seems that the electronic cigarette might just be on something, as there are countless benefits that are associated with the smoking devices that according to many should not be overlooked. Compared to the over 5000 elements that are found in regular tobacco cigarettes with some estimates putting them as high as 10000, the electric cigarette only has on average 5 and none of which are tar which is the main thing that has caused the demand to ban smoking. Another thing that the e cigarette has working in its favor is the smell, tobacco cigarettes have a notorious habit of having a bad odor whilst the smokeless cigarette has smells ranging from candy to fruit to even Chocó mocha.

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But the e cig manufacturers do have a hidden weapon that is generally unknown which is that in the entire existence of the time have been in business, there have been no recorded death that can be blamed at their door. This has even been acknowledged by leading health such as the director of the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center, Dr Webb.

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