Family Survival Course Review: Read This! Learn the Practical Way to Survive a Crysis

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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- Family Survival Course presents a comprehensive guide to equip a person with all he needs to know in coping with a crisis, be it an economic crunch or a natural calamity. The wealth of information available in this home study course gives an individual’s survival instincts and a boost that will benefit his entire family.

The 279-paged ebook covers practical methods that include developing the proper mindset to handle crisis better and careful planning for any eventuality. It also tackles the importance of storing the right foods and finding water safe enough to drink. Aside from preparing the mind and ensuring the availability of basic necessities, it even discusses weapons around the house that can be used for self-defense to protect loved ones.

The full course was developed by Jason Richards, a survivalist with military background and training in martial arts as well as handling firearms. The advice, techniques, and everything taught here were tested and Richards relates his personal experience as he prepared his family. One would learn to avoid his early missteps which he shares so beginners can watch out for them.

Self-sufficiency amidst the tough times
The Family Survival Course extensively discusses each of the five key factors to survival namely food, water, energy, health, and self-defense. These can be implemented immediately and are easy to follow as they are presented step by step.

With an impending crisis or not, a person can learn a lot from this course. For one, know the plants and herbs that can treat common illnesses and injuries. It features herbal medicine including how to store these and to prepare or use them.

The topic on food offers tips such as the 44 food items needed to keep the family nourished and satisfied, how to live off the ground when on the run, making a basic box of food, and what to grow. It also shows a stockpiling trick to keep food fresh and talks about caring for an infant. It emphasizes shelf life and vacuum packing and even offers recipes suited for times like these. It cites ways to feed the family without relying on the grocery store.

Apart from educating a person to be able to eat well under extreme conditions, it also details how one can source precious drinking water. There are various ways to purify water and these methods are disclosed in the Family Survival Course. Know how to collect water underground or from the rain, how to chlorinate water, and how to store it including what containers can be used. Also, take note of the bad water diseases which are discussed in the course.

When it comes to electricity, it demonstrates how the heater, air conditioning, and lights can still be used even without available power. Learn alternative sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines and the steps to build one as well as the tools and materials needed.

The course on self-defense is likewise very informative as it talks about protecting the family from home invasion and thriving in urban warfare situations. It identifies the common household weapons and shows how to build a panic room. It also mentions ways to protect and grow one’s wealth given the dire circumstance.

Special offer is money well spent
The Family Survival Course is a complete guide that teaches how to approach incoming disaster and win the mental game in order to survive. At a reasonable price, it can make the difference when the unforeseen happens because then the family would have its 72-hour Survival Kit of necessities and Bug Out Bag Listing of crucial items ready.

At the minimum, learn the little known hints, helpful safety tips, and useful saving techniques that can benefit the entire family even today. It pays to know so one has it covered, just in case.

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