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F4X Workout: The Safest Way for a Healthy Man or Woman

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Birkirkara, Malta -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- The term “ageing backwards” may not be familiar to most. Thus anyone reading Old School New Body, a weight loss and body transformation program, should be surprised to come across the concept of getting younger with age. Like most other workout systems and fat loss programs of the kind, this particular program too comes with claims which may be too good to believe.

Product Description

Old School New Body is a fitness program introduced by Steve and Becky Holman in collaboration with John M. Rowley, a person known as a lifestyle strategist all over the nation. The authors developed a workout program which they branded as the F4X training program or F4X Protocol. Designed especially for the not so young ones, it aims at helping men and women in attaining a strong body while turning back the years at the same time. Thanks to the fitness plan and modified diet plan, the program is intended to slow down the process of ageing. According to the authors, only ninety minutes of F4X workout exercises per week are required in order to start seeing some real benefits.

The system works on the insight that staying fit and reversing the process of ageing is easier than anyone can imagine. The authors state that all one needs is a pair of dumbbells, some drinking water, some will power, a positive state of mind and the guidance of the Old School New Body book. A weight bench will also be useful though not essential. However, preparation is essential for getting the most out of this program. This asks for an understanding of five basic facts:

1. Eating low-fat diets is not the correct way of staying fit. It is essential to know that fat is not something to be scared of. As a matter of fact, our body needs fat in order to function properly. Surveys show that many of those who follow a low-fat diet look unhealthy, weak and sick.

2. Reversing the process of ageing is not a process of tiring oneself by continuously exercising for hours on end. Studies show that ninety percent of those who visit gym on a daily basis fail miserably in their attempts to reverse ageing. Truth be told, exercising excessively increases the amount of toxins in the body, thereby accelerating the process of ageing. However, this does not mean that exercising is not necessary. There is a right way to do it and that’s what the F4X workout is all about.

3. Blaming age for failures in life does not help in any way. Contrary to what many people think, the human body does not have anything called a biological clock. With the right kind of weight lifting exercises, it is possible for any man or woman to reverse ageing, even if one is more than ninety years old. Old School New Body teaches that positive thinking is one of the essential requisites for naturally transforming the body and reversing the aging process.

4. Knowing the importance of drinking water is also essential for obtaining success. Twelve ounces of water per day itself are capable of helping a man or woman stay younger, at least one year younger than the person’s actual age. When the kidneys fail to get water in sufficient quantities, the liver takes up the task. When this happens, it is forced to make use of bodily fluids to burn fat and thus this is something to be avoided at any cost.

5. Many of those who don’t exercise suffer from obesity. Thus exercising is something that cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to be fit. What one needs is an awareness of how to work out right and how to spend just the required time to exercise. Old School New Body exercises have nothing to do with spending long hours at the gym. While the exercise plans in themselves are not a walk in the park, the authors state that overtraining can actually bring about undesired results. As a matter of fact, Steve and Becky claim that those who appear youngest are usually persons who bid farewell to the gym for good.

Product Overview

Steve Holman himself is a fitness expert who worked as the editor-in-chief for the widely read magazine “The Iron Man.” The F4X Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System, as the authors calls it, contains everything one needs to reverse the process of ageing. The workout plans are based on three stages, namely F4X Lean, F4X Shape and F4X Build. While the first phase is a fat loss program that teaches one how to shed those unwanted pounds, the second and third ones help to increase lean muscle mass. The system also offers numerous complementary bonuses which are designed to help anyone stay on track when following the system.


Following are the main benefits for choosing Old School New Body:

1. Even though the diet and exercise program targets mainly men and women who are over forty years old, in reality it is ideal for all ages. As a matter of fact, the authors state that the younger the person, the better should be the results in the long run.

2. Easy to follow for anyone who is sufficiently fit and does not suffer from serious physical problems.

3. Allows one to enjoy some delicious dishes without feeling guilty.

4. The program comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. Thus anyone who wishes to experiment with the program will not lose anything, should the person decide that the program is not what he or she was looking for in the first place.


Very unfit and obese people may find it difficult to carry out the F4X exercises in the program and so will those who suffer from some form of physical defect.


While Steve and Becky Holman’s program is not the fountain of youth, the truth is that no such thing exists. Given the large number of people who claim to have been helped by Old School New Body’s F4X workout system, it is difficult not to recommend this product.

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