Exposed: E Cigarette Shows Cheated out of the Product of the Year 2013

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- There have been many smokers that expressed outrage and shock that e cigarette with so many quality features was not named the product of the year in 2013. In fact many people have resorted to the social media saying that the features that the smokeless cigarette has offered are not only exceptional but that they offer a total smoking experience that is far better than the regular cigarette. This is based on the current 0% causality and fatality rate of the e cigarette which has been called not only amazing but many have said that when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes it is no wonder that it has been growing so much.

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There are those that say that e cigarette is destined to be the leading smoking device of choice by 2020 and the rate at which people are signing up for the smoking device and also the amount of regular cigarettes that will not be lit in 2013 are estimated to be 2 billion. This has been seen by many as a sign that electric cigarette products are in demand and that there is a need for people to look for a more comfortable smoking arrangement which the smoking devices are ready to meet. In fact it has been stated that the latest and the best e cigarette brands that are available are now having to improve on their quality and making their products better that the previous generation

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With a sales growth rate of at least 240% the e cigarette has proved beyond doubt that there is a demand for an alternative smoking solution and that many people do not want to smoke the usual way anymore.

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