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Express Starter Kit by Green Smoke Is Legit for a Social Smoker Informs

The best suited kit for a social smoker is the express kit by Green Smoke which offers appropriate products at an affordable price talks

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- Being one of the acclaimed brands of e cigarettes, Green Smoke has come out with the express kit for a casual electronic cigarette smoker. Green Smoke is highly applauded for the quality of the products the brand offers to smokers. The express kit is one of the easiest on pocket kits. The Express Kit comes as a life breather for people who like to puff occasionally and don’t want to spend much on buying e cig kits as per the reviews. explains about the various merits of express kit. The Express Kit is for those e smokers who are social electric cigarette smokers. The kit is nominally priced at $89.99 and includes everything that a person needs in a kit. Green Smoke being one of the pioneers in offering e cigarettes and related products always comes out with largely accepted and useful products for the consumers say the experts. The Express Kit is also for those people who want to get a whiff of e cigarettes. While being affordable the Express Kit allows a person to take the leap and help in living in a smoke free environment.

The components of the Express Kit are a Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery (long or short), a pack of FlavorMax Cartomizers, a USB Cigarette, a USB Charger, a Wall Adapter, a Green Smoke User Guide and a Membership Card. The components are appropriate to be used by a casual e cigs smoker as per the electronic cigarette reviews. There are various flavors by Green Smoke through which a person can choose from like the sweet very vanilla, absolute tobacco, red label, etc. The reviews add that there is even an option of selecting the color of the battery according to one’s preference. A Green Smoke fan commented, “It truly is an amazing product, and the vapor volume is like no other E-cig on the market but one thing about the green smoke electric cigarettes is its constant will to work. With this product, you get a good hit, every time. Overall it's a great product and it does work as advertised”.

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